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Dear Reader, Love Steve Brock


Dear Reader…

I understand you are considering my book as your next reading project. Choosing a book to read is a big decision these days. With over four hundred books being published every day, it is impossible to read even a minor fraction of what’s available. That means you must be selective and try to choose books that will deliver a few hours of enjoyment in exchange for a reasonable number of dollars.

It is reasonable for you to ask the question, “Why should I choose your book over the rest?” I can’t tell you my book is better than the other four hundred that were published the same day because I haven’t read them. I can say with confidence that my book is an enjoyable read. I can say that because I’ve heard those words from many people who have already read it. My book will also introduce you to some very likable characters, and some not so likable ones. That of course is by design.

I’ve intended to write my first novel for over forty years now. Which means I’ve had a long time to think about it. Why did it take forty years for me to do it? Fair question, but there’s no easy answer. The best I can offer is to say life had other plans for me. Maybe in some ways, it was for the best. I have no doubt I am a better writer today than I would have been forty years ago. I bring all the interesting experiences I’ve had in those forty years to my writing.  

You may rightly ask, “What kind of book is Half Moon Lake?” I’ll try to answer that without resorting to a typical book cover synopsis. Think of someone you’ve known in your life who appeared to have everything going for them. Talent, fame, money, and opportunities knocking down their door. Now imagine how they would respond if fate suddenly intervened and made it all seem pointless. How would you respond if it were you? That scenario lays the foundation for Half Moon Lake. After that is when bad things happen. 😊 

If you are still reading this letter, I’m assuming you’re still deciding whether or not to read the book. I can tell you I wrote Half Moon Lake with the intention of making you laugh sometimes and cry sometimes. Simmer with frustration and smile with satisfaction. That’s a lot to ask from a simple novel, but if you find that it actually delivers, maybe it was worth the forty-year wait.   

Steve Brock

I’ve been an author in search of a novel for just about forty years now. Writing was the first thing I ever wanted to do seriously. Over the years I’ve done quite a variety of things. My first real job, the kind where you have a schedule and get paid hourly, was as a cook at the local Sonic Drive-In. I’ve been a machinist, a forklift driver, a production worker, a computer programmer, an IT guy, an installation manager, a software trainer, and an education department manager. Those are just the employment highlights. Through it all, I was a husband and father, and I attended college at night to get my bachelor’s degree in technology management.

Before all that started, I wanted to be a writer. It just didn’t work out that way. Maybe that’s ok, I’ve had a good life and I have a wonderful family that I am proud to have. I don’t regret any of what I’ve done to support my family over the years. The desire to write has persisted, however, and I took a look at my odometer one day and it read 61 years old. None of us know how high our personal odometer will go, but I knew if I was ever going to be a writer, now was the time.

I’m bringing my lifetime of experience to my novel writing. Many of my characters are loosely based upon people I’ve known in real life. Some of my plot elements are also influenced by real-life experiences as well. As of this writing, my first novel, Half Moon Lake, will be published on Amazon in a few weeks. I have begun work on my second book as well. I hope you will take time to register your email address so I may keep you apprised of announcements and special offers. I’d be thrilled to count you as one of my first dedicated readers.

Steve Brock’s latest novel is Half Moon Lake.

You can visit his website at or connect with him at Twitter.

Crease Williams lived a charmed life with a bright future. Only in his junior year at Texas Christian University, his skills as a wide receiver had already captured the attention of NFL scouts.

Then a tragedy cost him his family and his desire to play football. Personally devastated, he left his old life behind and got as far from Ft. Worth, TX, and football as he could get.

Keeping mostly to himself, he became a float-plane pilot in the far north of Minnesota. Flying fisherman and hunters into remote locations was how he spent his time. When a group he had flown to Roudy’s Cabin goes missing, he faces accusations and more turmoil than he could have ever imagined. To make matters worse, his quiet existence is upturned by an element from his past bent on vengeance.

Half Moon Lake is Steve Brock’s first novel. A suspenseful mystery written with likable characters and a lighthearted flavor.

Book Information

Release Date: March 30, 2022

Publisher:  Steve Brock

Soft Cover: ISBN: 978-0578391977; 187 pages; $9.99; Kindle Unlimited FREE


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