Friday, September 29, 2017

Dear Reader, Love Gary & Susan Eby

Dear Reader,

Our disclaimer - "You are completely free to reject everything we have to say about spirituality..."

Why would we say this?  Because, as readers, we know you have a choice as to which books you decide to read.  You may have begun perusing these pages with no thought whatsoever of purchasing a book on "Spirituality".

But, we ask you to stop and ask yourself... "Would I have anything to gain from reading this book?"  Yes, you most likely would.

How can we affirm this?  Let us tell you a little bit about the book:

It tells the story of two people from very different backgrounds, miraculously finding one another. Who together, close up the pain of their hearts, and in doing so heal their pasts.  This might not sound very exciting, but the book is sad, funny, enlightening and valuable.  You will find parts of your own journey in this book.  However, we promise you, this is not what you'd expect from a "spiritual book".

No hard and fast rules to follow, no do's or don'ts.  It's not a tome of religious regulations.  It's the highly personal experience of spiritual discovery.

We urge you to try it.  Perhaps in doing so you will experience a little bit more joy in your life... a little more understanding and compassion... a little more love.  It encourages you to take a look at your own inner workings.  You may well be pleasantly surprised.

Do you have questions about the difference between religion and spirituality?  Do you wonder if there is something more to your life than what you are experiencing now?  Do you wish things in your life could change somehow?
Are you ready to discover the resources within yourself that allow you to have a better life today?

Oh, one more thing, about the disclaimer, it continues on to say... "what we believe is not so important, what counts is what YOU believe..."

Joy on Your Journey,
Gary and Susan Eby

About the Authors

Gary Eby is a retired social worker, mental health counselor and addiction therapist. He writes about self-help and spirituality. Gary loves playing the piano, the drums and walking on the beach with his wife, Susan. His motto is "Choose the positive, because it's all good!"

Susan studied philosophy in college. Some of her favorite philosophers are Socrates, Plato, William James and St. Thomas Aquinas. She is currently enjoying Emerson's mystical essays. We have conducted an interview with them.
Their current book is Reflections: A Journey to God.



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