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Dear Reader, Love Michael Dow


Dear Reader,

Our Society needs help.  We have poor health literacy, problems with diversity and inclusion, the love of reading has been replaced with short videos, many are not intellectually stimulated, families spend much more time apart than together, there is a need for science education to reach the masses, and there is a large nursing shortage. 

The Nurse Florence® series addresses all these issues.

This series is a children’s health book series that introduces some medical words to kids in every book.  The series answers some basic questions that most kids have about how their body works.  The books that address diseases will help families understand what a family member is going through, treatment options, and how to prevent the preventable diseases.  This series will help kids make informed decisions about their health and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

In regards to diversity and inclusion, each Nurse Florence is different in every book so that all races and ethnicities are represented.  If someone sees a person of their same race and ethnicity doing something, they are more likely to have the belief that they can do it also.  We are only getting to the future together.

The general science books are short and can help instill a love of reading for those that dislike it, in my opinion.  The engaging drawings will help children stay engaged in the storyline and not feel that are only being taught something.  They will learn through fun.

The disease books going into the pathophysiology and do not shy away from some of the technical terms.  We want to intellectually stimulate children and their parents with every book.  We believe they can learn the material even though some of it may be new information.  We want to help families feel empowered.

In regards to families spending more time apart, we want to encourage a sense of community by families reading the books together.  They will learn together, laugh together, realize things together, and have a starting point for further discussions to keep communication flowing.

The Nurse Florence® series brings college level science material down to an elementary level.  These books could be used in classrooms around the country and the world since translations into other languages has already started.  Science is amazing and kids should get to experience that feeling.

Finally, there is a large nursing shortage and this series could inspire a whole new generation to pursue a career in the health sciences. 

I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 


Michael Dow, RN, MS, MHA, MSM

Michael Stephen Dow is married to Perla in Arizona and has 3 kids.  Michael was on a path to attend medical school and then the events of September 11, 2001 occurred.  Michael became angry at the terrorists and decided to join the US Air Force.  He went through Officer Training School and then graduated specialized Navigator training to become an Electronic Warfare Officer.  Michael deployed 6 times for the Global War on Terror between 2005 and 2009 with the EC-130H Compass Call mission.  Michael medically retired in 2010 and then became an US Army contractor serving Wounded Warriors and ensuring they received all of their entitled benefits for 8 years.  Michael always had a love for science and the human body so he then used his GI bill to go through nursing school and graduated in August 2020.  Michael now works as a Registered Nurse at an inpatient psychiatric hospital.  Michael’s education is as follows: B.A. in Psychology from Auburn University in 1999, B.S. in Biology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2001, M.S. in Management from Troy University in 2010, Masters in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2017, and M.S. from the University of Arizona in 2020 through its 15 month accelerated Masters Entry to the Profession of Nursing program.  Michael is the Founder and Manager of Dow Creative Enterprises, LLC.  His books have garnered the Silver Nautilus Book award in 2020 (Nurse Florence, Help I’m Bleeding) and an Award-Winning Finalist in the Religion category for the 2021 International Book Awards (A Prayer to Our Father in the Heavens: Possibly the Greatest Jewish Prayer of All Time).  Michael believes we will need the best of science and religion to successfully navigate ourselves, our civilization, through the future obstacles we will face.  More information can be found at and  Nurse Florence® is a federally registered trademark by Dow Creative Enterprises.  The Nurse Florence® series seeks to promote science and health among children and to help increase the health literacy levels of our society.  With teamwork, inclusion, faith and perseverance, we can bravely face our problems and help each other reach our better selves as well as our best collective good.

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Sometimes it seems only a nurse can bring technical information down to an understanding that an ordinary person can grasp.  The Nurse Florence® book series provides high quality medical information that even a child can grasp.  By introducing young kids to correct terminology and science concepts at an early age, we can help increase our children’s health literacy level as well as help to prepare them for courses and jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  We need more scientists so I hope that many children will enjoy this book series and consider a job involving science.

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Dear Reader, Love Avery Sterling


Dear Reader,

Thank you for choosing Precious Burdens as one of your reads. Nye and Sarafina are dear to me. They face many obstacles, such as passion, danger, duty, and family. The stakes are high, and death is promised, but love is inevitable. 

I was so nervous about publishing this story, it’s one of my first historical romances. I’ve held onto it for a long time. My passion for writing romances started when I was young, but it was something I kept to myself. However, over the years, a strong desire to publish my stories ensued. I wanted to share it with the world. With you.

Nye is a man torn between the values he was raised with, and the life he was forced into. His survival came at a high price… the price of his soul. Or so he believes. Thinking that he isn’t worthy of love and family, he keeps the world at bay. Until allowing Sarafina into his heart becomes inescapable.

Sarafina is a young woman raised with doting parents, who encouraged her to think and speak freely. However, when duty calls upon her family, she's left ill-prepared for the harsh reality of her time, and her station. Sarafina thought she’d choose her husband and marry for love. She believed she’d find a man that appreciated her as a person and respected her ideas. Instead, she became a bargaining chip in a treaty between Malta and Britain.

When Nye intercepts the ship bringing her to New Orleans, these two fiery souls come together with a clash that shatters all their beliefs, all their expectations. Nye and Sarafina’s journey is an emotional one for me to tell, but worth every moment spent. I hope you’ll find their story just as gripping and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Always with Love,


Avery Sterling’s love for the romance genre began in her teen years when she picked up her first novel. She was captivated by the sweeping scale of emotions brought about by the words. The experience catapulted her towards learning the art of wielding a breathtaking adventure, with a love that felt authentic. Wanting to inspire people with her own thoughts and words, she finished her first novel at sixteen. It was a step towards understanding the essence of what she wished to create. 

Most of her youth was spent traveling, searching out the romance and beauty in her everchanging world. From the waves that crashed against the rocky shores of Downeast, Maine, to the warm breezes of the Caribbean, she discovered that love was universal, apparent in its grandest and simplest of forms. Her goal is to write novels an audience can relate to, one that conveys the truth and nature of love…with all the steamy romance. 








Sarafina di Ramonicci sets sail for America as the promised bride in an arranged political marriage.       

Taken prisoner at sea, she clashes with her captor and demands freedom, only to discover he is planning her future husband’s demise, with her as a pawn in their deadly feud. The challenge of escape tests her loyalty to family, human decency, and love.  

Captain Nye Tarquin is a dangerous man. Left to die on the streets of New Orleans, he swears retribution on the man responsible. When he makes Sarafina part of his plan, he isn’t prepared for the fiery vixen aboard his ship, nor his desire to claim her as his own. When passion overtakes honor, he’s torn between his heart and his need for justice.  


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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Dear Reader, Love Jamie Linn Saloff


Dear Reader,

I have immense gratitude for every reader who reads my book, whether it is a digital copy, a print copy they bought at a store, or waited patiently to arrive in the mail, or even found as a hand-me-down, because there are so many other choices. To be “chosen” as a read, means a lot to me as a writer, as a lover of books, and as a person deeply driven to help others, even if it is in the small way of sharing stories and ideas of life transformation. 

The amazing thing about Hatch is that it can be started at any section. It also can serve as a moment’s inspiration just by picking it up, letting it fall open, and reading some of the quotes in the sidebars. These are quotations that inspired me as I went through my own transformations, I hope they inspire you as well. 

This book began as a story about surviving cancer, but as friends read it, they asked many questions. I realized that what they really wanted to know was not about how I survived, but how I learned to use my inner gifts to not only improve my health, but the whole of my life and purpose. They wanted to know, how they too could better use their intuition, their inner voice, and the marvelous messages in the world all around them. So, gradually, I expanded the story until it no longer resembled a tale about a young girl who had cancer, but it became and self-help book so you, dear reader, and others, could take the life they were given and transform it into the highest and best it could possibly be. 

This may sound far-fetched and over-rated, so let me break it down a little more. When you read this book and do the work as explained, you will learn to receive messages from your physical body that can help you discern your next steps in life. You can explore the gifts in your heritage and how they can help you look back to leap forward. You can discover the amazing guidance that comes from within and from all around you. You only need to know how to listen and be aware of them. (And none of this is hard!)

Again, my biggest hope for you, dear reader, is that you will find many beneficial ideas within the book’s pages that help you forward your life in amazing ways. My wish for you is that you will find a path to a fantastic life. And my hope is that the more people who read these words and do the work will make the world a happier and more joyful place to live. But we start with one person at a time. Perhaps that person begins with you.

Jamie Linn Saloff is passionate about aiding fiercely independent, misfit, square pegs trapped in an unfulfilling life. Author, teacher, story weaver, spiritual counselor, seer of visions, pathfinder, for over thirty years Jamie’s taught how to reignite your heart by listening to your body groan and your soul weep. She is the author of twelve books including Hatch: A Change Your Life Guide and her Marvelous Messages™ series.

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If you could, how would you change your life? 

While bravely facing the motherlode of difficult life challenges, you never dreamt the result would be a soul-sucking, heart-crushing existence.    

Although you try to ignore the emptiness, detachment, and feeling that you don’t belong, you rarely make changes. It just seems too impossible for so many reasons. Instead, you silenced your heart’s nagging with self-sacrifice, food stuffing, or by becoming a workaholic.  

Contemplating ending her life, Jamie Saloff chose instead to hatch a new one. She knows how self-doubt and unworthiness can cloud our ability to move forward after the darkness of illness, grief, trauma, or tragedy – because she’s faced it too.    

In Hatch – A Change Your Life Guide, Saloff walks readers through her step-by-step method to:  

• Awaken your soul’s purpose by listening to your heart’s voice   

• Find confidence in your next forward step by hearing your body speak

•See messages of guidance everywhere by learning where to look    

• Uncover your future in your past by examining your ancestral heritage      

• And much, much more…  

“It’s a simple question “Do you wish you could change your life for the better” while the answer is an easy one – do you have any idea of how to accomplish the task? “Hatch – A Change Your Life Guide” gives you a systematic process that will take you on a journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing…I highly recommend this wonderful and enlightening book” – Yolanda Renee

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Dear Reader, Love Negrita Smart


Dear Reader,

I am so glad you picked this book up and held it in your little hands. Not only am I glad that you are holding this book at this very moment, but I am thankful that you are reading this book. This book was written because I thought about you. My first thought was that you are growing up in a world today that is different from the world I grew up in when I was your age. Let me tell you how my childhood was different. I grew up in a small town. I knew everyone in my neighborhood and there were many children in my neighborhood. I remember days of playing a game of freeze tag outside with my friends, eating plums from plum trees, and catching lightning bugs. Can you believe that? A bug that shines in the dark. I actually put the lightning bugs in mason jars hoping they would live forever. I grew up in a time when Summer breaks from school were very long breaks from school. Summer breaks lasted four months. That’s right. Four months. During those months, I also went to vacation bible school to learn about Noah and the Ark, Moses and the burning bush, and the great fish that swallowed Jonah. By the time Summer break was officially over I was taller and ready to go back to school and ride the yellow bus and meet my teachers for the school year. These were fun times for me and I have a lot of good memories growing up in a small town. 

While reading this letter, I am sure you have probably asked your parents or guardian, what is freeze tag? You probably buy plums from the grocery store and will never pick them from a tree. Hopefully, you will try to catch a lightning bug if you ever have the opportunity. Yes, things have changed for you and are different from when I grew up but there are a few things that should never change. The first is kindness. Always be kind to others. The second thing that should never change is thinking of others. Always ask yourself how you would want to be treated. This will help you know how to treat other people. The last thing that should never change is being willing

to help others. It’s okay to help people when they need your help. There is one more thing I want to tell you. I thought about this too when I wrote this book for you. Believe in yourself. I want you to know that although you are a young person, you can make a big difference in your neighborhood, in your school, and in the world. You are the present and the future generation. All things are possible when you believe. So, believe in yourself and I believe in you too. 

Love Always, 


Negrita Smart is a small-town girl from Dadeville, Alabama. She is a wife, sister, believer, and teacher at heart.

The first of her family to graduate from college, Negrita holds a Masters in Business Administration and the insurance designation of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters and holds insurance licenses in Property and Casualty and Life and Health. She credits and shares her accomplishments with her supportive family.     

Negrita loves spending time with her family and has happily taken on the official role of Event Planner bringing family members together through fun and love. 

In her professional life, Negrita utilizes her talent for sharing knowledge and information as a new-hire trainer creating user-friendly webinars, courses, tests, and gauge learning within business areas such as auto, property, and agriculture.    

As an author, Negrita is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators always looking to connect, share and grow with fellow writers.    

An active supporter of her local church ministry, Negrita is driven to share life lessons with children through story-telling and relatable characters.  

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Grace loves the Winter season. It is her favorite of all seasons because she loves to play in the snow with her friends. Winter is also Grace’s favorite season because she can wear her favorite purple scarf. Grace wears it every day until she meets Ruth. After meeting Ruth as school, Grace feels differently about playing in the snow and wearing her favorite purple scarf. This is because Grace learns a valuable lesson about how to treat other people.

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Dear Reader, Love S.P. Grogan


Dear Reader,

Let me first give you a condensed summary:

Crimson Scimitar by S.P. Grogan is an expansive action-political terrorist thriller that tells the ‘what if’ story--What if, in 2011, instead of being killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is captured and put on trial, what would American justice look like, and would the outcome be as expected? What if prior to his capture he and al Qaeda were planning to launch an attack on America worse than 9/11? Who could stop it? In Crimson Scimitar is the chase to capture bin Laden, the Trial of the Century’, the diabolical Crimson Scimitar plot in action, and climactic ‘gun battle at the bridge’.  Author S.P. Grogan’s writing seamlessly blends the political War on Terrorism events of 2011 into a realistic landscape that features strong women characters, an eccentric centi-billionaire, reality television stars, SEAL members on the attack, battling defense and prosecution lawyers, CIA agents, the President of the United States, and an ambitious jihadist who will begin a violent transformative journey. More intriguing is how the terrorist plot was created that will lead to stock market manipulation, attacks on amusement parks, and nuclear waste poisoning. And amid it all there are romantic challenges that must be faced to create strong bonds to fight against evil.  Crimson Scimitar is labeled as the ‘Awakening Epic of Our Times’, reminding readers that a 9/11 could happen again and that we must be vigilant.  

For you the reader this 'epic' provides a compelling story that has something for everyone.  It makes the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season. More importantly, as Crimson Scimitar entertains, it creates thought-provoking consideration.  Would you see an Islamic fundamentalist as a heroic figure?  Or would you tolerate in your romantic nature a character who for her ambitious goals is codependent to her alcoholic macho narcissistic co-star?  Can flawed characters be likewise heroic?  Crimson Scimitar will make you stop and think.  Yes, another 9/11 could happen again.

Please pick up a copy today, or as an ebook, and let me know your thoughts.

Enjoy Crimson Scimitar, and stay vigilant,

S. P. Grogan

S.P. Grogan in 2008 gained recognition with his first novel, Vegas Die, a Quest Mystery, in which the writing were clues that led the ‘Questor’ to seek out a dagger hidden somewhere in the Vegas Valley to be redeemed for $25,000 cash. Launching a fan-based treasure hunt Vegas Die became a best-seller, and an award for ‘Best Regional’ fiction. S.P. Grogan calls himself an eclectic storyteller in that he seeks out blending history and romance into various genres to create unusual plotting. In 2019, academic publisher Histria Books negotiated to acquire the author’s existing catalogue of four novels for re-issuing and an option on the next several stories he might create. Lafayette: Courtier to Crown Fugitive tells the coming-of-age story of the young Marquis de La Fayette, ‘France’s richest orphan’ and delves into his quest to revenge the death of his father, and his unbridled ambition to escape the intrigues of the court of Queen Marie Antoinette and go to the American colonies to find glory. In 2022, Captain Cooked, A Hawaiian Mystery of Romance, Revenge and Recipes won “Best Novel” from Gourmand International Cookbook Awards. Here, the author writes from the first-person perspective of a twentyish LA woman who is filming her father’s top cable cooking show when she stumbles into the murder of a famous Hawaiian singing star (think ‘Iz’), and struggles with romantic ‘love on all the wrong beaches’ when she has to choose between a thief, a king, and a murderer. Best-selling author Anne Hillerman said of Captain Cooked: “It reads like Janet Evanovich morphing into Rachel Ray while filming a remake of Perils of Pauline. Coming out in August 2023 is Atomic Dreams at the Red Tiki Lounge, an elaborately crafted Hawaiian fantasy-thriller set in post World War 2 Honolulu with the gods fighting against mutated demons, star-crossed romance, where future famous people pass through the doors of the Red Tiki. There’s even Russians seeking to steal an Atomic Bomb. Artwork illustrations provided by famed surrealist artist, Brad ‘Tiki Shark’ Parker. Finally, is Crimson Scimitar, which has been described as ‘the awakening epic of our times’ to be released September 2023. Multiple story lines including Hollywood Culture takes on Terrorists. The reader will be amazed how the author can take current history and give it resonance to today’s events and still provide a thriller with unusual twists including the warning: ‘9/11 can happen again.’ Author S.P. Grogan lives in Henderson, Nevada, and is working on his next novel.





Crimson Scimitar by S.P. Grogan is an expansive action-adventure terrorist thriller that tells the ‘what if’ story of the al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. What if, in 2011, instead of being killed bin Laden is captured and put on trial, what would American justice look like, and would the outcome be as expected? What if prior to his capture he and al Qaeda were planning to launch on America worse than 9/11? Who could stop it? In Crimson Scimitar is the chase to capture bin Laden, the ‘Trial of the Century’, the diabolical Crimson Scimitar plot in action, and climactic ‘gun battle at the bridge.’ Author S.P. Grogan’s writing seamlessly blends the political War on Terrorism events of 2011 into a realistic landscape that features strong women characters, an eccentric multi-millionaire, reality television stars, SEAL members on the attack, battling defense and prosecution lawyers, CIA agents, the President of the United States, and an ambitious jihadist who will begin a violent transformative journey. More intriguing is how the terrorist plot was crated that will lead to stock market manipulation, attacks on amusement parks, and nuclear waste poisoning. And amid it all there are romantic challenges that must be faced to create strong bonds to fight against evil. Crimson Scimitar is labeled as the ‘Awakening Epic of Our Times’, reminding readers that a 9/11 could happen again and that we must be vigilant.


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Dear Reader, Love John R. York


Dear Reader,

I’m so glad that you’re about to read The Five Watches: An Accident of Time. I’m guessing you, like many others, share a fondness for time travel tales. If you’re like me, you appreciate the ability of traveling through time as a means for conveying us into the realm of ‘what if’. What if we really could look into the future to find out what happens next?

Of course, many time travel novels examine the past, usually in an effort to change something—to correct a mistake, to find or recover a loved one, or maybe even change history. You’ll find some of that in my story, however, I’m focusing on the future, and I’ll tell you why.

There is the ‘anything goes’ approach to writing time travel stories, which I admit can be quite fun, but most authors are compelled to research the scientific possibilities of moving about in time before writing their novel. Once you know a little about the subject, you realize that going back in time to change something runs up against a problem generally known as a paradox.

There are many different paradoxes related to time travel, but they all add up to one of two outcomes: you can’t change events in the past, or you can’t change the outcome of an event in that past’s future (meaning you’ve created another future). If you’re an “anything goes’ reader, then you don’t care about such things. But if you’re the kind of reader who appreciates a bit of reality in the unrealistic world of time travel, then you might value an author’s effort to find ways to steer around the paradox issues.

I really enjoy reading and writing science fiction, and I like a good space opera as well as the next guy. But I lean toward stories that I consider more feasible. For example, the two sci fi novels I’ve published involve life in parallel worlds rather than life from outer space. So, when I was preparing to write this book, I decided to stick with traveling into the future as the main theme.

Now, let me assure you that the characters in this book do travel back in time, otherwise it wouldn’t be as interesting. But my focus is on the future of the future, and in an effort to make the outcome seem more plausible, my story results in changes to the future that, theoretically, impacts the ongoing future. I know this sounds a little confusing now, but I don’t want to give away too much before you read the book. But keep this in mind when you get to the part of the tale where the characters from the past are causing changes in a future that will dramatically alter a future that hasn’t happened yet.

If you’re a reader who cares about, and thinks about, and maybe worries about all the turmoil in our world today, you’ll understand where I’m coming from in this tale. With all the bad news about shootings, war, civil unrest, climate change, and the advent of artificial intelligence, it’s difficult to avoid thinking about where our future is headed. That’s one of the things that motivated me to write this novel. However, let me assure you my primary goal in writing this story was to create an entertaining experience within the pages of The Five Watches — just for you.

I think you’ll find my characters are the kind of people with whom you can relate. The setting and the events will be familiar to you as well. As for the future, I think you’ll be able to agree with the possibilities. One thing I’m pretty sure you do throughout this story is think about time and how important it is. 

Thank you. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’d love to hear from you. I look at all my emails. You can contact me through the Contact page on my website:

With gratitude and hope for the future,

John R York

John R. York has been writing and publishing his stories since 2016, but he’s always been a storyteller, even as a kid in Central Ohio where he grew up. His life experiences provided him with a wealth of tales to share with others and resulted in his debut work, Wolf’s Tale. He has since published five more novels, including the award-winning Journey to Eden. A retired high-tech executive, he currently lives with his wife, Paula, in New Port Richey, Florida.



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What might happen if a handful of people living in different eras became entangled in time, some intentionally and some accidentally? The nineteenth-century scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Gussen, is passionate about improving the welfare of mankind, and so he begins a journey through time in a quest to learn about future advances in epidemiology. Physicist Emory Lynch, from the twenty-seventh century, studies an old pocket watch, said to be a time travel device, and accidently stumbles into the twenty-first century. In 2019, Jim Zimmerman, the de facto neighborhood go-to guy, finds himself caught in the middle of a clandestine, future conspiracy. True to his character, he becomes inextricably involved in future affairs that involve saving humanity from itself—dragging his wife and a few neighbors along for the ride. Thus, begins a time travel adventure that examines the stubborn predictability of human behavior and how some things, even over time, never seem to change.


The Five Watches is filled with interesting characters and enchanting tapestries woven into the fabric of time itself. John explores not only the ravages of time but more importantly the impact of individual kindness, caring, and selflessness towards others that is heartwarming. I enjoyed this suspenseful page turner, the connection to everyday people and to imaginable heroes that we can all strive to become. Uplifting! – Jim Richards, Beta Reader




Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Dear Reader Love Amy W. Vogel


Dear Reader,

If we were having coffee (or tea or sparkling lemonade, my favorite!) I would be full of questions. Wait, no, the first thing I would say to you is THANK YOU. Picking up a book like mine takes courage. Devotionals can often be written to make you feel good about yourself (or bad depending on who is doing the writing). Mine is different, on purpose. I wrote it to walk through the process of healing myself after lots of loss over a very short period. So, for you to trust me and enter that space to seek your own healing and wholeness?

That’s incredible. I am, no lie, eternally grateful.

Ok, then I would start asking questions. I used to work in sales and I love to connect with people, so questions are my preferred way to do that. I think my first question would be – “Why did you decide to read this?”

My next question would be, “What would you like to start healing from?”

And my third question would be, “Why is the idea of an invitation from Jesus appealing?”

I didn’t write this book from any particular doctrinal place. I also didn’t write this book exclusively for those who call themselves Christians or are die-hard Church goers. In fact, in this process of healing, my faith has extended beyond the brand name of “Christian.” I am a huge fan of Jesus. I love the movement He lived and died for. That is the vision I see as what can heal the world. I also have experienced how systems implemented in His name are harmful, at a personal, national, global and historical level.

I’m not here to convince you to get saved or to change your beliefs. I wrote this book as my own act of remembering the person of Jesus is full of magic and mystery and His mission was to bring us closer to God, which brings us closer to our true selves.

My prayer, hope and wish for you as you embark on this journey with Come to Me: A Devotional for Healing from Hurt is that you would catch your own vision for a God who meets you in your pain and desires to bring you through it into a place of joy, beauty and potential. Remember, where you are is only the place you start.

Writing this book was a difficult journey but I am grateful for what the Spirit of God did in me during that time. And now I’m grateful for what is happening in you as you read it. 

May Love bless you, keep you and fill you!



Amy W. Vogel is an accomplished author, speaker, podcaster, and ministry consultant. She loves learning and sharing her knowledge through stories in her inspirational projects and fiction novels.

Amy creates, leads, and speaks to large and small groups and churches to help people understand their inherent worth and goodness by giving them a vision of hope for everyone, everywhere. She is married to David, has three daughters, and lives in Houston, TX.





From the author of Third Person: 30 Days with the Holy Spirit comes a unique devotional experience. Come to Me stands out with messages from one particular passage, Matthew 11:28-30.

It is an invitation by Jesus to those who are hurting, with a promise to bring hope, soul-level rest, and a new vision of wholeness to those experiencing the wounds of life.

Jesus meets us right where we are, and through this collection of personal reflections, time-tested spiritual practices, and new ways to imagine God working, you can find the healing from the hurt you long for.