Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dear Reader, Love Dr. Anne Watson

Dear Reader,
I saw you at the bookstore buying a copy of my book, “FLASH! The Science Behind Intuition.” Excellent choice. If you plan to read the whole thing, well and good, but if you only have time to ingest chunks, here are the best parts.
Chapter Two. Short little chapter about the vision I had where I was informed by an unseen stranger that we receive messages from the Universe, and that these messages come to us from light (light is
electromagnetic energy). We are to listen to our messages, our intuitions, for they are benevolent and give us the pre-knowledge our brains need to proceed smoothly, for us to be in harmony with the purpose of our lives.
How do such messages enter us, you might wonder? Read Chapter 6, where deep inside the brain, the teeny tiny Pineal Gland… the third eye… the thing in the brain that responds to electromagnetic light energy… is the winning choice of receptors, that is until 2014 when HeartMath researchers demonstrated it is the Heart that receives messages first, a few seconds before the brain gets the information. 
But once it does get the information, what happens next? Well, in Chapter 8 you will read about preafference, my most exciting find of my literature search. That chapter is just 5 pages long, but is key to understanding how intuitions, pre-knowledge information, clear the decks to allow the message coming along to just flow, and not get all tangled up in irrelevant neural pathways. Of all the billions of synapses that the brain produces at any moment, owing to the process of preafference only the neurons along the germane pathway will fire up. So elegant! The brain is prepared for what it doesn’t know yet. 
So, the information is now cleared for neural entrainment, and what happens next, you wonder? Well, this is where DNA comes into it.
DNA studies for a long time disregarded the non-genome parts, which was most of the DNA strand. Then, in 2012, a scientist called William Brown published a study which he called The Light Encoded DNA Filament where he describes opening DNA strands and finding light in there. There you have it, DNA looks like the conduit for messages from light to move around our bodies.
The book offers more and compelling science to support the vision I received (the one which told me about messages coming to us from light), but there is also a burgeoning interest in using intuition in Remote Viewing. I had a guest contributor explain how she goes about diagnosing and healing others, unseen, and at a distance.
Oh, you are going to love Chapter 12 which is about how you can quickly get into an Alpha Hz mind state from which you can speak to the Universe and increase your intuitions. 
Many readers go back and reread some of the book’s details. It’s a little book with a big message. Enjoy.
Love, Author
About the Author

Anne Watson is a Canadian author and educator and co-author of So You Have to Go to Court! A Child’s Guide to Testifying as a Witness in Child Abuse Cases with Wendy Harvey. She was raised in England, trained as a teacher, and after starting teaching in Canada at Thistletown Regional Centre School for Emotionally Disturbed Children, she then taught in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and in Palm Beach County USA. Just before beginning doctoral studies in Special Education Psychology at U. of T., she travelled right around the world. Once a doctor, she became a Prof at UBC and later at Trent U., then switched to doing psychoeducational assessments (CSI of the brain!). After 30 years of midnight oil reports and early morning parent meetings she retired to concentrate on writing and art. Her calling is to help people contact their Inner Voice – the Universe – by fast tracking open brain states using EEG devices, some of which can be glimpsed in a couple of scenes in her just finished movie, “A Thousand Reasons.” She has two successful adult kids and one almost grown up granddaughter.


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About the Book

If we have intuitions (and we do) where do they come from? Where, in us, do they arrive? What, in us, allows us to receive and interpret them? And why? Why do we get them?
Fourteen years of research, often waiting for the science to catch up with a vision sent to me by the Universe, these questions are answered in lay terms for the wonderment and affirmation of those interested in energy from another plane.


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