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Dear Reader, Love Jennifer Learmont



Dear Reader…

I wrote a memoir!  It’s heartwrenching, heartbreaking, funny, scary and ultimately uplifting.  It’s a roller-coaster ride. It’s funny and sad, comic and tragic, crazy and mellow, sinful and saintly, insane and enlightening, reckless and endearing.  It’s sexy and silly.  It’s smart and stupid.  It’s chances taken and missed, and opportunities offered and found.  It’s friends made and loves lost.  It’s a car-chase in a ghetto and a horse-ride in a field.  It’s drugs and yoga.   It’s rock & roll and gospel.  And it’s always loving, like a guardian angel.

I went from family tragedy in Australia to 80s and 90s Los Angeles, with crazy twists along the way.  And back again.  I reveled in the hedonistic pursuits of the Hollywood lifestyle of its time, and then stumbled into a career in the niche world of a Dominatrix.

Really, though, I’m a square, proper girl.  My friends at Lady Laura’s Dominion said I was a “Pollyanna” (not my work name;  you’ll just have to read the book to find out.)  I was always faithful to my boyfriend or husband, I was always on time for work, I kept myself really fit at the gym regularly, and I ate a very healthy diet (and still do). 

And I did cocaine.  Lots of cocaine (not any more, though.)

Good thing I had an uncanny survival instinct.

My ex-convict ex-husband contacted me after 20 years from America and told me that he was writing a memoir.  Of course, I was to be in it, so I began helping him with research for a few years, going back and forth to America.  After reading his chapters about me, I knew that I had to tell my story myself.  Perhaps a legacy for my family, as well, telling them what I was actually doing over in the States for 20 years.  My side of this story, so to speak.  So, I started out writing a journal.  As I read snippets to friends and family they said, “oh, this is really good!  You should write a book.” And that's what inspired me.  It was a very cathartic experience and my stories just poured out.

This wasn’t easy to write;  for twenty years since moving back to Australia I’d never told anyone even a hint of what I did in America (being a square has its advantages.)  But I was totally honest and I did not hold back at all.  It's what happened to a fearless, brave, beautiful young girl with a few stars in her eyes.  It’s a decidedly unvarnished and, in some respects, pretty damning account of my life in the dark side of Tinseltown. 

It's not a success story; it's a survival story.  It's Kiss My Boots.

It’s my story.


Jennifer Learmont.

P.S.:  Today I’m a yoga instructor and a licensed civil wedding celebrant. Yes, I’m still me! - J.L.

Jennifer Learmont was born in a little town called Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia, but grew up in Sydney, Australia.  She attended a variety of schools since her family moved here and there while she was growing up. Jennifer credits her mother, who was an opera singer, a concert pianist and very educated woman for her education.  “She was my teacher,” remarks the author.  Jennifer Learmont  maintains her home in Australia today.

My commitment to eating healthy was only equaled by my desire for cocaine…

Setting out on an adventure to the USA with my best friend, we had no plans, no rules and no limits. It started in the wild 80’s in Hollywood, LA and the spread across the ’90’s, fueled by drugs, sex, rock n roll. We met the people who later became famous actors, musicians, singers. I took some risks, made mistakes and lived through them; I was one of the lucky ones.

For 14 years I worked as a Dominatrix in Hollywood. 

I was a natural and loved the work. My clients included a US General, Top Surgeons, Politicians, High Court Judges and VIPs. There is a grey side to my work, and no one really knows what goes on behind the dungeon doors.

I married a charming, captivating Italian/American criminal and lived a dangerous life, involved in crime, drugs and crazy choices where I almost lost my life. My turning point came the day I walked into the Sanctuary of an Interdenominational Church. I loved it so much I joined the gospel choir and took up yoga. 

Now I was a dominatrix, yoga student singing in a gospel choir. 

Eventually, and exhausted, I returned to Australia permanently to set up my own yoga studio and started to build a new life away from a blurred past. I was a wild and fearless child with a kind compassionate heart and a determination to live my life to the full, regardless of any cost. 

“A spectacular life journey of a woman filled by verve and passion for life and who found her place far from where she thought it was going to be…sensitively written and thoughtful reflection of an explorative youth…wonderful…” Tara, Indiebooks reviewer

Publisher: Shawline Publishing, March 15, 2022 

Formats: Paperback, 170 pages, $7.42; E-Book/Kindle, 240 pages, $5.99; ISBN-978-1922594709 and ISBN-13-978-1922594709. Available for purchase at: as well as Walmart,,, Alibris,, and

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Dear Reader, Love Catherine Devore Johnson


Dear Reader…

The Panacea Project tells the story of Calla Hammond, a young woman who discovers that her immune system can cure cancer. She agrees to take part in a groundbreaking research study, but finds herself caught in the middle of a global frenzy when word about the study gets leaked to the press.

It’s an unfortunate truth that nearly everyone knows someone who has battled cancer or has battled it themselves. I am no different. Ten years ago this May, my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had surgery to remove the tumor. The day I brought him home from the hospital, I learned that a close friend from high school had been diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer and was in hospice. She died a few days later. The one-two punch of her death and my husband’s diagnosis left me reeling.

When the pathology report on my husband’s tumor came back, it brought welcome news. His cancer was stage 1 and there was no evidence of spread. His oncologist recommended surveillance (scans and blood work every few months), but no chemotherapy or radiation. Eighteen months later, though, the cancer recurred, this time in an abdominal lymph node. My husband underwent proton radiation therapy to treat it and has been cancer-free ever since. We were incredibly lucky. His cancer was detected early (both times), it was highly treatable, and we had access to some of the best medical care in the United States. But the experience was harrowing and I drew on many parts of it when Calla’s story started taking shape in my mind and on the page.

I was also inspired by real-life stories about medical miracles—like Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and the story of John Moore (whose spleen became the subject of a landmark lawsuit about whether a person retains property rights to an organ or other tissue after it is removed from their body)—which examine the implications of cutting-edge medical research for both the subjects of that research and the wider world. When the source of great innovation is the human body itself, who owns the rights to that knowledge? Who benefits financially? Who controls how the products such innovation are shared with others?

These were just some of the questions that propelled the writing of The Panacea Project—a fast-paced tale that explores issues like self-sacrifice and bodily autonomy and provides an intimate view of what might happen to the person whose body holds the key to curing one of the world’s most dreaded diseases. I would be honored if you picked up a copy and hope that Calla’s story resonates with you!

With love,


Catherine Devore Johnson is a former attorney turned writer. Her work has won or placed in competitions held by the Houston Writer’s Guild and the Writer’s League of Texas, and she has published an essay in The Houston Chronicle about caring for her mother after two strokes. She works as a writer and editor at a children’s hospital and lives in Houston with her husband and two children. The Panacea Project is her first novel.



Calla Hammond has always been a loner—a product of the foster system and avoided by others because of a skin condition. When doctors discover her immune system holds the key to curing cancer, she struggles to advance lifesaving research in a world that sees her only as a means to an end. Yet along the way, Calla gains the one thing she has always longed for: a chosen family. But when a group of unscrupulous people join forces to sell Calla’s blood to the highest bidder, she has to dig deep to find the strength to retake control of her life, her body, and her story.

Release Date: February 28, 2023

Publisher:  Greenleaf Book Group

Hard Cover: ISBN: 978-0-9858579-9-8; 304 pages; $24.95



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Dear Reader, Love Marie McGaha


Dear Reader…

Thank you for choosing one of my books! It’s always an honor for me to know I’ve written something someone else is taking the time to read. I don’t write with any specific audience in mind except myself. I know what I like to read, so that’s what I try to write, and hope others might like reading it too. I’ve always loved American history, so when I write fiction, I write historical fiction, and I try to be as accurate as possible with plot, setting, dialog and characters. Sometimes, however, I get lost in my research and forget to write my story! But as much as I love my own stories, and love falling in love with my characters, it thrills me to know that other people do to. 

Reading has always been a huge part of my life, and I started reading at a very young age, even before I started school. It was then I also started telling stories, even though I couldn’t write them yet, but as soon as I could write, I began writing my stories down and reading them to my sister and cousins. When I was thirteen, I wrote my first full-length story about a proper lady from Boston who moved to the wild, Wild West to teach school in a small town and falls in love with the local sheriff. I don’t remember the title or any of the specifics, but I wish I still had the story so I could see what my 13-year-old mind considered romance! 

But it was from there that I knew I wanted to write books for people to read and enjoy. So, I have tried to not only write romantic stories but to not make the romance the focus of the story. Of course, the relationship must be the center of the story, but I try to make the plot and secondary characters as important and interesting as our loving couple. I like there to be intrigue, humor, and realistic characters—not every love story has to have a princess falling in love with the wrong man who turns out to be a prince in disguise. I like my characters to be relatable, someone you might even know, your best friend, or someone you work with. I like their jobs to a job you might have, or the car they drive to be one you might drive, or the neighborhood one you might live in. Of course, it’s nice to have some fantasy in the story, something to dream about or wish for, but something that’s attainable for all of us. The girl with the less than perfect figure, or the guy who isn’t rich but is still someone who’s irresistible. Someone that could be you! 

So, again, thank you for reading my books, I really appreciate you taking the time out to enjoy what I enjoyed writing!


Chaplain, author, editor and inspirational speaker, Marie McGaha lives in the beautiful Ozarks of southeast Oklahoma. After losing the love of her life, Nathan, Marie returned from the mountains of Idaho to their native home where she lives with a houseful of yapping furbies, pigs, chickens, and a horse named Horse! Shine His Light 4, the final book of the series, is due out spring 2023.





Life is the journey we take on our way to Heaven. It’s not easy, it’s not pretty, and sometimes, it’s downright difficult. However, we have an Advocate unlike any other, Jesus Christ. In Shine His Light, the author uses scriptures and her own life lessons to help others get through the bumpy spots.

Release Date: September 2, 2022

Publisher:  DWB Publishing

Soft Cover:979-8887963426; 137 pages; $6.99







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Dear Reader, Love Allyson Rice


Dear Reader…

No. Dear Friend… If you’re anything like me, and you love a fun novel that will have you laughing throughout the book, and have you teary-eyed in the poignant moments, then you’ve found the right novel.  My main goal when writing The Key to Circus-Mom Highway was to create a fast, fun read that would be wildly entertaining. 

It’s a story about family, forgiveness, and the absurdity of the world we live in. My protagonists–a trio of siblings who don’t really want to be traveling together–encounter one absurd person and situation after another, as they search for answers about the now-deceased woman who abandoned them as infants. Some serious themes are woven into the story, but it’s intended to be an entertaining read that ends on a positive, hopeful note. Basically, I wrote a book that you and I both would enjoy reading!

A few of the themes I explore are 1) how our first impressions of people aren’t always the most accurate, and how those impressions–especially negative ones–can change as we get to know that person better; 2) how, even with people who initially seem very different from us, we can find common ground as human beings; 3) how we put up defensive walls to protect ourselves after we’ve been hurt, and how those walls often keep out the people who love us and who might be trying to help us; 4) how we don’t have to be ruled by our past experiences and the things that have hurt us–we can decide at any moment to start anew and be a phoenix rising from the ashes; 5) how things in our lives can change in a heartbeat–our relationships, our external circumstances, etc.–and we can choose to allow our habitual reactions to change as well; and 6) when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others and change our perceptions and take down our defensive walls, we actually feel less alone in the world because we can feel the love and support that surrounds us. 

And did I mention I wanted to shine a spotlight on how weird and humorous the world around us is? That’s worth mentioning again.

My dear new friend, if you’re still not sold–because you’ve never read anything I’ve written before and you have millions of great books to choose from out there–I’d love to help you decide by sharing a few lines from some great advance editorial reviews I’ve gotten:

“In this rollicking family dramedy, debut author Rice sends three lovable siblings on a zany yet touching road trip… Rice’s sharp observations of society’s absurdity verge on the satirical and even on occasion veer toward delightfully crude. To offset the humor, solemn moments add depth to the siblings’ inner journeys… Fans of family drama, road trips, and non-stop laughs will love this cross-country adventure.”–BookLife/Publisher’s Weekly

A “feverish, entertaining novel.”–Foreword Clarion

“This breezy, charming tale incisively shows a family's bittersweet facets.” –Kirkus Reviews

"[A]n engrossing story... Allyson Rice creates a rollicking good read that is filled with humor, wry life observations, and odd family interrelationships as these shared experiences evolve. She is especially astute at presenting contrasts in perspective and perception within these encounters... The result is a fictional portrait of sibling drama and life events which excels in the unexpected.”–Midwest Book Review

There are more, but hopefully, that’s enough to make you pick up a copy of the book. If you do, I hope you enjoy it! And if you choose it as one of your Book Club selections, I’d be happy to make a Zoom appearance (because that’s what friends do for other friends). 😊 

In any event, you can always drop me a line through my website. I’d love to hear from you.


Allyson Rice

Allyson Rice is a writer, an award-winning mixed media artist, and a producer with Atomic Focus Entertainment, currently splitting her time between Los Angeles, CA, and Rehoboth Beach, DE. She’s a graduate of Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. After spending many years as an actress on stage and on television, she left acting and spent the next decade running yoga/meditation retreats, women’s retreats, and creativity retreats around the country. After that, she pivoted to focus once again on her own creative work. In addition to her writing and art, she’s also a photographer (her work was most recently chosen for an exhibition at the Soho Photo Gallery in NYC).

Some random bits of Allyson trivia: 1) She’s been skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, ziplining through a rainforest, and scuba diving with stingrays; 2) she has an extensive PEZ dispenser collection; 3) she played Connor Walsh on As the World Turns for seven years; 4) she’s been in the Oval Office at the White House after hours; 5) she’s related to the Hatfields of the infamous Hatfield/McCoy feud; and 6) her comedic rap music video “Fine, I’ll Write My Own Damn Song” won numerous awards in the film festival circuit and can now be seen on YouTube

Also available from Allyson Rice is her line of women’s coloring books (The Color of Joy, Dancing with Life, and Wonderland), and The Creative Prosperity PlayDeck, an inspirational card deck about unlocking and utilizing your creative energy in the world. She’s currently at work on her second novel and her fourth women’s coloring book. But she is most proud of being mom to musical artist @_zanetaylor.





My e-commerce site:

In an attempt to secure an unexpected inheritance—and hopefully find a few answers—two estranged sisters and their newly discovered brother embark on a comically surreal trip through the Deep South to retrace the life of the mother who abandoned them as infants.

On a Tuesday afternoon, sisters Jesse Chasen and Jennifer McMahon receive a phone call notifying them that their birth mother has died, leaving behind a significant inheritance. But in order to obtain it, they must follow a detailed road trip she designed for them to get to know her—and that includes finding a brother they never knew existed.

For the next week, this ill-assorted trio treks across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to meet their mother’s old friends, from circus performers to a juke joint owner, each of whom delivers a shocking vignette into the life of a young mother traumatized by loss and abuse. Along the way, these three siblings—Jesse, whose fiery exterior disguises a wounded, drifting musician stuck in a rut; Jennifer, whose carefully curated family life is threatened by her husband’s infidelity; and Jack, whose enigmatic Jackie, Oh! persona in the New Orleans drag queen scene helps him escape the nightmares of Afghanistan that haunt him at night—must confront their own demons (and at least one alligator). But in chasing the truth about their real mother, they may all just find their second chance.

This uproarious debut novel is a reminder that sometimes, the family you’d never have chosen may turn out to be exactly what you need.

“This breezy, charming tale incisively shows a family’s bittersweet facets.” –Kirkus Reviews

A “feverish, entertaining novel” –Foreward Clarion Reviews

“In this rollicking family dramedy, debut author Rice sends three lovable siblings on a zany yet touching road trip… Rice’s sharp observations of society’s absurdity verge on the satirical… Fans of family drama, road trips, and non-stop laughs will love this cross-country adventure.” –BookLife

Release Date: Paperback: November 27, 2022; Kindle: January 3, 2023

Publisher: The Total Human Press

Soft Cover: 978-0982185544; 270 pages








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Dear Reader, Love Tracy Huff


Dear Reader…

I'm so glad that you decided to pick up this book and that the title didn’t scare you! I wrote this book for all of the women out there that are just like me. I was the middle child in a family of five and spent my life doing what I was told and just accepting what was given to me. It wasn’t until I wanted to go to college and my parents had no clue what to do because I was the first child that wanted to go to college. I chose to join the Army to pay for my education and that was when I met my husband. I was 18 and had lived a very sheltered life. I was a virgin, had no dating experience, and was just looking to do my four years in the Army and then go to college back in Illinois.

Then, life happened…I fell in love and gave myself to this man…and got pregnant. I was so ashamed, guilty, and I felt so stupid. How could I let this happen? When I told my parents, they were disappointed and when they found out my boyfriend was black they lost it. I was 18 years old, in Germany, pregannt during Desert Storm, and my family disowned me.

When this happened I felt thrown away and abandoned. I wrote this book for all of us who have had something happen in our past, or even in our present, that has made us feel this way. I wrote this book to give you a system that you can follow to identify and know what makes you amazing. So you can move beyond this event and step into who you are meant to become. You can use this experience and help someone else.

 I was devastated I felt alone. I was under pressure from my bosses in the Army to tell them who the father of my baby was. I was under pressure to be ready to deploy to a war after my baby was born. My family was calling and telling me how stupid I was to let this happen. In the end, I decided to trust my instincts and believe that I made a good choice.

I've spent my entire adult life creating my life from that place at the beginning. Trust me, when I tell you that everything that I'm about to share with you is not something I'm just talking about, it's something that I've lived. It's something that I've experienced more than once. I am going to share with you are the tools  I continue to use today. 

I want you to know that there can be a positive outcome. You will get through this and have an amazing life. Fast forward, 30 years later, and I am still in love with this man who turned my life upside down. He is the man who I thought he was and so much more. He is the most wonderful husband and father. 

My boys are grown now. James is 30 and Stephen is 26. My older son works with me in my martial arts school, and my younger son recently graduated from NC State to be a veterinarian. They have grown into amazing men just like their father. I have two grandsons whom I get to enjoy and love. I'm a fourth degree, black belt. I have two college degrees, not just the one degree I joined the army to get, and I have been in business for myself since 2001. 

So, I share all this with you so that you understand that whatever place you are coming from when you pick up this book, that it is the perfect place for you to begin. And it doesn't matter if you were like me at 18 and your life turned completely upside down. Or if you’re struggling to figure out what to do at a crossroads and you're struggling with those feelings of fear, doubt, uncertainty, or your worth. Or if you are a professional, but maybe you're looking at doing something different and trying to find what you need to go to the next level. It doesn't matter where you're starting, we're going to help you punch failure in the face. And we're going to give you the tools and the strategies that you need to continue to grow and even thrive. And, oh my gosh, dare I say it. Enjoy it.

I want you to have fun, to love what you're doing and not be overwhelmed and stressed, angry, and tired but be invigorated, inspired and inspiring. That's what we're here to do today. So, let's get ready to make some changes and conquer our fears. Let's get ready to learn how to punch failure in the face!


Tracy Huff is a wife, mother, mimi, a Vet of the armed forces, a 4th Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, an author and a business owner. She is the author of  How To Punch Failure in the Face. Her many roles in life have led her to acquire the skills and knowledge that have made her business a success. Tracy has a passion for motivating and helping others build their confidence by identifying their gifts and creating a plan on how to use them now. She is dedicated to helping as many women as she can live that life for themselves. 

After serving in the U.S. Armed Forces for four years, she finished her education in her current home of Fayetteville, NC. She is combining her life experience along with the skills and motivation she has developed as an entrepreneur and Master and sharing that with other business owners. 

She is passionate about helping professional women and entrepreneurs build their confidence and achieve their goals. She’s an in-demand speaker and an expert on developing confidence and leadership skills and is available for workshops and speaking events. 

Visit her website at or connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Are you struggling with your confidence? Have you ever wanted to go after something but don’t know where to begin? Do you need help believing in your ability to go after what you want? Are you afraid of taking the next step? How To Punch Failure in The Face is here to guide you and help you get crystal clear on the exact steps you should be taking right now to identify what is holding you back and the steps you will need to take to achieve your goals.

My goal is to invite you into our community to be empowered, inspired, celebrated, and supported to go after your dreams and get them. I am an expert at helping my students build their confidence and develop the leader in themselves. As a team, we create the space you need to get clarity, confidence, and balance without overwhelm or guilt.

If you are tired of being afraid, or tired of being uncertain and want to stop being so busy you don’t take the time to focus on what you want, then my 9 step process will help you. Let me help, you can do this. Take the first step today.

Book Information

Release Date: November 2021

Publisher: Independent

Soft Cover: ISBN:979-8773327189; 167 pages; $14.99; hardback $24.99; eBook $7.99; FREE on Kindle Unlimited


Pick up a signed copy:




Dear Reader, Love S.G. Basu

Dear Reader…

I never dreamed of being an author or of choosing writing as a career when I was a child. Books were my first love though. I always had more books than I had toys. I read a lot. A whole lot. Not everything was of high literary value and not everything had the perfect moral message, but thankfully, I faced no parental censorship and my love for the written word continued unabated over the years.

It was not until I was all grown up that as a challenge to myself (I abhorred the conclusion of a much-loved anime show and thus needed to write my own story that would correct the deficiencies. Yes, I’m weird like that), I started thinking of writing a story myself. Never the one lacking ambition, I dreamed up not just one book, but a series of books. This, when I had a flourishing (and as it follows, exhausting) career as a telecommunications professional in a Fortune 100 company and a very young child to raise. It would be easy, I had thought. It was not easy putting my toddler to bed and writing into the early morning hours. Everyday. But . . . although hard, it was unexpectedly satisfying.

This is how my first book, Maia and the Xifarian Conspiracy, first in The Lightbound Saga series was born. I have written many books since and published many more through my micro-press, but The Lightbound Saga remains, and will probably always be my favorite. That is not only because it was my first, but also because it has so many elements I love reading about myself—a group of friends succeeding against all odds, fantastic worlds with diverse cultures, and finding friendship and love that transcends borders. The Lightbound Saga is a science fiction fantasy, but it is a heartwarming story of love and hope at its core. 

Maia, is a thirteen-year-old, from a tiny village, one of the few surviving settlements in a fallen civilization. Their world is dominated by the Xifarians, a race of ruthless galactic nomads. Maia carries a terrible burden—knowing that her mother was a treacherous double-crosser responsible for making her people bound to the wily Xifarians.

A chance encounter lands her in a dubious peace initiative of the Xifarians, she has to walk down a road she had hoped never to tread. Unwillingly, Maia begins a journey that takes her to the galaxy-roving planet-spaceship of Xif, the underwater cities of the reclusive Jjord, and across the fallen civilization of the Solianese. Little does she know that the real truth about her long-deceased mother is somewhere down this path, that hidden within her is a key to the survival of her planet and even more.

But before she gets to that, Maia will discover true friendship, face an unimaginable evil, and fight her deepest fears to save the world she loves.

I hope, dear reader, as you pick up Maia and the Xifarian Conspiracy and set out on the journey with Maia, you too will rediscover the magic of friendship, love, and hope. 

Wish you happy reading.



S.G. Basu is an aspiring potentate of a galaxy or two. She plots and plans with wondrous machines, cybernetic robots, time travelers and telekinetic adventurers, some of whom escape into the pages of her books. Although she’s an engineer by training, writing has been her passion since childhood. Her other loves include extra-hot lattes, fast cars and binge watching sci-fi movies.

Find out more about the futuristic worlds she creates at She can also be reached at

Books by S.G. Basu:

The Lightbound Saga series (YA Dystopian Science Fiction)

Maia and the Xifarian Conspiracy

Maia and the Secrets of Zagran

Maia and Regency Protocol

The Lightbound Saga 3 Book Bundle

The Firefly League-A Lightbound Saga novella

Elementals-The Serial Thriller (Paranormal Science Fiction)

Population Morpheus (Near Apocalyptic Science Fiction)

Jumpers (Paranormal Thriller)

You can visit the author’s website at or connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.


13-year-old Maia is a land-dwelling Solianese living on the planet of Tansi. She has been raised by her doting grandfather. Her mother, Sophie, supposedly deceased, is accused to be a traitor who fought for the Xifarians who have subjugated Tansi. Loathing her family’s history, Maia has put herself into self-exile, vowing to steer clear of the temptations that led her mother astray. But when she is drafted into a peace summit by the Xifarians, she must walk into Xif, the planet she has always wanted to avoid. Here she meets loyal teammates Kusha, Dani, Nafi, and Ren, as well as Miir, their Xifarian team mentor who is as accomplished as he is temperamental. As Maia and her teammates thwart a plot to harm the underwater settlements on Tansi, she also discovers that her mother, Sophie, was not what she seemed. Sophie sacrificed herself to save Tansi before the Xifarians could destroy the Tansian system.

Maia visits the Jjord nation in their underwater colonies on Tansi. More of Sophie’s secrets come to light while she is in the colonies as well as more of the Xifarians’ plots to rebuild the dark heart of Xif. As Maia’s link with Sophie becomes apparent, Maia soon finds herself in the crosshairs of the Xifarians who kill her family and send her running for shelter across the dead lands of the Solianese. Chased by the Xifarians, Maia barely manages to stay alive with the help of her teammates.

While on the run across Tansi, Maia meets a mysterious man who unlocks a power within Maia. When her mighty Xifarian foes corner her, Maia unleashes the power on them, overpowering everyone, including her former mentor, Miir.

Maia struggles with her newfound power. The team is on the verge of fracturing when Maia reveals she might have killed Miir. Meanwhile, the R’armimon, an ancient and powerful enemy of the Xifarians, are on the way to the Tansian system, seeking vengeance from the Xifarians. On finding this, the Xifarians grow desperate to resurrect the dark heart that would enable them to leave the Tansian system. Maia narrowly escapes the Xifarians’ trap with a mysterious ally but her new alliance takes a toll on her friendships.

Maia is alone and hopeless but she forges on to regain the trust of her teammates and tries to convince the Tansian leaders of the impending threat of the R’armimon fleet. With help from her allies, Maia continues to uncover more of Sophie’s past. Together with her friends, Maia rushes to find the artifacts needed to thwart the R’armimon as the massive Execution Fleet of the R’armimon appears next to Tansi.

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