Dear Reader, Love Daryl-Jarod

Dear Reader,

Allow me to introduce myself, for anyone who is not acquainted with who I am or my work. My name is Daryl-Jarod and I specialize in writing thought-provoking and mind-racing stories that bring out the erotic side in all of us.

As a romance enthusiast, it was no shock to any of my friends or love ones when I released my first eBook, “Silk Vol. 1: Erotic Tales of Sinful Delight”, back in December 2011. This first volume consisted of nine short stories that I penned over the course of two to three years. The book explored themes such as, a relationship transitioning to the next level romantically, two love birds participating in a forbidden romance, and the exquisite effects of true love. The next two volumes, “Steamy Tales of Love & Lust” and “Sultry Tales of Romantic Thrills,” followed suit in 2012 and 2014, tapping into more erotic and risqué situations.

I’d describe my style of writing as highly romantic, but with a sexy erotic twist. My form of storytelling is definitely geared toward anyone who’d define themselves as open-minded or  a thrill seeker.

It’s not entirely all about sex though. My characters have successful careers, families, and many dreams and aspirations. They are just like you and I; everyday people. However, as many of us may be timid or shy when it comes to fully exploring our sexuality, my characters follow through with our most intimate and secret desires. Many of them have absolutely no shame or second thoughts.

So, I’d like to thank to each and every one of you who’s given my latest offering, “Silk: The Complete Trilogy”, a chance. Feel free to get lost within its pages as you dive in, let down your guard and allow the stories to take you to new and fascinating heights. It was my intention to offer something fresh and exciting for any and everyone who shares my love for erotic romance.

Sit back and hold on tight, as Silk takes your imagination on a thrilling ride, you’ll look forward to experiencing over and over again.

With Love,


About the Author

Daryl-Jarod is an Amazon best-selling author, recording artist, and actor. Born and raised in Hopkins, South Carolina, he always had big dreams of pursuing a career in entertainment.

As a child he'd write short stories and songs, which later aided him in transitioning into the talented storyteller he is today. His writing career all began with a short poem he composed in third grade entitled, "My Teacher is Neat", which was selected to be featured in a publication of poems from talented students throughout the state. The encouragement of his mother, teachers, and peers, pushed him to continue writing.

Years later, he is now the author of Silk, an acclaimed erotic series that debuted atop of Amazon's Best-Seller Erotica charts. With many more book releases in the works, he has also displayed his skills as a singer-songwriter and rapper on his debut mixtape, "The Liberation of Daryl-Jarod". Despite consistently maintaining a busy schedule, he always kept his acting goals in sight as he graduated from Coker College with a BA in Theatre Performance.

Daryl-Jarod is hard at work on various new literary projects and his upcoming EP.



About the Book:

Author: Daryl-Jarod
Publisher: Daryl-Jarod Entertainment
Pages: 270
Genre: Erotica

From the vivid imagination of Daryl-Jarod, comes the long-awaited collection of the Amazon Best-Selling erotic series, Silk. Included are all 24 original jaw-dropping erotic stories, along with the brand-new tale, Pink Fortress, which reveals just how outrageously wild things become when an Uber driver falls for a sultry passenger. Sit back, relax, grab a lover and unwind, as Daryl-Jarod takes you on a wild erotic ride filled with unfaithful lovers, lustful thrills and the truly astounding power of romance and love. Caution! Erotica just got hotter!


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