Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Victoria Landis

Dear Reader…

     First, thank you for choosing to read my book, JORDAN. There are a zillion choices, and I’m so happy you picked mine!

     When I was little, I wanted to do two impossible things. One was flying. Not in a plane. I wanted to spread my arms and take off flying above it all. I dreamt of doing it constantly. Unfortunately, every time I jumped off my bed or a low tree limb—no matter how hard I concentrated—instead of soaring, I fell to the ground.

     The second thing was to be able to heal by simply touching someone. Again I concentrated like nobody’s business, but it didn’t work.

      Fast forward to adulthood, and I hadn’t thought about the healing thing until a few years ago. I’m not sure what triggered it, but it occurred to me that if someone could do that in today’s viral social media world, it wouldn’t take long for things to get crazy.

      If you think about it for even a minute—all that would be needed to start a stampede to wherever the person was is an uploaded video of someone’s injury instantly healing when this person touched them. You’d share it, wouldn’t you? You’d call your poor Aunt Ellen with the bad arthritis and tell her about it. If a loved one was dying of cancer, you’d put them in the car and drive to the miracle worker, hoping for a chance, however small.

     I set JORDAN in Boca Raton, Florida, for a few reasons. One is I lived there for nearly twenty years, and I know the place. Two is because, while South Florida is already a hotbed of settings for novels, there seem to be very few that feature Boca. And three is because it’s a misunderstood place, and a lot of what happens in JORDAN is the result of people misunderstanding things. It’s a place where people of enormous wealth live, but there are many neighborhoods filled with ‘normal’ people, too. Good people. The neighborhood I lived in looked like the one from Golden Girls. 1980s ranch houses, big yards, lots of trees, and neighbors who know and help each other.

     Although things go haywire, there is hope at the end, and any questions you may have at the end will be answered in books two and three. Also, when you get to the part of the book where Jordan and her friends visit the Teigh brothers, go to the JORDAN page on my website, and you’ll see a map of that fictional estate.

     I’d love to hear what you thought about the book, so please feel free to contact me. And—if you did like the book, please post a review on one of the sites like Goodreads, Amazon, etc. It really helps other readers to find good books.

     Thank you so much,

     Victoria Landis

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