Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dear Reader, Love Kathleen Shaputis

Dear Reader…

Thank you for being a part of an extraordinary group I truly adore, book lovers. People who love to escape and adventure beyond the dull and stressful in life through reading. Whether it’s a paperback in your hands or an eBook device in your lap, readers are my favorite people. I believe the world spins more passionately, more hued in bright colors, because of you.

Where is your favorite place to read at home? Do you have a pefect overstuffed chair with a crocheted afghan or a cozy corner of the couch where you can stretch your legs or curl them under you as you turn the pages? Or are you like me, with full-platter days so you read every night in bed before falling asleep? My nightstand sits under an odd stack of books at any given time.

Is your personal reading relegated to vacations where you can seclude yourself into a cabin in the woods by a roaring fire or tanning on a sandy beach blanket with the waves as your soundtrack? If that’s the only time you have to read, that is a shame, and your life is overscheduled.

I grew up in southern California during a time where our local library had a limit on how many books you could check out at one time. The magic number was five. As I buried myself deep in the pages of a Beverly Cleary or a Laura Ingalls Wilder book, life transformed into a whole new world. One of the strangest, magical occurrence in some of these stories was snow. Kids went to school in the snow – how did that happen? If it rained in So Cal, the adults freaked out a little, I could never imagine living in a snow-covered area.

Dreams do come true, and I moved up to the Pacific Northwest where at least once during the winter months, Mother Nature blesses the area with a blanket of snow. And it’s everything I’d read about in books: Quiet, crunchy, slippery, cold, wet, slushy. Wonderful.

As a child I wanted to make people smile or sigh from the moment I could scribble stories on paper. My mentors and heroes were author and being a published author is fantastic, another dream come true. I hope my book Their Witch Wears Plaid takes you away from your ordinary into a magical realm of normal in Scotland with a rag band of characters. The storyline is like a treat of cotton candy at the fair, a bit of sweetness and a joy to remember. A rom-com tryst including a gorgeous ghost, witches and a knight in shining armor. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Forever yours,
Kathleen Shaputis

About the Author

Kathleen Shaputis lives in the glorious Pacific Northwest with her husband, Bob, a clowder of cats and three pompously protective Pomeranians with little social aptitude: Brugh, Bouncer and Miss Jazzy. If not writing, she’s busy reading and watching romantic comedies, her ultimate paradise.

Her latest book is Their Witch Wears Plaid.



About the Book:

A giant-sized Druid, annoying trances and frightening nightmares mess up Nell's festive end of summer plans. Living in Scotland, a palm reader for Baillie Castle, Nell loses her heart to a professional jouster. But is her shining knight in cahoots with the sinister Druid?
Will the recipe of a magic coin, diva queens and witches be enough to save Nell from death? Or will evil triumph over love?


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