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Dear Reader…

There are so many aspects about Serpent Rising that I want to share with you. I write primarily because I want to share something; using story to convey a message is one way for me to do so. My intentions in writing are to entertain, to educate, and to address social themes. I try to do this by developing compelling characters, plots, and sub-plots that will engage you as a reader in thought provoking ways.

The protagonist in this novel, Serena Mendez, is a young woman who has struggled as a result of trauma she experienced as a young child. When you first meet her, you realize how dysfunctional she is. Serena has yet to discover the root cause of her troubles as living out of synch with her true destiny as a champion for truth, a Lightbringer. I invite you to travel with Serena on a heroine’s journey of self-discovery and transformation to learn about and to embrace her true destiny.

The background or overarching plot is put in the context of the War of the Two Serpents, a struggle between two opposing ideologies. One faction believes knowledge and truth should be held by a select few and used to control the masses of humanity. The other faction wants knowledge to be made freely available to all. Although fictionalized, this war has been ongoing throughout human history. It is still playing out today as evidenced by fake news, propaganda, and mind-control techniques used to manipulate people. You can think of this in terms of an overarching conspiracy and that makes for exciting reading, but it calls attention to a fundamental problem: humanity is unable to easily distinguish truth from falsehood. This makes us all vulnerable to manipulation by powerful influencers that have an agenda aligned with benefitting themselves.

As you read Serpent Rising, I certainly hope that you will be routing for Serena as she tries to piece together the clues to explain her role in the great War of the Two Serpents. As she undergoes a succession of mystical chakra openings that each bring her closer to realizing her full potential as a Candelaria, a warrior for truth, she must also evade capture by the ruthless secret Brotherhood that opposes all Luminarians. They know the power latent in her blood, even though Serena has yet to discover this.

The struggles Serena contends with are familiar to all of us, myself included. We all want to realize our full potential and to shine our light in the darkness. How can you be a Lightbringer and Luminarian in your own unique way? For myself, I answered this question in the opening paragraph--I share myself by writing. I am grateful to you, dear reader, for giving me the opportunity to share myself with you.

Be a warrior…

Love and light,

Victor Acquista

About the Author

Victor Acquista has become an international author and speaker following his careers as a primary-care physician and medical executive. He is known for "Writing to Raise Consciousness." His multi-genre works include fiction and nonfiction and often incorporate social messaging to engage readers in thought-provoking themes.

He is a member of the Authors Guild, the Mystery Writers of America, the Florida Writers Association, Writers Co-op, and is a Knight of the Sci-Fi Roundtable.

When not pondering the big questions in life and what’s for dinner, he enjoys gardening and cooking. He lives with his wife and dog in Ave Maria, Florida.





About the Book

Serena Mendez is haunted and she is hunted...

... Haunted by trauma—terrified and scarred as a young child, when a secret initiation into an ancient order of Lightbringers went horribly wrong. Unaware of the power latent in her blood, she is haunted by a life out of sync with her true identity. At twenty-one, she is abrasive, jobless, in debt, and addicted to sedatives. Haunted by her past, she knows nothing of her destiny.

... Hunted by an enemy—ruthless and powerful, a Brotherhood that has been pitted against the Luminarian Sects for thousands of years. An ancient struggle continues—The War of the Two Serpents—a saga extending back to the dawn of civilization, to the time of the second breaking, when the elite sought dominion over the masses. Those serving truth and light opposed these dark forces. In return they were persecuted, burned as witches, suppressed and nearly defeated by the powers of darkness.

But the flame was not extinguished.

An old Navajo dream-walker had a plan to open the seven chakras mystically binding Serena’s power. To fulfill her true destiny, to unleash the latent power within her blood, Serena journeys to six continents where she uncovers the truth of who she is, and what she must do.

A warrior stirs, a Lightbringer. She is Serena Mendez. She is awakening. She is a Candelaria…

Serpent Rising is a story of unfulfilled destiny, discovery, transformation, and courage to embrace the truth.


  “Author Victor Acquista has opened a pandora’s box of adventure in his new breath-taking thriller, Serpent Rising. I was swept away from the first page in this wonder-filled, mystical, and compelling novel. Cleverly plotted with a female protagonist, Serena Mendez, that is truly original in ancestry, yet very 21st century-real, with personal problems that she manages to set aside to pursue the very truth of her being. We join her in this a non-stop rush that mixes equal parts of  history, myth, and lore that I didn’t want to ever end! I’m already looking forward to more of Serena again and again. Acquista is the obvious heir apparent to the globe-trotting, can’t-be-put-down-novels such as The DaVinci Code and The House Of Secrets. Move over Dan Brown and Brad Meltzer, you have deserving company at your table with Serpent Rising!”

-- Patrick Kendrick, award-winning author of American Ripper: The Enigma Of America’s Serial Killer Cop.


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  1. Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. First off, I want to thank my tour host for featuring my book. I'll be posting a variety of interesting items to share with you about "Serpent Rising" including backstory and some videos. I'll follow this thread and respond to reader comments and questions.

  2. I've been fortunate to get some really fine endorsements of the novel. Here are a few selected blurbs:

    "Buckle up for a globe-hopping mission filled with suspense and self-discovery." - Ray Flynt, Award-winning author of Brad Frame mysteries

    "...a fascinating blend of mystery, thriller and the supernatural. A richly drawn cast of engaging and sympathetic characters transport the reader into an intriguing and rewarding journey." - Gary Morgenstein, author of A Mound Over Hell

    "Victor Acquista weaves a gripping tale of myth and metaphor as we follow Serena's global quest to discover her true identity...the chase by evil forces leaves us breathless, yet gasping for more..." - Deborah Shlian, MD, MBA, award-winning author of medical thrillers

    "Victor Acquista's terrific new novel defies genres: it's a techno-mythological thriller-cum-mystical travelogue, with a sassy heroine and a soulful geek at its heart. A Da Vinci Code for the digital age." - JJ Amaworo Wilson, author of Damnificados

    "Author Victor Acquista has opened a pandora's box of adventure in his new breathtaking thriller, Serpent Rising. I was swept away from the first page in this wonder-filled, mystical, and compelling novel. Cleverly plotted...Acquista is the obvious heir apparent to the globe-trotting, can't-be-put-down-novels such as The DaVinci Code and The House Of Secrets. Move over Dan Brown and Brad Meltzer, you have deserving company at your table with Serpent Rising!" - Patrick Kendrick, award-winning author of American Ripper: The Enigma Of America's Serial Killer Cop