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Dear Reader Love Dr. Richard

Dear Reader,

I had the opportunity to present my work as a PhD candidate to Richard Feynman and interact socially with Stephen Hawking. Both of these titans were my inspirational teachers and provided the motivation to write the novel. As such, I dedicated the work to them. They were and are my inspiration in the exploration of the natural world. I happened to meet the co-author socially at a party in Chatsworth, CA and we started a dialogue that lasted several years.  As part of the discussion, we decided to write Tetrastatum a different kind of Hard Science Fiction novel that would introduce my research on Psychothotonix and the Unified Equation of Reality while exploring the socio-economic, political issues of the day.  Marcus and I hit it off and we spent years discussing the material, planning and finally writing the book.  

Writing and publishing Tetrastatum has definitely been a journey. After sending out numerous query letters and endless discussions with literary agents, wed decided to self-publish for the flexibility and freedom to shape the work as we originally intended as well as the economics vs traditional publishing. Publishing a book is definitely a labor of love.  We were lucky to surround ourselves with the right people (we needed a lot of them before it was over, illustrator, publicist, editor, social media guru, SEO specialist, web developer, video team, hybrid publisher). Our expectation was nothing more than the opportunity to present our ideas to those who may appreciate our work. It turned into a full time job that offered us no benefits and little to no reward other than seeing our vision materialize and knowing our ideas are out there for other readers to enjoy and ponder.

About the Author

Dr. Richard has been involved in the field of Photonics for over 30 years. He received his BA in physics (honors) from the University of California Fullerton. He was in a full scholarship PhD program in physics at the University of California Irvine and a PhD program in philosophy at Claremont Graduate School. Dr. Richard completed his two dissertations (involving human interpretations of laser and electro-optical images) while under top secret clearance. He also has an advanced placement teaching credential, an advanced certification (from the University of Wisconsin) in laser and optical design; and other advanced certifications in fiber optics, computer programming, technology business development, financial products, dance, anatomy and physiology.



About the Book

In their debut novel TETRASTATUM, authors Dr. Richard and Tim Smith combine heady concepts about the universe with a thrilling science fiction story about the search for a new kind of time travel.
The result is a stunning mixture of dense cosmology and old-fashioned storytelling that will appeal to a wide readership, from science professionals to lay fans of science fiction.
“Dr. Richard” and “Tim Smith” are the pseudonyms of Dr. Richard Connor and Marcus Rodriguez, respectively.

TETRASTATUM (‘the fourth state’) is the culmination of my 30 years working in the field of photonics,” Dr. Richard says. “I am an avid reader of sci-fi, and I wanted to create a new type of work that is both educational and entertaining in the genre. TETRASTATUM gives the reader a unique understanding of the existing laws of physics and extends them to provoke further thought from novice readers as well as advanced experts in the field.”

Kirkus Reviews notes that “authors Dr. Richard and Smith … tell their cerebral story with a heady mix of dense theory and absurdist humor.”

The Independent Review of Books declares:  “TETRASTATUM is like nothing you have ever read before. This is an impressive work of science fiction …”

The San Francisco Book Review adds that, “These recurring themes of characterization and distortion feed into the concern that is being voiced over the current state of our political climate...The layering of these themes is ultimately what gives TETRASTATUM a relevance that will keep readers turning pages and asking questions.”

“The book ultimately explains how human perceptions alter the future and puts forth a model based on quantum physics to explain ‘reality’,” Dr. Richard continues.  He calls science fiction “the perfect genre to explore socio-political ideas within the context of futuristic technologies and scientific theories.”
Dr. Richard and Smith are currently working with Norith Soth on adapting TETRASTATUM into a screenplay. Mr. Soth has penned work for Justin Lin (“Fast and Furious”), Stephen Chin (“War Dogs”), and Norman Reedus (“The Walking Dead”).


Monday, January 13, 2020

Dear Reader, Love Gordon J. Campbell

I'm not worth the crumbs from the tables of the likes of James Lee Burke, Lee Child, and Robert Crais, but these great thriller writers inspired me to set out on a course to produce a novel. I'd be genuinely gratified if any of my work resembled their style or exceptional ability to create a world of their own.
A few of my associates felt a book based on my business experiences would be a more natural path for a first foray into the writer's world. The result would have been a study on Japanese market entry solutions. This project might be realized in the future.
I agree that a thriller novel is considered a leap from my everyday experiences, but I argue that a fictional story is also a powerful vehicle to showcase real-life experiences. It is more fun to read about a businessman’s daily interactions, when they are enhanced by action and artistic embellishment.
Some of The Courier’s pages are influenced by people met, and times enjoyed or suffered through in Japan.
I have met a Yakuza with tattoos inked from ankle to neck who claimed to have sold futures on his skin.
My work selling medical products to US Government hospitals at military installations in Asia and Europe put me in contact with professional soldiers who generously shared stories worth emulating in thriller novels.
An evening stroll through any of Bangkok's red-light districts will allow enough research by observation to create an account worth sharing.
I asked myself what would happen if a salesman without military training entered into a dangerous situation unfamiliar to anything in his world. Could he stand up, perceiver, and protect his people?
How would he do under fire or when facing extreme challenges from evil and dangerous antagonists?
Would he man-up to survive and be capable of protecting his family?
Who would help him when everything was on the line, and what would it cost him when the smoke cleared? Would his life be unalterably changed?
I hope these questions are answered when you read The Courier. May you have as much fun reading the novel as I had in its creation and development.
About the Author
Gordon Campbell is a Winnipeg born Canadian who’s spent most of his life in Japan. He’s worked as an English teacher, a market entry consultant with a focus on the medical and sporting goods industries, and as a sales director for a corporation with multiple product lines.

He’s presently working on the second novel of a series initiated with The Courier, and its protagonist, Gregg Westwood.

Gordon leans on his experiences built around decades working and traveling in Asia. He’s trained at several karate dojos, run full marathons, and skied black diamond hills in the Japanese Alps.

He played American football at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and started in the Canadian championship game known as the Vanier Cup. Gordon is a member of Psi Upsilon Fraternity, Sinim Masonic Lodge, and the Tokyo Valley of the AASR.

When he’s not writing, working, attending one of his daughter’s vocal concerts, pumping iron, or at a lodge meeting, you’ll find him dining with his wife Mako at their favorite local bistro.

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 About the Book

An expatriate businessman, Gregg Westwood, leaves the Officers’ Club at an American Air Base in Japan unaware about the impression he’s made on two intelligence agents. They sized him up as
someone with potential for strategic deployment, and more importantly, he’s under the radar.
Gregg’s exploits start with what he thinks is a one-off assignment as a courier, and the straightforward task spirals out of control. He’s forced to rise to the occasion and use every resource available to survive. Even his family is jeopardized which forces him to return to Japan to settle scores.

The Courier is one man’s struggle to fight for survival in a world that he’s not been trained for and where violence and retribution are the names of the game.

“The Bottom Line: One of the year’s best thrillers.”
“With such fine attention to detail in creating some amazing scenes, I give The Courier 4 out of 4 stars. Campbell creates an amazing and well-edited adventure that could even someday work on the big screen. Readers that enjoy action adventures or thrillers will likely enjoy this one as well.”
–Official review by Kendra M Parker,
“The Courier is an exciting ride from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down and wanted more when it finished.”
–Gyle Graham, entrepreneur and longtime Tokyo expatriate
“The Courier would transform well from a thriller novel to an action movie.”
–Michael Harrison, marketing expert and martial artist

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Richard Robbins

Dear Reader…

Is it better to take the risk and pursue the glory of fame and fortune, or to live a simpler, more grounded life? That is the question posed in my new novel, Panicles. While the story does not answer that question – it is up to each of us to decide for ourselves – it does present very relatable circumstances in which characters must make that choice, as well the consequences of their choices.

Most of us have been in circumstances where we must choose whether or not to take those risks. To stand on top of the hills and expose ourselves to the consequences, or to stand aside and let another take the risk. To run for office, chair that committee, speak up at the meeting, or stand in front of that tank in Tiananmen Square. Have those times resulted in fame, fortune, and happiness, or pain and misery. Both, neither?

In Panicles, you will follow the fates of two families, one wealthy and powerful, the other blue collar, from a chance meeting at a Florida poolside, to the highest levels of politics and power. This saga of love, war, money, and power leaves each family weighing their duty to their family versus service to their country.
It all leads to a fateful choice--a sacrifice--which could change the course of history.
This book was written with love, and I hope you will receive it that way. If it gives you a few short moments of happiness and escape, and makes you think about the choices you have made or how to approach those coming your way, then I will have accomplished my goals. 
Thank you to all of you who have been so kind with your reviews and encouragement, and please give me any feedback at
With love and kindness,
Richard Robbins
About the Author

Richard’s first novel, the award winning Love, Loss, and Lagniappe was inspired by actual events in his life, and utilizes his Medical and Business School background to explore the journey of self-discovery after heartbreaking loss, while revealing the scientific basis for the meaning of life (You’ll have to read it to find out!)

Panicles, explores the price of fame and fortune through the eyes of two families, one wealthy and powerful, the other blue collar, from a chance meeting at a Florida poolside, to the highest levels of politics and power. This sweeping saga of love, war, money, and power leaves each family weighing their duty to their family versus service to their country.It all leads to a fateful choice—a sacrifice—which could change the course of history. 

Richard lives in New York City and New Orleans with his love and inspiration, Lisa, my wife of thirty years (and counting), near their beloved grown children.


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About the Book
Is it better to take the risk and pursue the glory of fame and fortune, or to live a simpler, more grounded life?

“Richard Robbins has presented a cast of interesting characters, and each one is fully explored. The plot engages the reader from the first page to the last. The writing style is fast-paced and flows smoothly. Author Richard Robbins has penned a captivating novel in Panicles. A fascinating read!” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Deborah Lloyd (5 STARS)
Follow the fates of two families, one wealthy and powerful, the other blue collar, from a chance meeting at a Florida poolside, to the highest levels of politics and power. This sweeping saga of love, war, money, and power leaves each family weighing their duty to their family versus service to their country.
It all leads to a fateful choice—a sacrifice—which could change the course of history.
EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS a contemporary literary exploration of two very different families, with their ties to politics, power and influence, and to each other. [DRM-Free]
Panicles will make you think, make you cry, make you laugh and smile and keep you reading until the very end.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Trudi LoPreto (5 STARS)
Panicles is a novel that invites reflection with its subtle and significant meaning... Connections, effects, and a great storyline make Panicles a remarkable novel from many points of view.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Astrid Iustulin (5 STARS)

Books by Richard Robbins:

  • Love, Loss, and Lagniappe
  • Panicles
  • The Tormenting Beauty of Empathy (Coming 2020)


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Friday, November 29, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Deborah Serani

Dear Reader…

It’s so great you’re here at Dear Reader, Love Author, to learn more about my debut psychological suspense thriller, THE NINTH SESSION by TouchPoint Press. It’s a crime story that will take you on a journey into the inner workings of psychotherapy – or should I say, more specifically, psychoanalysis. Reading THE NINTH SESSION will offer you a textured experience of what it’s like to be both the patient and the therapist in psychotherapy.

 Furthermore, you’ll also experience the world of Deaf Culture and CODA, Child of Deaf Adult, as well as American Sign Language, giving the novel a diverse and visually cinematic feel. 

Perhaps more intriguing, is how you’ll learn along with Dr. Alicia Reese, how her new patient, Lucas Ferro, struggles with anxiety – but has a secret that will change not only his life, but also Reese’s. THE NINTH SESSION will pitch you, dear reader, along with its heroine, Dr. Reese, into the depths of evil and sorrow – leaving you to discover just how far one would go to do the right thing.

I’m a psychologist and trained psychoanalyst, and always wanted to bring this story to life as a writer. I’ve always been moved by how trauma sets into motion a variety of human responses. The truth is that people respond differently to painful moments and life changing events. Sometimes, these traumas can influence others to become the best they can be, responding with kindness and humanity. Or freeze them in time, forever binding them to numbness or avoidance. Or perhaps even sway them to the other extreme, reacting with rage, fury and unyielding evil. THE NINTH SESSION will thrill you and chill you, but will ultimately ask you, dear reader, just what you would do in the face of an unwinnable moment. 

One last thing before I go, dear reader. I want you to know THE NINTH SESSION is currently in option review at Creative Arts Agency in Los Angeles, California. I wrote it with Sandra Bullock in mind. And once you finish reading, I know you’ll agree she’d be awesome as Dr. Alicia Reese.


Deborah Serani

Deborah Serani is an award-winning author and psychologist who has been in practice for thirty years. She is also a professor at Adelphi University and is a go-to media expert for psychological issues. Her interviews can be found in Newsday, Psychology Today, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Associated Press, and affiliate radio programs at CBS and NPR, among others. Dr. Serani has also been a technical advisor for the NBC television show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The recurring character, Judge D. Serani, was named after her.


About the Book:

Dr. Alicia Reese, a recent widow and a CODA – a child of Deaf Adults, takes on a new patient.
Lucas Ferro reveals the reason for his consultation is that he wasn't really open with his previous therapist. After gaining Reese’s trust, he shares aspects of his life that are clearly disturbing – experiences that create anxiety and panic, but also reveal horrifying psychopathology. Instead of referring Ferro elsewhere, Reese chooses to continue working with him, feeling reinvigorated by the challenge of his case.    
As sessions progress, and Ferro’s disclosures become more menacing, Reese finds herself wedged between the cold hard frame of professional ethics and the integrity of personal truth – and learns just how far she’s willing to go, willing to risk and willing to lose to do the right thing.


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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Brit Lunden

Dear Reader…

It seems strange that we’ll never really meet. After all, reading together is such an intimate experience. Here you are, tramping around in my thoughts and here I am, leaving a message or igniting a long-lost feeling in yours. The irony always leaves me scratching my head that sometimes the simplest thing as a book can affect a reader in the most profound way.

Did you know that I think about you with every word that I write? I love the realization that somehow through this unique time and space continuum, we are connecting on the highest level possible.

Some may think that I base my stories on my imagination. I have to tell you they appear to come from some other place. An image solidifies in my mind, characters move out of the shadows forming into personalities and real people. I see them, feel them, and hear them. They have stories they want to share. Stories they must share.

I never know these characters before I begin a book. I have no idea of their intention or where their journey will go. I begin each novel the same way you do, eager to see where a plot line will take me and will admit that very often the results are as startling as they are surprising. Then, when it’s finally done, polished by a cohesive team of editors, formatters, and cover artists, I release it to you. I must add, we don’t take publishing lightly. I have learned in the nine years I am doing this that you won’t tolerate a hack job, sloppy writing, or cheap tricks. You deserve the best and push me to explore the farthest extent of my capabilities.

Then it’s your turn. Opening a review is the same as getting a present.  I’m always so excited to hear from you and the results satisfy the anticipation. Other times, I think that maybe somebody didn’t understand me, but I appreciate the input even if it stings a bit. You see, you, dear reader, you help me to become better at this craft. It’s important to hear what you think about what I write. It helps me direct my stories to the people who are reading them and hopefully it helps me hone my craft.

I came into this new profession late in life. It has grown to be one of the best activates and accomplishments I have ever done.  I love reading and books have shaped my entire life. They’ve influenced my thought process, brought me comfort, told me I am not alone. The greatest compliments I have ever received, dear reader, is when you called me an author. Your expectations have created the writer I am today. I have learned that we are an amazing team.
I am forever indebted for your commitment to help me live my dream and I hope in the process somehow I’ve created some dreams for you, too.

With much love,
Brit Lunden

About the Author

Brit Lunden is a prolific author who’s written over 50 books in assorted genres under different pen names. Bulwark was her first effort in adult fiction and was chosen by several of her fellow authors as the basis for a new series, A Bulwark Anthology.  Using her characters, they are creating new denizens in spin-off stories to this bizarre town. Brit Lunden lives on Long Island in a house full of helpful ghosts.


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About the Book:

Author: Brit Lunden
Publisher: Chelshire, Inc.
Pages: 128
Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Reporter Dayna Dalton's reputation has been ruined since birth. The daughter of wild child, Becky Dalton, is expected to follow her mother's footsteps; never given a chance to prove she's different. Dana's been in love with Clay Finnes since she was a teenager. Her unrequited love for Sheriff Finnes leaves her empty. He's happily married and unavailable. Instead, Dayna finds herself stuck in the revolving door of bad relationships. But this is Bulwark, Georgia, a town where strange things are always happening. Dayna is doomed to this loveless life until she can find someone who will appreciate the depth of her character. Can she overcome her fears and look beyond her own perceptions to accept a greater love?


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Monday, November 25, 2019

Dear Reader, Love Stephanie Bentley

Dear You Sexy Reader You,

            Ooooooh baby, you’ve had a looooooong day.  And we’re gonna help you forget all about that day. We’re gonna hand you a glass of wine, take off that outfit you’re wearing, and put you in a real hot bubblebath. And when your body is warm and relaxed we’re gonna give you a gooooooood….BOOK.

This audiobook! The first-ever, really, this-is-kind-of-a-big-deal-you-probably-don’t-want-to-late-to-this-party Audiobook Musical for Adults! You’ve heard audiobooks, you’ve heard musicals, and you’ve seen or read enough general everything in life to belly-laugh at every hilarious romance trope and archetype parodied in this “musical masterpiece of romance and romance parody” (Thanks Pacific Book Review, love you long time).

            Join schmillioniare Trystan Lay as he searches for meaning in a world where not even the most hot-blooded supermodels can keep him warm at night, and his NASA trips around the moon are giving him the blues. Bear with us as we try to relate to bleeding heart good girl Raleigh Jackson, who has always been teased for looking so ‘stunning’ as she battles her medical diagnosis of Chronic Clumsiness to snag a job as Trystan’s fake girlfriend for what’s sure to be a life-changing 6 weeks. Frequently forget that the character of Raleigh’s best friend Kim is even in this story, as she strives for basic recognition of her existence between giving obligatory pep talks at the girls’ favorite coffee shop, ‘The Naughty Biscotti.’

            You’ve been a good (or bad, whichever tickles your pickle) little reader and we know you deserve a quick and funny break to your rigorous schedule of always reading the right thing.  Throw caution and learning useful stuff to the wind for 2 hours and 37 minutes while we delight your funny-bone and tingly down-there senses with Lustily Ever After: The Audiobook Musical.

Steamily yours,
The Lustily Ever After Crew

About the Author

Stephanie Bentley is the creator and composer of Lustily Ever After: The Audiobook Musical, a funny, sexy love story inspired by romantic fiction and ’90s pop music. Stephanie is a musical theater/musical improv comedy performer and audiobook narrator with experience acting in television and film. She studied improv at Upright Citizens Brigade and has performed all over Los Angeles and New York.
Stephanie and her cast are available for live performances of pieces from the book.
Listen to a sample of the audiobook here:

About the Book:
Combining a titillating collection of romance tropes, LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL, created and composed by Stephanie Bentley, and performed by a multitalented musical
cast from the Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade, makes a surprising and innovative contribution to the audiobook listening experience. With 20 original songs inspired by ’90s pop music and a spicy story penned by erotica ghostwriter Miranda Ray at its core, the musical parody pushes the limits of sexual innuendo right to the edge before tipping over into the throws of uproarious ridiculousness.
When sassy Raleigh Jackson interviews for a six-week contract to be the fake girlfriend of Trystan Lay—schmillioniare playboy, politician, ex-Navy Seal, songwriter/astronaut, and “the world’s most perfect human”—she knows the outcome will change her life.
A student/waitress/intern living with her obligatory best friend, Kim, Raleigh overcomes her medical condition—chronic clumsiness—and snags the job, thus beginning a whirlwind of extravagant travel and glitzy events.
LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL covers the span of romance novel clich├ęs from the brooding playboy to the fake romance with sprinkles of paranormal love. The story is sultry, silly, snarky—and hilarious. Chapter titles are sung in harmonies invoking the R&B group En Vogue. The characters voice their own dialogue and routinely burst into song, as they fumble through pillow talk, and relive steamy memories in songs such as “Talkin’ Dirty” and “50 Shades of Lay.”
The creator’s inspiration for LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL came from her unusual day job. “I’m a romance audiobook narrator by day and a musical theater performer by night. Every day in the booth, I giggle at the same tropes coming up again and again. Then these song lyrics just started coming to me, “The models in my bed don’t keep me warm at night,” for example. I started writing and pretty soon, the whole musical just came tumbling out!”
LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL has an e-book companion containing the story and all of the lyrics, and there may be plans for a sequel: “I thought we had hit most of the tropes, but now I realize we may have only just begun,” Stephanie says.
Book Info:
Audiobook, $6.95; 2 hours 37 minutes; ISBN: 978-1089023753
E-book, $2.99; 104 pages
Publication date: August 2019
Published by Stephanie Bentley


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Dear Reader, Love James D. Bell

Dear Reader…

Do you have a passion for justice?  Do you enjoy white-knuckled adventure, mystery, courtroom drama, true love and belly laughs?  If so, then join lawyers Brooks and Bradley in the legal thriller, Maximilian’s Treasure, a dramatization of a real-life experience I had forty years ago. 

A grizzled old Choctaw man told my friend and me that he believed that Civil War gold was on his farm in Mississippi.  He believed that Maximilian, the Emperor of Mexico, sent gold to support the South’s war effort, and that none other than Jesse James, then a member of the Confederate Cavalry, was in charge of the shipment.  The war ended when the gold was near his farm and was hidden there.  He asked us to help him look for the treasure.  This was too far-fetched to believe, but my friend and I said, “Why not?”  We travelled with him to his farm and had a great day listening to his stories while we searched with him.  You might think this unusual.  It’s not.  It’s just another day of law practice in Mississippi, where the unusual and outlandish is an everyday occurrence.

This was one of many stories from over forty years of law practice that I am desperate to tell.  I have a passion to write great adventures inspired by these experiences.  My best friend and I were young lawyers defending citizens charged with crimes in Mississippi.  We attracted a bit of attention because we kept winning cases.  Jack was a loyal friend, an intrepid investigator, and a great researcher.  Together we regularly accomplished what at first seemed impossible.  Jack died twenty years ago; too young; too soon.  I miss him.  I brought him back to life in my novels, Maximilian’s Treasure and Vampire Defense.

In Maximilian’s Treasure rumors of hidden gold fuel a battle over possession of a Choctaw family farm.  Two young lawyers, John Brooks and Jackson Bradley, agree to help the family keep their farm.  Early legal success prompts the drive-by murder of the patriarch of the family.  The grandson chases the suspects whose bodies are found on the farm, scalped.  At the same time, clues to a vast treasure are found on the farm.  Jackson, pursued by fortune seekers, adventurers, an exotic beauty and a homicidal maniac follows the clues to a Caribbean reef and then to the Chiapas jungle.  John stays behind to defend the grandson and continue the fight for the farm.  His efforts are complicated by arson, murder, race riots, and the realization that he lost his one true love.  The adventures of John and Jackson rush toward an intertwined triple climax that could shake the world.

I have many great stories to tell, but for decades I lacked the proper motivation to write. Every book and every movie used to have a purpose, a “moral to the story.”  I feel that we have lost that purpose with some of today’s entertainment.  I am motivated to bring back the moral to the story.  That is why I write.  Maximilian’s Treasure is packed with hidden treasures to be discovered.

So, if you love mystery, adventure, romance, justice, belly laughs and hidden treasures, it’s all waiting for you in Maximilian’s Treasure. You’ve got to read it!


James D. Bell