Dear Reader, Love, Frankie Hogan

Dear Reader…

You are a lot like me. You hear someone tell a travel story at a party and your ears perk up. It’s a fantasy and addiction all rolled into one. Travel taps into an immediate adrenaline rush. The country doesn’t even have to be somewhere on your radar. You sit tight and lend your ear. Your attention span doesn’t wane during a story of the road, because you know what the unknown road brings. You see yourself there again. You can relive the times you have spent there. There is an empathy that develops when you hear someone tell their tale of a far-off land, and that connects you to them. It ignites your drive to return to that place.

That’s part of the reason you picked up Livin’: From the Amsterdam Red Light to the African Bush. You want to visit these places. You want to see yourself there. And it will do that for you. It will lay out places you’ve read about but haven’t checked off your list yet. It will, hopefully, bring you there and give you a taste of each location and the terrain. From Egypt to South Africa, Amsterdam to Vietnam, Peru to Cambodia, India, China, and more, Livin’ includes a dream destination for every vicarious traveler. But that’s only half of it. I want Livin’ to ignite that drive. Better yet, I want it to light a fire under your ass—to make today the day you check the boxes you’ve dreamt about for so long. I want you to stop rationalizing the excuses you use and start recognizing the rewards to be had. It should make it easier for you to stop giving in to the easy excuse of life getting in the way of travel. I wrote Livin’ to become an alarm clock for you. The time is now. Don’t hit the snooze button.


Frankie Hogan
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Frankie Hogan is an American writer, director and filmmaker. He is founder and principal partner of Corner Prophets Production Company, a film production company.  A native of South Philadelphia’s Grays Ferry neighborhood, Hogan lives in Los Angeles. Livin’ is Hogan’s first book—a book he wrote in hopes of inspiring others to stop making excuses, and make their dreams of travel a reality

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