Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dear Reader, Love Juliet Huck

Dear Reader…

Do you get frustrated when you want something from someone else and they don’t give you what you need? Have you ever stopped to think about why it is so hard to persuade someone when you have something you really desire?

My philosophy is; it’s not what you know; it’s who you know—and what you know about them. I teach my clients that the golden rule is to get out of your own shoes and into the shoes of your decision maker. This can be challenging, but it is the most important step one can take when asking for something from someone else.

Have you taken the time to build their trust?  Do you have gratitude? Do you know if they can relate to what you are asking for?  Persuading someone is a process and 50 Ways to Get Your Way will give you the tools to use to persuade others to get what you want based on human connection.

We are instinctively social creatures and one thing that connects us are common sense values; things such as trust, responsibility, love, etc.  Based on 25 years of being a Persuasive Strategist in the legal field and helping clients secure billions of dollars in decisions, I have seen how these values play an important role in persuading others in some of the most contentious situations.   These tools are not rocket science, but they do take self-awareness, practice and commitment.

Observing the current environment in our world, I could not sit back and be silent on how we are treating each other – especially when we need something from someone else. I felt instead of fighting with others it is time to remind us of the beautiful things that can connect us. I know this book can help you stop and look at how we ask others for something we need.  Enjoy!
About the Author

Juliet Huck is an expert in persuasive communications with 25 years of experience. She was born in Marietta, Ohio, and holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. During her career, she has worked with the US Department of Justice for the Enron litigation, Exxon Mobil, Boeing, and law firms, such as O’Melveny and Myers, Kirkland and Ellis, and King and Spalding, among other high-profile clients. Juliet is the author of 50 Ways to Get Your Way and The Equation of Persuasion: Securing Decisions in Your Favor.
Her latest book, 50 Ways to Get Your Way, offers insights for skillfully using persuasion in work and in life by forming meaningful relationships. It is the first book in a series that will teach readers how to get what they want in all facets of their lives.



About the Book:

50 Ways to Get Your Way by Juliet Huck Promotes the Art of Persuading Others Using the Simple Power of Commonsense Values
In 50 WAYS TO GET YOUR WAY, Juliet Huck shares the lessons she learned while growing up on her family’s farm in rural Ohio—values such as being grateful, nurturing relationships, and listening intently, which she used to build a successful career as a persuasion strategist working with corporate clients and on high-profile legal cases. Huck teaches readers how to be persuasive in a manner that is honorable and respectful, while making genuine human connections.
The tools Huck shares in 50 WAYS TO GET YOUR WAY are familiar, but the author notes that many of these values are missing in the current social climate. Using beautiful images (many photographed by the author) and conversational prose, Huck encourages readers to commit to a practice of awareness—of self and others—and guides them through the dance of building relationships that will help them achieve their goals. While all of the pearls of wisdom presented in 50 WAYS TO GET YOUR WAY are essential ingredients for developing into a solid human being, several offer the building blocks for becoming an exceptional person who gets what he or she wants. Being empathetic by learning what other people find meaningful, paying attention to the effect that one’s tone can have on others, telling a compelling story, letting go of expectations to minimize disappointment, and understanding the importance of clarity when asking for assistance or sharing plans are just a few of the gems that Huck examines in her book.

Huck acknowledges that the principles outlined in 50 WAYS TO GET YOUR WAY are not “rocket science”; however, she believes they are timely. “Observing the current environment, I could not sit back and be silent about how we are treating each other—especially when we need something from someone else. I felt instead of fighting with others, it is time to remind us of the beautiful things that can connect us,” Huck said.
50 WAYS TO GET YOUR WAY was written with the intention of helping people fulfill their personal and professional needs by mastering the art of making genuine connections.



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