Dear Reader, Love Karen Carew Oakes

Dear Reader…

Drewsilla, the Shelter Puppy is a real dog that had a very rough start at life. Drewsilla, and her litter mates were found abandoned, on the side of the road next to their mother, who had been hit by a car.  You might ask yourself how could anyone be so cruel. Unfortunately, that’s what happened but there are good people in this world. A kind person brought Drewsilla and her litter mates to the local shelter to be cared for.  The kind workers at the shelter worked very hard to nurse the puppies back to health and make them available for adoption.

There are so many dogs that need loving homes. Shelters are full of them. Some of these animals, whether they were dogs or cats endured many hardships before coming to the shelters. Some animals may not find their forever home. That’s what almost happened to Drewsilla.  Drewsilla, was a very shy, withdrawn dog. She was afraid of people, even though the shelter had treated her with kindness it was hard for her to trust. Many people tried to get Drewsilla to trust them.

The day my daughter visited the shelter she had come to look at a different dog, Drewsilla, who had never shown any interest in the people passing by her cage CHOSE my daughter. I don’t know why but when she heard my daughters voice she responded.
It was love at first sight a match made in heaven. Drewsilla, captured my daughter and son inlaws heart. They never saw the dog they came for.  Drewsilla is a loving addition to my family. I affectionately refer to her as my granddog.

I hope you enjoy her story and if you are looking to add to your family consider going to the local shelter and adopting. You will not be sorry.

With much Love,

Karen Carew Oakes

About the Author

Karen Carew Oakes, has been writing for many years and her articles have been included in the Lutheran Advent, as well as an article in several magazines. She is a mother and grandmother. She lives in Helotes, Texas with her two schnauzers Ella and Mackenzie. Her stories are based on true experiences her children encountered growing up.

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About the Book:

When Drewsilla and her siblings are tiny puppies, an accident steals their mother away. A kind stranger rescues them and takes them to a shelter, where the staff works
around the clock to care for the pack of newborns. Soon, her brothers and sisters begin to thrive. Drewsilla has a beautiful black coat, intelligent eyes, and ears that stand straight up.

Drewsilla, though, is scared. She seems afraid of everyone and everything and hides in the back of her cage when families come to visit. As her friendly siblings each get adopted, lonely Drewsilla remains. The staff even worries that she might never find a home. Then, one day, something amazing happens.

The Johnsons come to the shelter to look at another dog and see Drewsilla, who miraculously finds the courage to stop hiding and say hello. All shelter dogs deserve the chance to find a loving family, and this is the true story of Drewsilla -- how she overcomes her fears, finds her family, and gets a second chance at a happy life.


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