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Dear Reader, Love Jeanette Baker

Dear Reader…

I’m sitting in my comfortable chair on the hottest of summer days—96 degrees in Orange County—thinking about what I’d like to write that might be meaningful and interesting to someone who may not be familiar with Ireland.

First of all, thank you for picking up my book. Birthright is unusual in that it has two main characters and is written in two points of view, both first and third person. Norah is the woman who gave up her daughter, and Claire is the daughter who was given up.

It’s the story of two women who share a gene pool but are nothing alike, given the differences in the countries they come from and the people who raised them. In case you aren’t familiar with Ireland, I want to assure you that even though the book has its share of darkness, something essential in an Irish story, it has a great many moments of the irrepressible humor that stands out among the Irish people. This humor, told with a sly wink, a dry wit and a point of view that makes the Irish story so familiar, is what captures the authenticity of the characters. So many Irish immigrants now call America their home. They appreciate our weather, our opportunities and the diversity of our people. But, always, in their hearts, Ireland is still the greatest country in the world. Their view is slightly myopic, but it is also true. They have seen both worlds, loving the convenience of one and the culture of the other. Claire is an American. Her mother is an Irish woman, an almost different species. It’s more than a mother-daughter story. Neither can see the viewpoint of the other. Even so, the story ends with a satisfying, although not a Hollywood, ending. 

Jeanette Baker is the award-winning author of twenty paranormal, historical and contemporary novels, most of them set in the lush countryside of Southwest Ireland where she lives with her husband and writes during the “Seasons of Silence,” the autumn and winter months. Her ancestors, the O’Flahertys, hail from the counties of Kerry and Galway. She takes great pride in the prayer posted by the English over the ancient city gates, “From the wrath of the O’Flahertys, may the good Lord deliver us.”

Jeanette spent many years teaching 6th grade in a small school nestled under a canopy of Eucalyptus trees where the children consistently surprised her with their wisdom, their hopefulness and their enthusiasm for great stories. Currently, she enjoys the company of her own grown children and her precious grandchildren.

Jeanette graduated from the University of California at Irvine and holds a Master’s Degree in Education.

She is the Rita award-winning author of NELL.

Her latest book is the women’s fiction, Birthright.

You can visit her website at  or connect with her on Facebook.

Two women on a course to confront the past, one to expose its secrets, the other to bury them. 

Claire Williams travels halfway across the globe from Southern California to Ireland to find the mother who gave her up and the questions that need answering. Norah O’Connor is equally determined to avoid revisiting the most shameful time of her life and the devastating decisions she was forced to make.

Claire’s presence fifty years later is the engine for the confrontations to come when neighbors Norah has known forever recognize Claire’s resemblance to a younger sister. Norah must face the man who fathered both her daughters, and decide to either hold the secrets that continue to embitter her or release them for the shame that will surely mark her.

“Jeanette Baker’s award winning novels have earned her a place in the paranormal genre beside giants such as Barbara Erskine and Kristin Hannah. Now she brings her unique writing style and compelling characters to the stage of contemporary Ireland, sharing a world as alluring as its secrets are opaque.”
Lauren Royal, New York Times and USA Bestselling Author.

“Gorgeously descriptive and unforgettably moving, Baker’s novel is a wondrous journey of the heart.” 

—Candi Sary, author of Magdalena 

Birthright will find a welcome place in any library strong in stories of mother/daughter relationships, Irish culture, and the special conundrums faced by adult children who seek answers to the decisions their birth parents made.”

Diane Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Book Information

Release Date: June 21, 2022

Publisher: Top Reads Publishing LLC

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-1970107296; 254 pages; $16.99; eBook $4.99


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Dear Reader, Love Steve Brock


Dear Reader…

I understand you are considering my book as your next reading project. Choosing a book to read is a big decision these days. With over four hundred books being published every day, it is impossible to read even a minor fraction of what’s available. That means you must be selective and try to choose books that will deliver a few hours of enjoyment in exchange for a reasonable number of dollars.

It is reasonable for you to ask the question, “Why should I choose your book over the rest?” I can’t tell you my book is better than the other four hundred that were published the same day because I haven’t read them. I can say with confidence that my book is an enjoyable read. I can say that because I’ve heard those words from many people who have already read it. My book will also introduce you to some very likable characters, and some not so likable ones. That of course is by design.

I’ve intended to write my first novel for over forty years now. Which means I’ve had a long time to think about it. Why did it take forty years for me to do it? Fair question, but there’s no easy answer. The best I can offer is to say life had other plans for me. Maybe in some ways, it was for the best. I have no doubt I am a better writer today than I would have been forty years ago. I bring all the interesting experiences I’ve had in those forty years to my writing.  

You may rightly ask, “What kind of book is Half Moon Lake?” I’ll try to answer that without resorting to a typical book cover synopsis. Think of someone you’ve known in your life who appeared to have everything going for them. Talent, fame, money, and opportunities knocking down their door. Now imagine how they would respond if fate suddenly intervened and made it all seem pointless. How would you respond if it were you? That scenario lays the foundation for Half Moon Lake. After that is when bad things happen. 😊 

If you are still reading this letter, I’m assuming you’re still deciding whether or not to read the book. I can tell you I wrote Half Moon Lake with the intention of making you laugh sometimes and cry sometimes. Simmer with frustration and smile with satisfaction. That’s a lot to ask from a simple novel, but if you find that it actually delivers, maybe it was worth the forty-year wait.   

Steve Brock

I’ve been an author in search of a novel for just about forty years now. Writing was the first thing I ever wanted to do seriously. Over the years I’ve done quite a variety of things. My first real job, the kind where you have a schedule and get paid hourly, was as a cook at the local Sonic Drive-In. I’ve been a machinist, a forklift driver, a production worker, a computer programmer, an IT guy, an installation manager, a software trainer, and an education department manager. Those are just the employment highlights. Through it all, I was a husband and father, and I attended college at night to get my bachelor’s degree in technology management.

Before all that started, I wanted to be a writer. It just didn’t work out that way. Maybe that’s ok, I’ve had a good life and I have a wonderful family that I am proud to have. I don’t regret any of what I’ve done to support my family over the years. The desire to write has persisted, however, and I took a look at my odometer one day and it read 61 years old. None of us know how high our personal odometer will go, but I knew if I was ever going to be a writer, now was the time.

I’m bringing my lifetime of experience to my novel writing. Many of my characters are loosely based upon people I’ve known in real life. Some of my plot elements are also influenced by real-life experiences as well. As of this writing, my first novel, Half Moon Lake, will be published on Amazon in a few weeks. I have begun work on my second book as well. I hope you will take time to register your email address so I may keep you apprised of announcements and special offers. I’d be thrilled to count you as one of my first dedicated readers.

Steve Brock’s latest novel is Half Moon Lake.

You can visit his website at or connect with him at Twitter.

Crease Williams lived a charmed life with a bright future. Only in his junior year at Texas Christian University, his skills as a wide receiver had already captured the attention of NFL scouts.

Then a tragedy cost him his family and his desire to play football. Personally devastated, he left his old life behind and got as far from Ft. Worth, TX, and football as he could get.

Keeping mostly to himself, he became a float-plane pilot in the far north of Minnesota. Flying fisherman and hunters into remote locations was how he spent his time. When a group he had flown to Roudy’s Cabin goes missing, he faces accusations and more turmoil than he could have ever imagined. To make matters worse, his quiet existence is upturned by an element from his past bent on vengeance.

Half Moon Lake is Steve Brock’s first novel. A suspenseful mystery written with likable characters and a lighthearted flavor.

Book Information

Release Date: March 30, 2022

Publisher:  Steve Brock

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-0578391977; 187 pages; $9.99; Kindle Unlimited FREE


Dear Reader, Love Mike Martin


Dear Reader…

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope that you will consider adding Dangerous Waters to your summer/fall reading list. I also want to thank you for being a reader. Of any and all books. As writer I need you as much as you need me. If there were no readers, all our books would be left on the shelf at the bookstore, at the library. By the side of the road in a trash bin.

Books only come alive when they are cracked open and explored. When someone joins the writer in their incredible journey of new characters and new worlds. It is a partnership, really. I hope that you will help me make Dangerous Waters come alive.

So, what’s my book like? What’s it about? Dangerous Waters is the 12th book in the award-winning Sgt. Windflower Mystery series. How did the series get to be 12 books long? One book, one story at a time. Don’t worry if you haven’t read any of the previous books, Dangerous Waters can be read as a standalone. Although I hope if you like it you’ll go back and check out some of the stories.

But what’s the story about in Dangerous Waters. I’ll let one of the readers speak

“Another enjoyable read by Mike Martin with one of my favorite characters, Sgt. Winston Windflower. He is a kind, caring, exceptional person who puts others before himself and works tirelessly to solve another case for the RCMP. The author has created a series that is warm and comforting with memorable characters who support Windflower. I feel as if I know Windflower well and am at home each time I read a new book in the series.

The place the stories are based in Grand Bank, Newfoundland is a harsh, cold and snowy area but at the same time depicted as a family-oriented place to live and bring up one’s children. It’s a place where the people are supportive and always lend a hand for those in need. I enjoy not only the story line of each book but also the recipes that the author shares of the local fish and seafood. It all sounds wonderful to live in a place where you can get your meal fresh from the ocean.”

Thank you for your time and attention

Mike Martin

Author, Sgt. Windflower Mysteries

Mike Martin was born in St. John’s, NL on the east coast of Canada and now lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. He is a long-time freelance writer and his articles and essays have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online across Canada as well as in the United States and New Zealand.

He is the author of the award-winning Sgt. Windflower Mystery series set in beautiful Grand Bank. There are now 12 books in this light mystery series with the publication of Dangerous WatersA Tangled Web was shortlisted in 2017 for the best light mystery of the year, and Darkest Before the Dawn won the 2019 Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award. Mike has also published Christmas in Newfoundland: Memories and Mysteries, a Sgt. Windflower Book of Christmas past and present.

Some Sgt. Windflower Mysteries are now available as audiobooks and the latest A Long Ways from Home was released as an audiobook in 2022. All audiobooks are available from Audible in Canada and around the world.

Mike is Past Chair of the Board of Crime Writers of Canada, a national organization promoting Canadian crime and mystery writers and a member of the Newfoundland Writers’ Guild and Ottawa Independent Writers and Capital Crime Writers.

His latest book is the mystery, Dangerous Waters.

You can visit his website at  or connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


Old habits die hard…

Sgt. Windflower tries his best to ease away from life as a Mountie, but the lure of an investigation is too hard to resist.

After a missing man turns up dead, Sgt. Windflower is pulled in to investigate. Meanwhile, the arrival of a group of unique foreign visitors during a snowstorm in Grand Bank offers up another mystery. Even with so much going on, Windflower can’t resist the enticement of a good meal and a trip to the island of Saint Pierre off the coast of Newfoundland.

But when things get rough, Windflower can always rely on Eddie Tizzard and the gang to have his back.

As always, Windflower’s wife Sheila and their daughters are beacons of love and support as he navigates dangerous waters.

Grand Bank beckons you to another great story in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series.

Book Information

Release Date: April 30, 2022

Publisher:  Ottawa Press and Publishing

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-1988437828; 288 pages; $16.95; eBook $4.99: FREE Kindle Unlimited


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Dear Reader, Love M.N. Grenside


Dear Reader…


Well… thanks for buying Fall Out and or listening to the Audio Book. I thought I would try and do this letter with me thinking of the kind of questions you might ask. At least it breaks up what might be a boring monologue!


What can you expect from an evening in with Fall Out?

You can expect a late night firstly as I hope you can’t put it down! It’s a fresh look at the thriller genre. In the same way as Dick Francis wrote stories with horse racing as the backdrop or Grisham used the law, I have used my experience in film and TV to write a thriller with an Entertainment Industry backdrop


The story starts out with the murder of a successful screenwriter who has just completed his latest script Fall Out, destined to be a huge hit and the best work of his career. However, we discover it is much more than that; for a select group of people he has sent it to it’s a death sentence with a reveal of one of the last centuries greatest crimes. As the quote on the top of each screenplay reads:


The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been found out, because it was properly executed'. HONORÉ DE BALZAC


Fall Out gently lifts the veil on not only how films get made but on the true story of one of the greatest crimes of the last century. 


What’s true and what isn’t?

The story has a number of characters from a Talent Agent, Completion Bond Executive, Stunt Men, a designer of parties and stands in Cannes, a writer, a Producer, a sixty-year-old Filipino and the last person you would expect as a hit man… I’d get sued if I told you whom they are based on!


In addition, I have used both well researched historical facts laced with a healthy dollop of fiction to create a hybrid book where hopefully you the reader finds it difficult to separate reality from fiction. There is action, exotic locations, Da Vinci code type clues and I hope some fascinating glimpses at art, food, and organized crime.


Who are the main Characters?

It has two leads… Producer Marcus Riley and Designer Melinda ‘Mako de Turris’, who spark off each other. I hope there is a lightness of touch and humor which I believe is missing from thrillers today. As a film and TV Producer, dialogue that crackles and descriptive scenery are important to me. It’s a very visual read with a number of spectacular locations that I hope are both fascinating and different. 


What’s my background and am I qualified to write about this?

After a brief stint in Kidnap Ransom and Extortion Insurance at LIoyds of London, I started my TV and film career working for Jim Henson and the Muppets. Over the years I made a number of movies, mini-series and series for worldwide TV, with productions for both US and UK networks. Somehow in the mid noughties, I also ended up being a channel owner buying the international version of The Hallmark Channel. That was sold to NBC and I returned to producing. The last project was Treasure Island for SKY and NBC Universal with Eddie Izard, Donald Sutherland, Elijah Wood, Philip Glenister and Rupert Penry Jones!  


This all gives me an insider’s view to the workings of the Entertainment Industry to give verisimilitude to the backdrop of Fall Out. On that front, I hope I succeeded. Already the book has enjoyed some very kind endorsements from people in the industry. These include a number of award-winning Producers of Oscar nominated movies and Emmy Award winning drama shows, home grown support from the CEO and owner of Hammer Films, the founder of Talk Radio, Broadcaster Emma Forbes and former CEO of Channel 5 and Senior Exec at ITV and Sky, Dawn Airey. 


Why this book? 

Well, I unearthed a dark side of history on a visit to Asia. On its own it lacked a real story that is relevant today to wrap around it. So, I chose the movie business; something everyone is fascinated about, yet the Industry itself keep so may secrets to itself. 


And on a personal basis, making movies by nature is a very collaborative business. I just wanted a chance to do something where I am in complete control! So, if it’s a success I will no doubt be insufferable!


I have been very lucky with support. From the Publishers, my wife and friends and even from bestselling authors including Damien Lewis. I hope I have succeeded blurring the lines between truth and fiction with a fast paced but very different kind of thriller. As well as imparting some knowledge about how our business really works. Most important is you the reader enjoy the ride! 

Mark Grenside, born and raised in London, began his working career straight out of school at Lloyds of London, specializing in Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion Insurance. At 25 it was time for a career change and to dump the suit and tie, so he started his media career working for Jim Henson and The Muppets©. From that moment on he has been involved in Entertainment and nearly every aspect of it.

He went on to create and produce several television series and mini-series. At the same time, he started a music management company launching million seller artist Neneh Cherry.

In 2004 he arranged the US $250 million buy-out of the Hallmark Channel International which was then successfully sold to NBC. He returned to producing a number of movies and mini-series.

He has recently morphed into a serial entrepreneur and is now a co-founder of seed to shelf CBD producer Dragonfly Biosciences ( and a founder in two separate digital companies.

In addition to his love of cooking, an unhealthy amount of time and money is lavished on a collection of classic cars that he has raced all over the world. He enjoys risk and has parachuted in New Zealand, scuba-dived in the Pacific, hang-glided in the Himalayas and even tobogganed down the Cresta Run. In nearly every case chasing after his wife who is utterly fearless!

He is now writing the follow up to Fall Out, entitled The Bastion. In addition, he writes a humorous blog with subscribers in more than 40 countries.

He has two grown sons, two daughters’-in-law, three grandchildren and lives in Malta with his wife and two French bulldogs.

Mark’s latest book is the thriller, Fall Out.

You can visit his website at and his blog at or connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

An LA screenwriter is killed shortly after completing his latest script, FALL OUT – a thriller destined to be a blockbuster but written with a secret double purpose.  Echoing events from the past, the screenplay is sent to a very specific group of people and will change their lives forever.  All are connected to a movie that had abruptly stopped shooting in the jungles of the Philippines years before.  FALL OUT exposes the truth about a conspiracy and murder that led to a half-a-billion-dollar fortune for a select few.

Follow the story of Producer Marcus Riley, who sets out on an increasingly dangerous quest to get FALL OUT made.  From a powerful agent’s office in Hollywood, hidden treasures in Belgravia and a remote chalet in the Swiss Alps to murder at the Cannes Film Festival, Marcus teams up with designer Melinda (Mako) de Turris as they and the other recipients of the screenplay are pursued by an assassin from the past.

With clues cleverly concealed in the screenplay, Marcus and Mako unravel a lethal puzzle that for some will bring death, others the truth and ends in a cave with a shocking secret…

“If you want a fast-paced stand out different thriller, I can’t recommend Fall Out enough. I loved it.” —Emma Forbes, broadcaster

“Amazing . . . I agree with all the other reviews that have stated if you like Dan Brown or James Patterson, then this book is for you.” —Joyful Antidotes

“And, action! Plenty of it and super nasty bad guys and stories so outrageously crazy they can only be true . . . Fall Out is inventive and, at times intentionally filmic . . . The fun doesn’t stop for 440 pages.” —Booksplainer

Book Information

Release Date: August 27, 2021

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-1912666751; 400 pages; $13.46; Kindle: ASIN: B09C1PJNZ4; 480 pages; $4.99; FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED, FREE AUDIOBOOK WITH AUDIBLE TRIAL


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Dear Reader, Love Susan Berry


Dear Reader…

Every time I sit at my computer, it’s you I’m thinking of as I start writing a new book. With my characters by my side, I begin to tell their romantic story to you. And whether they live on a small strawberry farm in the Pacific Northwest, a vineyard in California, or a logging camp during WWII, just like you and I, matters of the heart are their biggest challenges in life. Unsure of their ability to successfully navigate a relationship, they second guess themselves every step of the way. But with a bit of wrangling, a dash of self confidence, and a hopeful heart, they finally find their way to happiness. My fondest wish as I close this letter is that you also find your heart's desire, and my books inspire you to take a leap into your own happily ever after.

With much love,


Since Susan Berry was a young girl, she loved to write. Her imagination was filled with stories that she couldn’t write down fast enough. But it wasn’t until her grandmother had given her a Harlequin romance novel to occupy her time on a long, boring car ride, that she fell in love with reading romance. The excitement of the characters first meeting, and the dance of the heart that followed, left Susan frantically turning pages. From that day on, Susan spent her free time with her beloved grandmother, reading the latest novels they’d retrieved from a used book store, or the local second hand shop. That reading eventually turned into the writing of her own romance novels. Novels filled with characters who have not yet found love, but eventually find a way to overcome romantic troubles with humor, wit, and the consumption of lots and lots of chocolate.

Susan’s latest book is the clean romance suspense, Promise of the Heart.

You can visit her website at   or connect with her on TwitterFacebook and Goodreads.

After a distasteful first meeting, and a rocky start to their romance, Maggie Kinsley has been happily married to Desmond for the last eleven months. And although she was often alone when he traveled for business, she rather enjoyed how he passionately greeted her when returning home.

So when he received a letter naming him as executor of a property that belonged to a deceased family friend and had to leave for a few weeks, Maggie should have been content as she kissed him goodbye. But there was something about the whole thing that made her uneasy. Why was Desmond so evasive with her when she asked him about the previous owner. And why had he insisted she not tell anyone of his plans to stay on the property. Maggie soon found the answers to her questions were more than just a woman’s intuition, but rather something that not even her wildest, darkest fears could have foreseen.

“I so enjoyed the long awaited final book to the trilogy the author so lovingly created. Maggie’s story has a wonderful ending and she’ll be in my heart and mind for a long time.” – Amazon

Book Information

Release Date: February 21, 2022

Publisher:  Independent

Soft Cover: ISBN: 979-8420398647; 203 pages; $6.99; E-Book, $1.99