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Dear Reader, Love Vernon Ennels Jr.

I decided to self-publish my first book because I wanted to share my story to help others. Honest, raw, and completely vulnerable, There’s Something Your Son Needs to Tell You acts as an open letter that encourages other young men to step forward and share their stories about sexual abuse in hopes that we will save our little boys.

At least one and six men have been sexually abused.  And many of them are afraid and ashamed to talk about it. This fear is heightened in the black male community where a stigma persists around sexual abuse and sexual identity that reflects a homophobic and hypermasculine society.

While many victims turn to religion to cope with their trauma, many religious organizations have either perpetuated the abuse or swept it under the rug.

This book uses one experience to shed light on an ongoing issue and inspires others to take immediate action.

There’s Something Your Son Needs to Tell You is more than a book; it is a movement.

Inspired by #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, “Save Our Sons” encourages discourse and social activism to help boys and men who have been victims of sexual abuse.

This movement examines the intersectionality between race, class, gender, and religion. And acknowledges the silence around sexual abuse, specifically how it persists in traditional black households and how that puts black boys at higher risks of sexual abuse and/or from speaking out about it.

In addition to the book, There’s Something Your Son Needs to Tell You, being a vulnerable autobiography, it contains open letters from other young men who have similar traumatic experiences.

The goal is to encourage more boys and men to share their stories in hopes that we can shed light on this epidemic.

#Saveoursons will help spread awareness and spark change.

About the Author

Vernon Ennels grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and now makes Arizona home for he and his family. After a long day at work in the business world…he found that writing his book was most productive in the evening hours sitting by his swimming pool. Vernon holds a BS and an MBA in Business Management.  “I was inspired to write my book thinking of my own six-year-old son,” he asserted.


Author website:

About the Book:

Page six of Vernon Ennels, Jr. book, THERE’S SOMETHING YOUR SON NEEDS TO TELL YOU, reads, “I still remember his face, his breath, and hear his voice demand me to lie on my stomach. He
would down my pants my mother so proudly dressed me in. And then my Superman underwear…When he was done, he walked me to school and warned me, ‘If you tell anyone, I’ll kill your mother.’”
Author Vernon Ennels, Jr. lived with the horrible secret of being sexually abused and ashamed for some 40 years before he was able to recently summon the courage to tell his own family. “Studies show that one in six men have been sexually abused,” said Mr. Ennels. “Most are afraid to talk about it.” 
This book reflects the experiences of males, specifically black males, but encourages both men and women and those from various racial backgrounds to recognize the signs of sexual and mental abuse and to combat the epidemic. “My book,” emphasized Mr. Ennels, “is a mirror of my abuse to shed light on an on-going issue to inspire others to take immediate action when they suspect child sexual abuse. #Saveoursons is my mission to help spread awareness and spark change to save current and future victims of sexual child abuse.”
Forty-something Vernon Ennels, Jr. says his new book THERE’S SOMETHING YOUR SON NEEDS TO TELL YOU  is an “open letter” that prompts other men to step forward and share their very own experiences of child sexual abuse in order to save other young boys from the hands of an abuser.
My moniker ‘Save Our Sons’ encourages discourse and social activism to help boys and men who have been sexually abused,” said Mr. Ennels. “Many, many people believed these victims were lying, making up a story for attention. Since I am a certified ‘non-celebrity’ I wrote my book for every child abuse victim out there who is terrified of stepping forward.”


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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Gina Heumann

Dear Reader…

My family and I suffered through hell for over a decade after adopting our second child. While my friends referred to my first son as “the stepford child” due to his easy temperament and wonderful manners, I assumed it was our stellar parenting abilities. When the second came along, angry and violent, I realized that something was off. All the traditional parenting techniques worked on my first kid, and none of them worked for the second.

We spent many years trying to uncover exactly what this mental illness was and how to treat it. After many tries at therapy (individual therapy, group therapy, parenting classes, play therapy, art therapy, in-home therapy… you name it!) and all sorts of alternative treatments, he continued to get more challenging and frustrating as he grew bigger and stronger. Life in our home became dangerous and scary, and we were frequently embarrassed and alone. He was eventually kicked out of middle school, sent to the juvenile assessment center, and given a ticket for assaulting a teacher. We consider this “rock bottom” and there, we received a recommendation for the therapist who eventually helped us succeed. Between a family intensive two-week therapy session and an amazing therapeutic school environment, we managed to overcome the violence, anger, and anxiety that is typical of reactive attachment disorder (RAD).

My goal for this book was to shed some light on this rare and serious disorder, help people understand that childhood trauma can have lasting effects, and highlight the pitfalls of the mental health system. I also wanted to inspire other parents who are struggling with challenging children and demonstrate that you can never give up trying to help someone you love.

Continuing to love a child that is angry and violent, despite daily calls from school, broken electronics, and destruction of property is not easy. We, as a family, had to dig deep and practice unending optimism that we would someday find a magical cure. And I know that we are the lucky ones. Many families touched by RAD have to annul their adoptions, relinquish their foster kids, or resign themselves to the fact that their children will end up in jail someday. This is the same diagnosis that was attributed to Nikolas Cruz, the school shooter from Parkland, Florida, and I feared this might be my son’s future.

I hope that you read our story with an open mind and open heart, and remember that what you see in public isn’t always the whole story. Since the book was released, I’ve been amazed by the positive response, as well as the number of friends and neighbors who’ve commented on how “normal” we appeared! You never know what’s going on inside someone’s home, so always try to be kind.

Next time you see a mom struggling, give her a hug! It might be what she needs to get through a difficult day. Cheers to all the RAD moms out there who continue to fight the good fight every single day.

With love and strength,

About the Author

Gina Heumann is a true Renaissance woman: wife, mother, architect, designer, instructor, author, speaker, and sales rep for an award-winning Napa Valley winery. She and her husband, Aaron, adopted Landrey in 2001 from Guatemala and then went back for Maddox three years later. Gina’s love of learning and dedication as a mother inspired her research of different treatments and therapies that eventually led to this inspirational success story about conquering Reactive Attachment Disorder.

Her latest book is Love Never Quits: Surviving & Thriving After Infertility, Adoption, and Reactive Attachment Disorder.


Website Link:

About the Book:

WHACK… At three in the morning Gina was sound asleep, yet somehow she was smacked in the head. She looked over at her husband, thinking perhaps he accidentally rolled over and flopped his
arm on top of her, but he was sleeping soundly and facing the opposite direction. She turned to the other side and glaring back at her was her eight-year-old child.

“Did you just hit me?”

“Yes, and I’d do it again.”


“Because you took away my video games.”

“That was EIGHT HOURS AGO. And you’re still mad about it?”

“I wish I could kill you.”

This is the true story of the hell one family lived through parenting a child with reactive attachment disorder, a severe diagnosis related to children who experienced early-childhood trauma.

This inspirational story covers over a decade of daily struggles until they finally found resolution and made it to the other side. The family remained intact, and this once challenging son is now achieving things never thought possible. 



Monday, July 15, 2019

Dear Reader, Love DS Johnson

Dear Reader…

First of all, I want to express how excited I am that you have decided to join me on this adventure! I have been telling stories since I was young when I would tell my kid sister stories about unicorns and evil witches at nighttime, often falling asleep to my own story, only to have her wake me up to finish the ending. Haha. I love the characters I have created, and their story evolves as they do, so as each passing event or trial they face they grow and adapt and learn as do I as an author. I hope so will you as a reader.

The world of Edenocht is a complex world, one that was created from a few different pieces of ancient myths and legends from the Irish and Norwegian histories. The idea behind each of prologue is to give you a brief understanding of the original world of Edenocht as it was before the evil Necromancer Gavin Rhill forced Queen Ambrosia’s hand and made her use cosmic powers to sink the most powerful floating cities of Srinna Vossa to secure an ancient scroll of the Sev-Rin-Ac-Lava.

The Sev-Rin-Ac-Lava are four ancient artifacts that were created by the mages of the Tooatha De Dannon, a supernaturally gifted people. These artifacts hold enormous powers and when combined they can evoke the powers of the universe and the holder will become a God. The Velsharoon, Gavin Rhill’s secret organization, have been trying to secure the four parts of the Sev-Rin-Ac-Lava since their creation. Each one having their unique qualities, the sword-when drawn from its sheath inflicts the never-ending wound, the spear-who ever holds the spear will never lose the battle, the cauldron-offers unending satisfaction but with an unending price to pay, and the scroll-seals the crypt making one live forever.

As the hunt for the artifacts intensified, the need for their secrecy did also, so the Sun Goddess formed, an organization, the Dodjen. Magical and non-magical people traveled through newly made realms and organized secret plans and groups to move the objects around the realms in order to keep them from the Velsharoon.

It didn’t take long however before things became so complicated that it was difficult to figure out who was Dodjen and who was Velsharoon. Now hundreds of years later as the destruction of the realms have left scars across the world, our heroes must now decipher who’s who and what’s what in order to put things back together, or do they make something new altogether?

Because the story includes two parts, the past and the future, the complexity of the story will take several books to explain and my approach may seem a bit different than other books you may be familiar with, but please bear with me as I unfold the events both in the past and future and tie all the pieces together as Shaz, Serin, Riddick, Amirra and the Minca, two pygmy warriors named Turkill and Ladtwig, unravel the ancient mysteries as well as the current events to put all the pieces together. 

I love to create and make believe, and I try to stay away from the overly used clichés and tropes of the fantasy genre and create new and exciting elements without being farfetched and unbelievable. I believe I have reached a good balance of new and fresh to keep you from getting bored without stretching the limits of believability.

Please feel free to reach out to me and share your comments, ideas and opinions as I would love to hear from you on my website

See you on the flip side,

DS Johnson

About the Author

As a little girl, DS Johnson thought she was dumb. In the first, second, and third grades she was in the ‘Resource’ program or ‘Chapter 8’ as it is also called. Even though she was then put in the regular class, and she was such a young age when she had caught up with the other students, she knew within herself all too well by then, she was not a smart child. All the way through high school this girl struggled. She graduated with a glorious 2.9. Yes, it was heart breaking for those little numbers to reflect the great struggle and all the efforts she had put forth.

She went on to start beauty school, figuring she wasn’t college material. Suddenly, she learned that she wasn’t dumb after all. She was what is called a kinesthetic learner or ‘hands on’ learner. She LOVED it. She went on to do very well, for many years. Until, life got complicated. She had five children, a husband, and a disabled mother who now required constant care. While contemplating how to earn a little bit of extra income, now that doing hair wasn’t an option, a thought came to her.

‘Write a book’ it said.

She replied by looking around and with her finger pointing at herself, and said,
“Who me? I graduated high school with a 2.9 remember?”

The little thought came again, “Yes, you. Write a book.”

It so happened, that she told her younger sister a bedtime story almost every night as a child and had been telling her children nighttime stories for most of their lives, so she did. It took five years to learn from the internet, a few writing classes, some great blogs, a lot of practice, one very good editor and the awesome support of her family. But she did it. DS has a wonderful adaption of the intricately detailed structure of role playing games mixed with the vivid descriptions of the fantasy genre to create a unique world of elemental magic, wizards, sorcery and quest filled adventure unlike any adventure you have seen before.

Her latest book is the action adventure fantasy, Realms of Edenocht Descendants and Heirs.


About the Book:

Author: DS Johnson
Publisher: Rosecrest Publishing
Pages: 312
Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy

Shaz, Edenocht's forbidden War Wizard, his elemental mage Serin and, miniature warriors, the Minca begin their unsurmountable task of securing the ancient artifacts, the Sev-Rin-Ac-Lava. Their first task of finding the sheath to the sword Shaz already has, takes them to the realm of their friends the Minca. The companions find themselves in a world torn open by earthquakes and melted earth as the evil Necromancer Semias Trevelis re-incarnates an ancient Runecaster to remake one of the ancient artifacts. The only hope in closing the torn and scorched realm is with the help of the two remaining descendants of the original mages of old, but Shaz doesn't even know about them, to begin with, let alone who they are or how to find them. Riddick, the Earth Sage, is deep in his own dilemma of figuring out his powers and the appearance of new Islands in the Turbulent Reef, is thrust from one realm to another until he meets back up with Shaz and the others. Can Shaz and his friends outsmart the cosmic powers at play and bring together the elements once again or will there be a ripple of desolation across the planet?


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Dear Reader, Love Jennifer B. Monahan

Dear Reader…

If there were just one thing that I would want you to take away from reading Where To? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free, it would be this: your heart and soul want something incredible for your life.  Do you know what it is? And do you have the courage to go for it?

It took me a while to figure out what it was for me. I played it “safe” for a long time. I followed the rules and was a “good girl.”  I studied hard while I was in college, then carefully considered each job option throughout my career, each relationship, and each decision so that I could achieve society’s definition of success.  You know the one: a happy marriage, a couple kids and a dog, and a large house in the suburbs with shiny SUVs in the driveway.

The problem was that society’s definition of success didn’t quite fit me.  I’d occasionally rebel and do something different, such as taking a gap year between high school and college before it was a thing to do or picking up and moving from Connecticut to California because I wanted to, but there was constant pressure to do what others wanted me to do with my life.  Chances are, you have felt this pressure too!

It took a bad accident and the doctors telling me that I would never walk without the assistance of crutches or a brace again to wake me up.  I was out of work on disability for over three months and had plenty of time to think.  And what I discovered was that I wanted much more freedom in my life.  As I thought about it more, I had an “a-ha!” moment and realized that the only thing preventing me from having that freedom was…me. I had bought into the roles that had been thrust upon me and the limiting and confining beliefs that came at me from all different directions.  I had covered up what my heart and soul were yearning for with things that frankly just weren’t true.

I made the decision to walk away from all the ways that I held myself back. Now, making the decision is the easy part.  Actually doing it? Well, that’s a bit more difficult because it brings up all the stuff that deep-down you are afraid of:

·      Will people still love you and want you around if you decide to live your life differently? Check, I had that one…
·      Am I destroying my career by deciding to do something different? Oh yeah, that one reared its head almost immediately…
·      What if I take this risk, lose everything and end up homeless, out on the streets? Yup, that was a big one…

Where To? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free tells my story of walking away from all the ways I had been holding myself back and began to live my life.  It takes place primarily in the Guatemalan jungle, but also in Japan, Cambodia and Thailand.  It tells how I lived in a thatched-roof hut in a tiny village (complete with scorpions and monkeys), connected with local shamans and participated in their ancient rituals, and became fully integrated into the daily life of local families. It also talks about how I ultimately faced down some of the greatest losses and long-buried pain I had experienced to truly become free. 

I hope the book inspires you to discover what your heart wants for your life and go after it. In the book I share the six steps I took to create the life of my dreams and I include a workbook to help you do the same.  I know you can do it!

About the Author

Jennifer B. Monahan is a business strategy consultant, shaman and coach who helps people all over the world live courageous lives. Her first book, This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution (She Writes Press, 2016), has won six literary awards, including two first-place Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards and a 2017 National Indie Excellence Award. Her second book, Where To? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free, was published in April 2019, and describes her personal journey through Guatemala, Japan, Cambodia and Thailand as she faces down some of the greatest losses in her life.

She is a regular contributor to, Sivana East, and has had articles published on and Her podcast, Living A Courageously Authentic Life, can be found on, and focuses on a variety of topics to help others be true to themselves.

She holds a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Bridgeport (CT), an MBA in Marketing from the University of Connecticut, a Masters in Natural Health from Clayton College, and completed an accredited coaching program through Coach U. Her shamanic training began with a Mayan shaman in Mexico and then expanded to include shamans in Guatemala and her own personal guides.

She currently splits her time between the United States and Guatemala when not traveling and is in the process of writing her third book, a handbook for people looking to define, create and live their courageously authentic life. You can find her online at


About the Book:

When Jennifer Monahan announced her intention to leave her well-established career as a business strategy consultant and give up her rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco to do a global walkabout for an undetermined amount of time, her friends and family thought she was insane. But Jennifer was excited about taking the time to truly explore and immerse herself in a variety of cultures, so their skepticism didn’t faze her; plus she was used to traveling alone as a woman with only one carry-on bag. What she didn’t count on was discovering all the excess baggage she had been carrying with her from her past.

WHERE TO? chronicles one year of Monahan’s life, primarily in the Guatemalan jungle, but also in Japan, Cambodia and Thailand. Living in a thatched-roof hut in a tiny village, Monahan connected with local shamans and participated in their ancient rituals, became fully integrated into the daily life of a local family, and ultimately faced down some of the greatest losses and long-buried pain she had experienced. WHERE TO? shares the six steps she took to heal and courageously create the life of her dreams and includes a workbook for readers to do the same.

"Some memoirs tell us stories and open up worlds we never knew, but some open up places in our own hearts and souls that we have wanted to explore and have never given ourselves the chance to do so. Where To? How I Shed My Baggage and Learned to Live Free by Jennifer B. Monahan belongs to the second category of memoirs...While it reads like the memoir of a woman who takes the courage to explore the world, this memoir has powerful spiritual hints. In fact, it is the story of a soul in search of itself. Where To? is a spiritual testament, a book that describes a journey towards inner freedom and authenticity. Many readers will feel the resonance of Jennifer's story in their own lives." 

- Christian Sia, Reader's Favorite Book Reviews


Monday, July 8, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Michael Houtz

Dear Reader…

First, I want to thank you for choosing to spend your free-time reading my novel. Infinite options for entertainment exist in this world, so I’m grateful you’re supporting my effort. Second, your purchase is directly supporting a very important cause—The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Each year, over 400 children are illegally removed by one parent, out of the country, against the will of the other parent and against court-ordered legal guardianship. Only half of the world’s countries recognize the de facto legal status of the parent, and the child. The NCMEC directs their efforts toward raising awareness and working with various agencies to bring these children home.
            This brings me to why I wrote this book. I followed the story of a father who fought a desperate battle against his ex-wife who took their only son out of the country to South America. Her new boyfriend, a lawyer in that part of the world, used his knowledge of the courts and stymied all the father’s efforts to recover his son. By all accounts, the dad was a good father and no report of abuse existed within the parental relationship. I kept imagining someone, anyone, rescuing the child and bringing him home. At the time, I was working on my medical thriller, but this story became a consuming thought and hampered my work. One morning, I woke and sat at my computer. I knew this story forming in my head wouldn’t go away until I wrote the novel. I set aside my WIP and launched headfirst into bringing life to my idea.
            You’d think this book centered around rescuing a child. It’s a stretch. I knew from day one this storyline is a series. I consciously decided I wanted to establish the main protagonist—who he is, where he came from, and what motivates him. I didn’t want to come back at book #5 and explain his original story. Within this novel, he does rescue a couple of people but not in the sense of specifically targeting a child in need. There’s an awakening in his mind that perhaps this should be his life’s mission. I pictured a long arc and book #1 is just the beginning of his life’s journey.
            I won’t bore you with long passages and other unimportant personal stories. My reviews consistently mention the tense action sequences, the emotional impact of character stories, the international locations, and the burning desire to find out what comes next. My motivation comes from a deep desire to help children in need and bring justice to one of the cruelest things an adult can do to a child.
            I take your decision to purchase my book seriously, and I want your experience to be a great one. Hopefully, we can meet along the way and share a bond over some great entertainment—and perhaps raise a glass or two.

To health and family,


About the Author

After a career in medicine, Mike Houtz succumbed to the call to hang up his stethoscope and pursue his other passion as a writer of fast-paced thrillers. A rabid fan of authors such as Clancy, Mark Greaney, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor, Mike loves series writing with strong characters, fast pacing and international locations, all of which explode into action in his debut novel, a 2017 Zebulon Award winner. When not at the keyboard, he can be found on the firing range, traveling for research across the globe, or trying out the latest dry-fly pattern on a Gold Medal trout stream.

He lives at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

His latest book is the thriller/international/action novel, Dark Spiral Down.


About the Book:

COLE HAUFNER is a reluctant superstar in the professional mixed martial arts world. After his latest fight, his wife and child perish in a car crash. His grief deepens when his brother, BUTCH, a
Delta Force operator, is absent from the funeral and reported missing by two furtive strangers who show up unannounced at the burial. Despairing, and acting on a tip, Cole travels to his childhood home in southeast China, looking for his brother.

Butch and his teammate, HAMMER, are the sole American survivors of a gun battle between their unit and North Korean commandos, both sides fighting over possession of a stolen suitcase containing a miniaturized fusion device that could either provide unlimited clean energy or be converted to an undetectable bomb seven times more powerful than a nuclear explosion. Leading the North Koreans is the sociopath, Commander PARK. Pressed into helping the Koreans is a disgraced former CIA operative, BARRETT JENNINGS.

Cole meets with the uncle who raised him, MASTER LI, and is warned to stop his search for Butch. Barrett discovers Cole’s identity (with the help of a genius computer hacker, LILLY), which opens a twenty-year-old wound when Barrett was blamed for the disappearance of Cole’s father, along with the man’s invention. Barrett enlists the 14K organized crime syndicate to help capture Cole. Hammer, separated from Butch during the fight for the device, thwarts the gang’s attempt to kidnap Cole, and the two then set off to find Butch and the device. All parties converge on the city library where Butch, now disguised as a monk, is attempting to communicate with the Pentagon. Barrett and Park capture Butch, while the 14K gang nabs Cole.

Danger mounts as Chinese authorities begin investigating foul play within their borders. Cole fights his way free of the gang and reunites with Hammer.  Both men find Barrett’s apartment and discover Lilly (the man’s stepdaughter), who divulges Barrett’s identity and plan. Cole clashes with Hammer, who is willing to sacrifice Butch in order to recover the fusion device. Lilly offers her help in exchange for her and Barrett’s rescue from Park’s grip. Meanwhile, Barrett discovers the true nature of the case the North Koreans are pursuing and, sensing he and Lilly are to be assassinated by Park once he has the device, frees Butch. Butch, trusting Barrett was sent to rescue him, leads the turncoat to the site where he hid the device. Barrett, hoping to make a quick fortune selling it, shoots Butch before escaping with the case.

Cole, along with Hammer and Lilly, arrives at the location of Butch and finds him gravely wounded. Butch fingers Barrett for shooting him and for stealing the case. Cole wants only to save his brother but Butch makes him promise to kill Barrett and recover their dad’s invention. The revelation that the device is his father’s scientific discovery propels Cole forward to fulfill his brother’s mission. Cole is forced to abandon Butch at a hospital. Cole pursues Barrett to a remote dock where the ex-CIA man is planning to escape China by boat. With the Chinese military now actively looking for Cole, Cole confronts Barrett and Park sparking a gunfight. Barrett kills Park. As Barrett turns the gun on Cole, Hammer kills Barrett. Cole, Hammer and Lilly escape via the boat, and the fusion device is safely returned.

Readers Love Michael Houtz!

“If you’re in the market for a fast paced, action filled, page-turning thriller, Mike Houtz delivers a must-read novel. I highly recommend this emotional rollercoaster of a book for every die-hard thriller reader…Get it ASAP!”
~Lima Charlie Review
“…this work proves that author Houtz is undoubtedly a rising star in the publishing world.”

~Andrea Brunais, Author

“Mike Houtz takes us on fast-pace adventure in Dark Spiral Down, a thrilling ride along the border between China and North Korea, where Cole Haufner is in pursuit of his Delta Force brother and a device that has the potential to change the world forever or destroy it.”

~Dan Grant, Author

Dark Spiral Down is a phenomenal debut novel by Mike Houtz. This book has everything readers of the genre love: a great plot, memorable characters, and a powerful voice. It’s a must-read!”
~Ammar Habib, Bestselling & Award-Winning Author, Editor-in-Chief of Thriller Magazine



Friday, June 28, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Cherie Burbach

Dear Reader…

I’m delighted that you picked up Painting the Psalms. You have so many book choices today. Was it the cover that pulled you in? The description? Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for your interest. And can we talk about the Psalms? I mean, this is the inspiration for the book and if it drew you in that probably means you are a lover of the Psalms. Me too!

Do you have a favorite Psalm? Is it a popular one, like the 23rd? Or maybe a Psalm that doesn’t get quoted so much, like the very first one. (That’s one of my faves, by the way.)

If you’re like me, you enjoy the variety in the Psalms. I mean, let’s face it, if you’re having a bad day or enjoying a time of great blessings, you’ve got a kindred place in the Psalms. They are filled with emotion, like the joy of being “wonderfully made” (Psalm 139) to the sorrow of “weeping” that “has shortened” your life. (Psalm 31.)

Scholars estimate that King David wrote about half the Psalms, which to me makes them even more interesting. David is on my list of people that I can’t wait to meet once I get to heaven. I imagine he’ll have a long time of folks wanting to talk with him, he was a pretty interesting person in our history. To me, seeing the emotional side of David through the Psalms is a thrill. He was more than just the shepherd boy or the King. He was filled with a heart that God loved even though (like you and me) he was flawed. We can take comfort in his life because it shows God’s love and plan and forgiveness. I find that pretty inspiring, don’t you?

In Painting the Psalms, the emotion and words of the verses combine with my mixed media art. I provide a short story with each painting and a note about the elements that came together to create the work. I use acrylics, inks, oil sticks, oil pastels, paper, lace, maps, and whatever else I can find to create art that is filled with texture and color. I encourage you to get up close to the images I include to see the details that help mixed media paintings come to life.

Most of all, I hope you feel inspiration in each page of Painting the Psalms.

Blessings to you now and always, Dear Reader.


Meet the Author

Cherie Burbach
Cherie Burbach is a poet, mixed media artist, and freelance writer. She has penned and contributed to articles for Readers Digest, Family Circle, (NY Times), NBC/Universal,, Christianity Today, and more.

Cherie also likes to express herself with mixed media art, combining Bible verses and her own poetry with special papers, acrylics, oils, ink, and more. She includes book pages, music sheets, and other random things in her art to create something that celebrates a hopeful, faith-filled message.
Cherie has been especially inspired by the Psalms, and has created a series of ecourses called Painting the Psalms, which includes mixed media painting projects all inspired by the Psalms in some way. Each project is diverse in terms supplies, technique, and composition.
She is also the author of Painting the Psalms, which is part art book, part devotional.

Inside the Book

Painting the Psalms
Author: Cherie Burbach
Publisher: Bonjour Publishing
Pages: 104
Genre: Christian Nonfiction
In Painting the Psalms, artist Cherie Burbach shares original, mixed-media paintings that contain a positive, faith-filled message. Each painting contains inspiration from the Psalms in some way, through the imagery, words, or emotion contained within the verses. Cherie uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create art that is filled with depth and whimsy. It is her hope that this book will inspire you to look at the Psalms in a new way so you can celebrate your faith and believe in the message. Some of the paintings were created during Cherie’s popular “Painting the Psalms” series of ecourses, where she demonstrates step-by-step progress from start to finish, including all the small details that make mixed media paintings come alive with texture and color.



Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Patrick Stull

Dear Reader…

I am excited to share with you my book, Encounters. My goal for you is that you connect intimately to the unique imagery and are inspired by your own thoughts and reactions to my photography and prose. Hopefully they speak to you about our humanity, women and the human condition.

Many of the images are a convergence between reality, the surreal and the subconscious, where you might deepen your understanding of your own nature. Viewers of Encounters see many things in my imagery, aside from the reality of the photograph itself. They see social norms being violated and their relationship to women, art and themselves being exposed. I am at a loss at times to explain or see what they see. No matter, that’s the power of art. It brings to the surface emotions that are dormant and can help you understand more about yourself in your reactions.

As you turn the pages you will see women in many walks of life – photographs of them and you will read about their lives. Sometimes I provide you imagery without text. I do this so you can appreciate the image without distractions. The woman with the full body tattoo is one of my encounters about which I try to say little. I especially love the dancers and the images where I applied an earthly element to the body, such as clay, paint and powder. This marriage of flesh and material speaks to our artistic and animal nature.

I created Encounters to share my love of photography, the written word and the female form. The book is a labor of love – a letter to all from which I hope to inspire motivation toward a greater sense of our humanity – in thought and in our daily actions toward one and other. With the greatest respect, please enjoy.

About the Author

American artist Patrick Stull has spent the last eighteen years mostly creating imagery about the lives of women. He searches for what lies beneath the surface of his subjects, empowering each one he encounters. He has recently ventured into the realm of surrealism, creating powerful imagery that reflects on our humanity while dealing with the meaning and power of art.

Stull say's, "My work has allowed me to venture past the camera into the realm of a humanist, an artistic life, delving into the intellectual, a more cerebral life experience, creating what I call 'connectivism.'"  

His ongoing work is based in large-scale digital photography accompanied by sculpture/body casts, composition art, painting, poetry/prose and drawings.  His art is then integrated, collectively, into exhibitions to provide the viewer a once in a lifetime experience. The presentation of the work is delivered to the viewer in a unique and emotionally powerful way.

Stull, 71, a self-taught artist, works in many artistic disciplines. Educated at San Diego State University with degrees in psychology, economics and philosophy during the 1960’s, amidst the backdrop of the counter-culture revolution and the Viet Nam War, where his social consciousness and political views were shaped. Stull emerged from a Catholic Irish/German family, one of five children where work, discipline and religion took precedence over emotional expressions of the self – a different kind of loving environment. Being a husband of thirty-plus years and father to two has taught him the power of kindness, love and commitment. 
His latest book is the fine art photography book, Encounters.
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With photography at its base, Stull offers a nuanced explication of his encounters to allow the viewer an opportunity to form a relationship with his art. While looking within ourselves, exploring our own feelings, he hopes that he will inspire greater humaneness in response to his art.

ENCOUNTERS is the second in a series of six large-format books in which artist, photographer and author, Patrick Stull explores a wide range of experiences. Using light and the physical body, the written word and his artistry he creates imagery that examines aspects of the lives of women.

Compiled over the last 18 years, the images in ENCOUNTERS, Stull says, are meant to “inspire and challenge the observer while always empowering the subject.”

Stull brings a powerful sense of the surreal and the spiritual to his work as he plots a course along the many paths of the human experience. His imagery runs from the ghostly and ephemeral to the flowing and fiery.

As much as he concentrates on the human form, Stull never forgets to focus on the humanity of his subjects. His choice of the coffee-table style book format draws the viewer into an experience both intimate and universal.
Stull’s first book in his series, titled EVOLVE, was published in 2006. A third book, titled HIDDEN DIMENSIONS, is completed and awaiting publication. Future titles in the series include DHARMA, BEING DIFFERENT, and YOGA, A HEALING MOMENT.
Stull hopes that his readers come away from the book with “a love for art and a respect for the female who gives us life and challenges us to be better human beings.