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Dear Reader, Love Sandra Lee Dennis

Dear Reader…

I have written two psychological/ spiritual books now, one published by a traditional publisher and one self-published with a small local press. When I began writing, I did not expect either of these writing projects to turn into books.

You might be surprised to learn, even after writing two books, that I have never considered myself a writer.  Rather, I have always had an avid interest in inner realities.  I have been a teacher, a researcher and explorer of the stuff of inner life— a “phenomenologist,” some people would say.

In fact, after my first book was published, I swore I would never write another.  Putting a nonfiction book together that arises from your own depths is a consuming and arduous labor. But, I was wrong!

My last book was born after my long-time partner abruptly left me without notice a few weeks before a big wedding we had planned.  The impact of this shock surprised me: it took me down into the worst suffering of my life.
The more the pain intensified (it worsened as time went on), the more I was compelled sit at my desk and write. There I would hear the voice of a wise, warrior woman translating the disbelief, outrage, hurt and grief into words. Her words poured out onto the page with insights and wisdom that soothed, comforted and guided me.  In this way, within a few months I had more than 200 pages. 
Reading over what had come through in this “flow” writing, a nagging sense of responsibility welled up to share what I had been given with others. But I immediately thought, “Oh, no, that means another book!?!”  Four years and six edits later, sure enough, I had Love and the Mystery of Betrayal in hand.
In this book, writing from the inside out, I dive into the existential shock and spiritual crisis of the little understood impact of deception and betrayal. Making this descent accessible to others —  the shame, the madness and the mystery of a heart and soul broken by betrayal — was a labor of love.

As Emily Dickinson said, “If I can save one heart from breaking… If I can ease one life the aching/ or cool one pain… I shall not live in vain.”  I wish for this book to find its way into the hands of those of you who are trying to come to terms with and to heal the shocking reality of betrayal in your world.  

When you are a writer, feedback and reviews offer a kind of lifeblood and encouragement after months and years spent alone writing. Since the original publication of the book, I have received so many gratifying notes and reviews, that I have released a second edition to help the book make it into the hands of more people. 

To help even one other person, this is why we write!  I can still remember after one of my first reviews, realizing — that is it: this is the reason I wrote this book! To touch even one person this way was worth all that time and effort. 

 I want to share it with you:   “This is the first time I have written a review, and from the bottom of my heart, Sandra, THANK YOU… Two years ago, my husband of 18 years abandoned me and my two children…I have read many, many books on infidelity, and your book stands out. I am buying copies for family and friends so they can finally understand what I am grappling with. For anyone who has been through betrayal…this would be the first book I recommend people read.”

About the Author
SANDRA LEE DENNIS, PhD, is an author, teacher and explorer of the interplay of depth psychology and spirituality. She holds an MA in Psychology and a PhD in Integral Studies/ Psychology and Religion. She has been on the faculty of several universities, as well as the San Francisco Jung Institute.
Sandra’s writings bridge the world of scholar and visionary. She loves to bring light to those subtle interior spheres that defy description, and can appear frightening or unreal to the logical mind.  Her deep-diving explorations have helped many to “translate their darkness” — to name and bring compassion to their grief, anger, confusion and pain.
She was a teacher in the Gurdjieff tradition for many years, an Ananda Yoga instructor, and a long-time student of Diamond Heart work.  Currently, she is enjoying life in the Bay Area.
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About the Book:

Betrayal of love inflicts a unique, unprecedented pain you can only comprehend once you have experienced it. If you are suffering from an intimate betrayal, you know. Betrayal is stunning. It is mind-boggling. You feel paralyzed, mystified, enraged, panicked, bewildered; but, mostly, you hurt. Betrayal is a make-or-break event that marks a cataclysmic divide in your life. It changes you. When you believe in someone so completely and then realize they have been deceiving you about their love and loyalty, the worst thing happens: Your faith in yourself crumbles. The shock lifts a veil from your eyes, and you can never see yourself or the world in the same way again.



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