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Dear Reader, Love Karen La Puma



Dear Reader,

Thank you for picking up my book, Awaken to Tarot. This wonderful system has awakened my intuition and literally changed my life.

My beloved study of the Tarot started in the late ’70s. I was blessed to have a great teacher, Angles Arrien. After playing with the cards for about 5 years, I embarked on intensive research for six months attempting to write a book on it. Then I realized that as a fairly new practitioner, this massive and deep subject was over my head, so I archived it. In 2019 after 40 years of reading the Tarot, I rummaged through four inches of faded paper files and condensed and assembled this version. 

One of my friends suggested we teach a class together and create our own decks. We had a couple of sessions together and then I was off and running. Making this companion deck, Awaken Tarot Cards, through digital collage was inspiring, fun, and challenging. Despite not reaching standards of perfection, being an artist immersed in the collective symbolic sea is a wonderful place to play. 

Having this book and these cards gives you a complete inner guidance system. You have access to magical supernatural aids. With the Tarot, you have the tools to understand the circumstances of your life and your relationships with others. It can guide you into knowing yourself and your purpose better and making decisions guided by your inner voice. It gives you the Cosmic Curriculum and access to deep philosophical teachers, yet is easy and accessible to use.

When you get quiet and ask questions, you can let this visual set of universal principles reveals both your True Nature and obstacles. 

I wish you a supportive journey with your newfound creative teachers. Happy intuiting with the Tarot.

Many blessings, 

Karen La Puma


Karen La Puma
 is the Author of a series of books called A Toolkit for Awakening, which is based on the Goddess Warrior on the Hero’s Journey. She is a motivational, intuitive, and spiritual counselor in private practice in the Bay Area since 1979. She is a teacher, astrologer, hypnotherapist, reiki master, inspirational speaker, and creative storyteller with a potent and timely message to empower your life.

Her latest book is Awaken to Tarot: Be Your Own Guide with Astrology, Numbers, and the Tree of Life.

Visit her website at or connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

The Tarot is a visual system that reveals both our True Nature and our obstacles. Introducing a new Tarot deck, made with digital collage. Through pictures, symbols, meanings, questions, processes, Kabbalah, keywords, and affirmations, you can learn to:

  • Find ways to reflect your inner guidance.
  • Explore the magical journey of evolution
  • Blend Astrology, Numerology, and the Tree of Life with the Tarot
  • Discover the power and implications of the symbols of Tarot

Book Information

Release Date: November 2, 2021

Publisher:  SoulSource Publishing

Soft Cover: ISBN:  978-1878203106; 420 pages; $24.95; Kindle Unlimited FREE 


Watch the book trailer on YouTube.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Dear Reader, Love Darren Starwynn



Dear Reader,

Since I was a child I sensed that there was much more to “reality” than the physical world I saw around me, and the ideas and beliefs presented to me. I sensed that I had real superpowers that could enable me to live as an enlightened person, and help heal people with serious physical and mental health issues all over the world. Yet my own inner pain and alienation seemed to be blocking me from making those things real in my life. I was actually experiencing more frustration and humiliation than superpowers. So that dichotomy started me on a deep search for answers. I really wanted to find out how to heal my inner emotional pain and energy blockages, and awaken those abilities I knew I had within me.

I was drawn to join a group pilgrimage to India when I was 19, and after that I devoted myself to meditation, spiritual study, exploring science and the art of healing. Over the last 50 years since I’ve studied with many Masters (witnessing both their light and dark sides at times), become a healing professional, invented energy medical devices sold worldwide and offered healing services to thousands of people. I’ve also written and published four groundbreaking books about energy medicine and healing through consciousness.

I developed chronic fatigue syndrome in my 30’s and severe back pain in my 50’s, and had to learn how to heal myself from those. Doing that involved more than just finding the right doctor or medicine – it was much more about being willing to touch into denied emotions and gradually gain mastery over my thought processes.

It has been through healing myself that my healing gifts for others have flowered. I’ve gone through an amazing process of conscious awakening through all this exploration and experience. I know what it’s like to hit walls of fear and denial in myself and also the joy of breakthroughs into claiming and expressing more of the real me. Through all these experiences I’ve gained confidence in the ultimate divine power that expresses through and as me that I call my Avatar self.

Over my life I’ve tried out hundreds of forms of meditation and spiritual practice. I’ve learned which  are the ones that bring the most rapid, beneficial effects for healing, awakening and inner peace.

I’ve taken the most valuable of all these experiences and practices and condensed them into my latest book Awakening the Avatar Within: A Roadmap for Uncovering Your Superpowers, Upgrading Your Body and Uplifting Humanity. I’d love to share the fruits of what I’ve gained throughout my lifetime (and beyond) with you through this book.

Dr. Darren Starwynn
 has been aware of the Quantum Field of consciousness since childhood, traveling to India to study with a spiritual master during his teenage years. Since then Darren has had a long career as acupuncturist, medical device developer, writer, healer and teacher, integrating therapeutic systems from around the world. He has written four groundbreaking books, led hundreds of workshops and seminars and invented several vibrational devices used worldwide. Darren’s workshops and retreats weave laughter and playfulness with profound personal healing and transformation.

Thousands of people have been directly or indirectly touched by Darren’s offerings, and he has inspired many colleagues to expand the scope of their work to include energy medicine and consciousness-based healing systems. His work integrates vibrational energy medicine with multi-dimensional quantum healing to help people rapidly release old trauma, pain and limitations to their self-expression.

Darren serves as a Reverend through the Lightworker Ministry, empowering healers and Lightworkers to live as Avatars and participate in the currently unfolding planetary ascension of consciousness. He is a graduate of the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and received a doctorate in Chinese Medicine in 1995 through the National Academy of Advanced Asian Medicine. He has been ordained as a Knight through the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, a branch of the historical Knights Hospitaler from Europe.

Darren also loves playing and composing music, hiking, writing and dancing.

His latest book is Awakening the Avatar Within.

Visit his website at

You can connect with him at Twitter or Facebook.

Awakening the Avatar Within offers a practical roadmap for deeply healing yourself and living an awakened, actualized life as an Avatar. An Avatar is Divine consciousness expressing itself as a human being, and this book will help awaken your awareness of this vital part of yourself.

You will learn many transformational practices for raising your level of consciousness and upgrading the health and functioning of your body. Many of these practices are based on the cutting-edge science of epigenetics. From this place you are able to become a vital part of the movement to heal and uplift the human race.

The information and energy transmissions of this book can empower you to:

  • Identify and express your superpowers
  • Become a powerful catalyst of healing for yourself and others on the Quantum level
  • Increase your inner peace and clarity of mind through awareness of the Fifth Dimension and the Quantum Field
  • Identify your “job description” as a Lightworker
  • Create a fulfilling daily practice of meditation and self-development
  • Activate your Light Body (Merkaba)
  • Augment your self-love and come to peace with your shadow self
  • Be a planetary healer, and join with other Avatars in uplifting the human race

Dr. Darren Starwynn has had a long career as acupuncturist, inventor, writer, healer and teacher, integrating therapeutic systems from around the world. He has written four groundbreaking books, led hundreds of workshops and seminars, invented several vibrational devices used worldwide and helped develop advanced mind-body healing systems.

Awakening the Avatar Within is a phenomenal guidebook on how to live on the leading edge of consciousness and awaken your latent superpowers. It is indispensable reading for those wishing to claim their power to live an extraordinary life of deep love and fulfillment of their highest purpose.”  —Christy Whitman, author of The Desire Factor and the New York Times bestseller The Art of Having It All

Awakening the Avatar Within guides you through the essential actions and practices you can do to fulfill the higher potential that you always knew was possible but may have had a hard time actualizing. Avatars are human beings going through a process of re-wiring the energy circuitry of their bodies so they can embody higher light more of the time. This is required reading for anyone ready for awakening to their true self and learning to practice energy healing at a high level of expression.”    —David T. Kyle, Ph.D., bestselling author of Energy Teachings of The Three

“Awakening the Avatar Within aligns with the energies emerging during this important time on our planet, calling us to step into our magnificence and embody our Truth as the Soulful Self, or the Avatar we are.”  From the Foreword by Dr. Sue Morter, author of The Energy Codes

“Awakening the Avatar Within is one of those books you will want to keep around for years. It can help you gain insights for self-transformation. This book is a treasure of workable insight and approaches.”  –Richard Gordon, Author/Founder of Quantum-Touch

“Darren Starwynn’s book, Awakening the Avatar Within, is both inspirational and practical. It is a treasure map of how to heal, grow and embody the Divine Self. Anyone with the willingness to follow this motivational guide and apply the simple and grounded processes can accelerate their awakening journey. This book is a spiritual gift, for it shows us how to be a part of the Second Coming of Christ, which is a group event. I highly recommend it for all who want to live their True Nature and manifest a creative and transformative purpose.”  -Karen La Puma author of the A Toolkit for Awakening book series

Awakening the Avatar Within is a sophisticated yet accessible guidebook for healing and spiritual awakening that brilliantly incorporates wisdom from many streams, including Darren Starwynn’s own direct connection with Source. Fresh, inspired, and heart-based, it’s filled with mind-expanding concepts, moving stories, compelling testimonies, and powerful exercises that will totally uplift your entire being, from body, to mind, to spirit. It’s also an illuminating resource for healing practitioners who want to go deeper with their clients. Thank you, Darren, for using your superpowers to bring this gift forth. It should become required reading for anyone incarnated on planet Earth.”  – Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D.  Author, The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception:  Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births

“These days, there seems to be an endless stream of books and Internet sites about healing and consciousness, Darren’s book Invoke the Avatar Within stands out like a bright beacon of light. Darren has done something new and different, very necessary in these destructive times on our planet Earth. He has provided a practical roadmap for evolving both our minds and physical bodies to a higher level of consciousness and vitality through the principles of epigenetics and spiritual alchemy. He has convincingly shown a way that people can become Avatars, and how awakened Avatars can join forces to literally change this world. Today, in the compromised political and public domains, it is truly difficult to name any heroes, Darren’s work is indeed champion.”  -Jon Whale. PhD., author of The Catalyst of Power, scientist and inventor

“In his latest book, Awakening the Avatar Within, Darren Starwynn manages to describe the current problems, and the solutions for all of humanity in clear and easy prose, and makes it easy to follow his guidance in how to recognize and develop the Avatar you already are. In addition, you can feel an energy transmission that emanates from the very pages of the book. This book is chock-full of intriguing information along with easy-to-follow guided practices, all designed to awaken your remembrance of who you really are.”  -Vidya Frazier, Author of The Ascension Lightworker Guide & Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

“In Invoke the Avatar Within You, Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., offers a practical and pertinent guide to how to be a “practicing evolutionary”, and help heal our own lives, along with humanity’s traumas. As the boundaries between the physical and metaphysical become more porous, Darren helps awakening souls guide others through this evolutionary passage – so that heaven becomes a practice instead of a destination.”  — Steve Bhaerman, aka Swami Beyondananda, Comedian, Uncommontator and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution with Bruce Lipton

Awakening the Avatar Within guides the reader through practical steps of a deep inner awakening of their highest self, helping tap into pure consciousness, your own healing transmission and the ability to transcend old habits and patterns that have kept us stuck as mind/limiting self.”  —Shannon Kassoff, Yoga Teacher, Master Reiki Teacher

Book Information

Release Date: September 15, 2021

Publisher:  Desert Heart Press

Soft Cover: ISBN: 0578251426; 348 pages; $19.99; E-Book, $7.99


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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Dear Reader, Love Maria J. Andrade



Dear Reader,

    I am so happy when you share what moves you about my book. In truth, I didn’t write this book for you. I wrote it to honor my family. My mother had died at age 97 some years earlier and I wrote it to celebrate who she was, the love affair she had with my father, and the courage she had to face scandal and ostracism for her decision to be with the man she loved. I also wrote it to celebrate the years of sisterhood between my mother, her sister and their best friend, my godmother. That sisterhood got those three women through difficult times in their lives and finally, it brought them to America. They were immigrants together, but they had each other.

     Once, I wrote about their bond, their outrageous behaviors, humor, and bravery, I realized, I had written a page turning story and you did too! So, in the end it became the story about your grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and aunts. No matter the country or culture you, the reader, could relate to the story of women defying the world around them to choose their own path and find a better future for their children. Thank you, dear reader, for I feel like you are now also part of my family! 

Maria J. Andrade
 was born in Ecuador, South America, and raised in New York and California. She has a bachelor of arts degree in English literature and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. As a licensed therapist and writer, Maria has been diving into other people’s minds and her own, through dreams, poetry, and books for over three decades. She traveled with the Four Winds Society where she studied and was initiated into Andean shamanism in 1990.

Before Maria retired as a therapist, she specialized in women’s issues and founded the Wise Women’s Circle a ritualistic and transpersonal study group that continues today. The women support each other through life’s challenges and in the growth of mind, body, and spirit.

Maria Andrade’s books for children and adults is found in a variety of genres. This is an unforgettable first novel that reflects her imagination and creative storytelling.

Defiance and Redemption is her latest release.

Visit her website at or connect with her on FacebookTwitter and Goodreads.

Based on a true story, Defiance and Redemption, A Lifetime of Unbroken Bonds, brings to life the joys, dramas, and triumphs of two sisters, Eva and Victoria Alisio and their loyal friend Marta. The sisters are raised by their atheist Grandfather Marcus and religious Grandmother Maria Luisa. Eva, a proud and

strong-willed young woman defies her family, society, and culture, faces scandal and disgrace, for her forbidden love affair. Victoria finds herself in the center of a multigenerational conflict as her benefactor bestows a great inheritance on her excluding the rightful heirs. Marta, loyal to the childhood bond with the Alisio sisters, brings humor and support to their twists and turns of fortune. The young women’s bond of love, and perseverance, carries them through ordinary and extraordinary losses, triumphs, and ultimately to their destiny in the United States.

An important novel about 20th Century women, Defiance and Redemption, is an absorbing epic that moves through decades and destinies. It blends personal and historical events into a collective tale of self-determination, love, and sisterhood.

“This book is an engrossing page turner which will pull you in and keep you cheering for your favorite actors until the very end! Defiance and Redemption is a unique book that tells a story that is both particular to a given time in Ecuador, but also universal in its themes of love, betrayal and survival.” – Nancy Mintie, Founder of Uncommon Good

“Reading Defiance and Redemption reminded me of a distant time when I read Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. Like these writers, Maria Andrade took me through a captivating journey of love and deep passion. Being gripped by the strong emotions that the characters possess and what they did in the end moved me profoundly.” – Maria Donovan, Retired Verizon Executive

“In Defiance and Redemption, Maria Andrade weaves together history, biography, and fiction into a romantic love and a story of three women that defy the ability of patriarchal culture to define them. We see the young women grow up to rise above the shame that tries to silence and limit them. They learn to find their voices and make sacrifices to be true to themselves as women. They leave behind all that they knew to make a better life for themselves and their daughters. This is a book to remind women of all ages where we came from, and what it took to break out and thrive nearly a century ago. Women like these paved the way for all who came after and have the rights we have today.” – Nancy Poitou, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Dear Reader, Love Erik Lewin



Dear Reader,

I was grieving the loss of my mom, and the closest book I could find that related to how I felt was Stephen King’s The Shining. There was something wrong with this picture! I didn’t identify with any of the standard “five stages of grief” fare promoted by most experts – so I found myself jotting down my own feelings and observations on the subject; there were certainly many facets to consider.

Grief is first and foremost a human experience. The conviction that no books were particularly helpful gave me the freedom to explore the subject more fully for myself. It helped me touch into some tender areas I had been afraid to feel before, which was ultimately very cathartic. I grew excited to share my findings with others.

We’re all part of a community of mourners, a broken hearts club every human on the planet belongs to. It is a meaningful connection and a common ground. We can help each other face our fears, and writing this book allowed me to be vulnerable, by example.

I’m aware that grief and loss might not be everyone’s favorite topic – not too many people are in a hurry to talk about their lost loved ones – but I figured, somebody’s got to! The idea that I could be of service during such a hard time for a fellow mourner gave me inspiration. Hopefully you accept this offer of service and enjoy the book! It’s an honor to offer it.  


Erik Lewin


Erik Lewin
 is the author of three books – This is How I Spell GriefAnimal Endurance, and Son of Influence – as well as numerous essays published in Ponder Review, GNU Journal, David Magazine, Real Vegas Magazine &Literate Ape. Erik is also a stand-up comedian who performs in clubs and venues around the country. He formerly practiced law as a criminal defense attorney in New York City and Los Angeles. He is at work on a new one-man show loosely based on This is How I Spell Grief.

Erik lives in Las Vegas with his wife and their furry pets.

Visit his website at or connect with him on Facebook and Goodreads.

Erik Lewin
 shares how he turned the profound loss of his mother and father into life-changing growth, with intimacy, warmth and humor. He offers a no-nonsense, commonsense way to create your personal path to acceptance of your loss.

Lewin became an expert in his grief experience twice over, encouraging readers to find their own way, as no two lives or losses are the same. He eschews expert opinions and general analyses of grieving in favor of common sense, letting you know you are not alone in how you’re feeling. He shares how he turned his loss into an impetus to personal change. A former criminal defense lawyer, Lewin is now a full time writer and standup comedian.

This Is How I Spell Grief takes a counter-intuitive approach to self-help; there are no eight simple exercises to get over it. Instead, you gradually learn to address grief on your own terms, to make true and lasting peace with your loss.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Dear Reader, Love JD Wise



Dear Reader,

I wrote this book not to be mean or unkind in any way.  I wrote it because I care.  It appears to me that you have been totally consumed by your cell phone.  I don't understand how this happened because you are only 12.  You are always on it and you never set it down.  When you misplace it, you go into a full onset of a panic attack (with a side of hissy fit).  I miss the sound of your voice and the sweet conversation that we used to have.  It has been a long time since we had a conversation without emoji's.  You keep telling me that your cell phone is a necessity of life.  But when I ask what you've been doing on it, you tell me, "stuff".  Well, What kind of "stuff?"  You learned how to tell time in kindergarten.  You don't need to ask the phone what time it is. You are a smart and brilliant young person.  I want to have a phone, especially when you want to leave the house.  However, your phone is not necessary to clean your room; brush your teeth, do your homework, play a game; wash the dog, eat dinner, talk to mom, or even to go to the potty (There are no apps for that).  Your eyes were not designed to be focused on a screen for 9 hours every day.  They were designed so that you may see the beauty that is all around you.  All around you, not just 3 inches by 5 inches.  And those poor thumbs of yours - You move them so fast across that screen that one day they might fly right off!  What will you do then?  How will you be able to hold anything that it precious?  One more thing and then I'm done.  When you are interrupted during your phone time; or when you are asked to do something, you tend to turn into a monster.  A big, green ogre.  On the outside, you may still look like you, but the door slamming, feet stomping, and the yelling are definitely ogre characteristics.  Because I care, I wrote this book just for you.  So you can see the silly things that your phone makes you do.  If you don't want to stay an ogre, then all you have to do is to interact with real people and make nice memories together.  Your cell phone can't replace your brilliant imagination.


The Author


JD Wise is a West Virginian-born author who believes that the world can be changed for the better, by one person, one time, doing the right thing.

“Just think what would happen if we all did that,” said Wise.

Wise is happily married to the love of his life. Together, they have four wonderful children, who are the true inspiration for the book.

Nomophobia is his latest children’s book.

Visit him on Instagram and Facebook.


This is a somewhat true, mostly exaggerated story of modern-day children – children who have spent way too much time on their phones. One night the children are mysteriously turned into ogres. At first the children blame each other for their condition. When they finished blaming each other, they worked together to find a cure. They searched the house for a cure…but they could not find one. They tried to wash the ogre off…but it stayed on.

They had all but given up when sissy’s phone accidently falls into the fish tank. When the phone gets wet, a hidden message appears: YOU WERE TURNED INTO OGRES, BECAUSE ON THE PHONE YOU DID STAY! NOW, PUT IT AWAY AND GO OUT AND PLAY!

So the children rushed outside, where they returned to normal. That day the children learned a valuable lesson. OVERUSED CELL PHONES TURN CHILDREN INTO OGRES.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Dear Reader, Love John Neral



Dear Reader,

Being a mid-career professional is one of the most fascinating and stressful times in your career. You’ve got some experience, and you’re making more money. You’ve taken on some leadership roles, and you are leveraging your strengths. Your family is growing, and your biggest fear is being stuck in a dead-end position that will leave you miserable. You know you are capable of more, but you just don’t know the best way to go after it.

I know this all too well.

I was twelve years into my teaching career when I remember teaching a middle school mathematics lesson on multiplying fractions and hearing that voice inside my head saying, “You can’t do this for the rest of your life.” I call it my “Mid-Career Moment.”

When that inner voice starts talking to us, we need to listen to it.

I remember feeling scared and nervous about making a career change or finding a new job. The process seemed overwhelming and exhausting. How was I going to make a change while working a full-time job? And yes, life was happening. I lost my dad. My mom wasn’t doing well. I was in a few bad relationships, and I was trying to get out of debt.

I was careful who I told that I was thinking of getting a new job. Some were supportive. Others were not. I remember wanting a resource, a one-stop-shop kind of resource that would give me a plan or roadmap for all the steps I needed to do to get my next position. And while Google is incredible, it can also be a bit overwhelming.

I began putting my plan together. That plan, or GPS, helped me examine my attitudes and strengths. I learned how to optimize my resume and network better. I got crystal clear about my value and where I could help my next organization. I leaned into my value and learned how to communicate it without feeling as if I was bragging or boasting when I was networking or on an interview.

My plan works, and it’s the same plan I use to help my clients today so they can figure out whatever is next and create their next advancement opportunity. Today, my clients create their GPS and get results. They’ve leveled up positions, made more money, and are happier than they’ve ever been in their careers.

I wrote this book because I wanted you to have the resource I didn’t have. Your Mid-Career GPS will give you a clear plan to help you manage your mindset, organize and optimize all of your logistics, and help you leverage my #SHOWUP6Strategies so you can be the best candidate for that next position.

Let Your Mid-Career GPS guide and help you create a clear plan to help you maximize your time, effort, and energy and allow you to come from a place of value and service as you SHOW UP for whatever is next for your career.

Remember – how we SHOW UP matters.


John Neral, MA, CPC reawakens, energizes, galvanizes, and innovates the mind think of employees, corporations, associations, and systems. A celebrated executive/career and professional development coach and in-demand, mindset-shifting public speaker, John’s professional walk included a 25-year career in education and a longstanding corporate consultant for Fortune 500 giant, Casio America, Inc. He now leads John Neral Coaching, LLC, one of the most progressive, mindset-shifting professional and organizational coaching and public speaking firms in the U.S. He is the author of Your Mid-Career GPS – Four Steps to Figuring Out What’s Next and SHOW UP – Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career and the host of “The Mid-Career GPS Podcast.”

As a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index, John’s experience has made him an impactful and valuable coach to his one-on-one and group coaching clients and organizations. With Energy Leadership™, John identifies where people perform at their optimal levels and when they are under stress. Combining the Energy Leadership™ principles, a client’s workplace strengths, and their “unique professional value,” John helps his clients create their career GPS so they can take action toward achieving their professional and personal goals.

A former church organ prodigy, John is an avid traveler–having sojourned to 5 of the 7 continents, a professional bowler and the winner of a Professional Bowlers’ Association Regional Title (2010), and a game-show fan, having appeared on previous episodes of GSN’s Chain Reaction and Make My Day. John is happily married and lives with his spouse and their rescue cat, Amy Farrah Meowler (named after the Big Bang Theory character), in the heart of Washington DC’s Dulles Technology Corridor, Tysons Corner, VA.

You can visit his website at or follow him at TwitterFacebook and Goodreads.


Are you considering a career change but doubt yourself or get easily overwhelmed by the entire process?

Are you a mid-career professional ready to level-up, but unsure of what steps to take?

What if there was an easy and supportive way to plan your next career destination?

Your Mid-Career GPS will guide you to create your own professional roadmap so you can find the job you love or love the job have. John Neral, Certified Professional Coach, will help you strategically position yourself in the marketplace while teaching you how to leverage your unique skills from a place of value and service for any organization.

Learn how to prepare, position, and promote yourself as you create a tactical and strategic plan by building Your Mid-Career GPS. Let this book be your guide to answer many of the current questions you have about creating your next advancement opportunity.


“This book is for those of you who feel like you know everything and nothing about what’s next, you can’t fathom writing yet another cover letter, and you wonder “why bother” when it comes to updating your résumé. If you are feeling alone on this journey, bring this book, and all of the insight and tools it contains, along with you. You will have John’s company along the path and you will be one step closer to finding your way!”–Natalie Siston, Best-selling author of Let Her Out: Reclaim Who You Have Always Been and Founder, Small Town Leadership

“John expertly guides readers through the trials, tribulations, and common pitfalls of mid-career professionals and managers. He also provides information on the effective career strategies and mindset needed to be successful. This book is a must read if you are looking for professional support and could use a career GPS! — Porschia Parker Griffin
Founder and CEO of Fly-High Coaching Millennial Coaching Institute

“LinkedIn is the most powerful tool to help you network, build professional relationships, learn, search for jobs, and much more. I always say if you are not on LinkedIn you might be left out. Your Mid-Career GPS provides valuable tips and guidance to help you navigate LinkedIn and start growing your network and create your next advancement opportunity.”— Rhonda L. SherLinkedIn Specialist, Author, Speaker

“I picked up this latest book after enjoying John Neral’s previous book, SHOW UP – Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career. In Your Mid-Career GPS, John Neral provides clear, actionable steps to put his six strategies into play quickly and effectively. I really enjoyed his conversational writing style as well. As a mid-career professional, I love that my cohort is the focus of his attention and expertise. He demonstrates throughout the book that he knows the benefits mid-career professionals bring to an organization and his thoughtful observations and exercises will help anyone define their professional value and market not only their skills but themselves. Reading and employing the strategies in this book can position you to be a more valuable resource to your current employer or challenge you to spread your wings and find your next, great career opportunity. The underlying message is one of empowerment and encouragement and that’s a message everyone can benefit from.”Victoria A. Bourgeois