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Dear Reader, Love Darin Gibby

Dear Reader,

How did I come up with the idea that a car could run on water?

For me, ideas for books come in the strangest ways. I’ve written books or articles from ideas that woke me up in the middle of the night, from thoughts that came to me while running triathlons, and while taking hikes deep in the Rocky Mountains. I’ve even had some ideas come while sitting on a ski lift during a freezing blizzard.

The genesis behind Chasing Hindy came from a surprising source—a hypnotist. When I was in high school, we had an assembly where a hypnotist put a group of volunteers under hypnosis. One of the questions he asked them was what would be the fuel of the future. What fuel would people pump into their tank? Almost without exception they all said, “water!” The hypnotist then told the audience that every time he asked that question he received the same answer.

That was several decades ago, but I’ve always wondered whether that could possibly be true—and why all these people thought we’d all be driving cars that used water. In the following years, I realized that a car wouldn’t run on water per se, but from hydrogen that is extracted from water. The question, of course, is that if we know how to produce hydrogen, why aren’t there hydrogen cars? The answer is quite simple. As an engineer and patent attorney I know the science behind extracting hydrogen from water. The problem is that it takes more energy to do this than to just run a car on gasoline, or even electricity.

But what if somebody invented a way to make it happen? That’s the germ of an idea that led to Chasing Hindy.

Then, of course, is finding an idea for a main character. For me, a good character is far more difficult than finding a story idea. Not only does the character need to make the story line happen, but the readers need to relate to what the character is experiencing. I struggled with such a character for years, and, in fact, rewrote the book several times with other characters that just didn’t seem to work.

What made the story finally click was my discovery of Addy—a patent attorney with a dream to change the world. I decided on a female character (who was also a patent attorney) for several reasons. Perhaps the main reason was that female patent attorneys are in short supply and I wanted to encourage women to enter the profession. So I created Addy to hopefully show what a difference one person can make, and through her experience more women would want to become patent attorneys. What I love about Addy is her determination to make the world a better place, no matter the cost.  But you’ll have to read the book to see what obstacles she must overcome.

About the Author
In addition to a thriving career as a novelist, author Darin Gibby is also one of the country’s premiere patent attorneys and a partner at the prestigious firm of Kilpatrick Townsend ( With over twenty years of experience in obtaining patents on hundreds of inventions from the latest drug delivery systems to life-saving cardiac equipment, he has built IP portfolios for numerous Fortune 500 companies. In addition to securing patents, Gibby helps clients enforce and license their patents around the world, and he has monetized patents on a range of products.

Darin’s first book, Why Has America Stopped Inventing?, explored the critical issue of America’s broken patent system.  His second book, The Vintage Club, tells the story of a group of the world’s wealthiest men who are chasing a legend about a wine that can make you live forever. His third book, Gil, is about a high school coach who discovers that he can pitch with deadly speed and is given an offer to play with the Rockies during a player’s strike. Gil soon discovers, however, that his unexpected gift is the result of a rare disease, and continuing to pitch may hasten his own death.
With a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree, he is highly regarded in Denver’s legal and business community as a patent strategist, business manager, and community leader. He is also a sought-after speaker on IP issues at businesses, colleges and technology forums, where he demonstrates the value of patents using simple lessons from working on products such as Crocs shoes, Izzo golf straps and Trek bicycles.
An avid traveler and accomplished triathlete, Darin also enjoys back country fly-fishing trips and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. He lives in Denver with his wife, Robin, and their four children.

His latest book is the thriller, Chasing Hindy.



About the Book:

ADDY’S DREAM AS a patent attorney is to help bring a ground breaking energy technology to the world. Addy’s hopes soar when she is wooed by Quinn, an entrepreneur, to join his company that has purportedly invented a car that can run on water using an innovative catalyst. After resigning her partnership to join Quinn, Addy discovers things aren’t as they seem. The patent office suppresses the company’s patent applications and her life is threatened by unknown assailants if she doesn’t resign.

When she is arrested for stealing US technology from the patent office she realizes Quinn has used her. Now, Addy must find a way to clear her name while salvaging her dream of propelling this technology to the world, all while powerful forces attempt to stop her.


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Monday, April 10, 2017

Dear Reader, Love Doug Cooper

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been to Vegas? Do you remember the trip, or was it one of those three-day-minimal-sleep-high-octane benders when you pour yourself into the seat on the airplane ride home and don’t quite feel like yourself again for about three days? Well this book isn’t that. Of course there is a little of that. It couldn’t be a book set in Vegas without some excess and self-medication. But The Investment Club focuses on people who live there. What brought them there? What keeps them there?

Told from the perspective of a seasoned blackjack dealer, The Investment Club tells the stories of self-destructive, dwarf entrepreneur Max Doler, drug-addicted musical performer-turned-stripper Crystal Moore, retired, widowed New Jersey policeman Bill Price, a bereaved, divorced female sportscaster Penny Market, and card-counting, former Catholic priest Les Banks before and after their fateful meeting at the El Cortez Casino in downtown Vegas.

Don’t worry. If you’ve never played blackjack or don’t care for gambling, that’s OK. I explain the basic strategy and the former Catholic priest is an advanced player, so if you want to learn the basics of card-counting, you can, but the rules are not integral to the story. It’s just another theme to reinforce the contrast of gambling and investing from a personal sense rather than a financial one. This book is more about people and how the greatest return we get in our lives comes from investing in one another.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get caught up in what I want or have or don’t have and need a reminder that life isn’t about this. It’s about what we do for and how we help each other. That’s why I created these characters and wrote this story.

I hope you enjoy it and visiting Vegas and getting to know these characters and the dealer telling the story. Take your time and don’t be afraid to stop and contemplate the symbolism weaved throughout the story. From the character names to opening every chapter with the Dow Jones open and ending with the Dow Jones close and so much more, there are a lot of subtle nods and references that are worth taking a chance and gambling on to gain a deeper meaning of not only the characters but ourselves as well.

Warm Regards,
About the Author

Doug Cooper is the author of the award-winning novel Outside In and The Investment Club available October 2016. He has a BS in Mathematics Education from Miami University and a MA in American Studies from Saint Louis University. Always searching, he has traveled to over twenty countries on five continents, exploring the contradictions between what we believe and how we act in the pursuit of truth, beauty, and love. Originally from Port Clinton, Ohio, he has also called Cleveland, St. Louis, Detroit, New York, and Oslo, Norway home. He now lives in Cleveland working on his third novel Focus Lost.



About the Book:

Author: Doug Cooper
Publisher: Rare Bird Books
Pages: 362
Genre: Literary/Upmarket Fiction

Forty million people visit Vegas every year but most never get past the strip. What about the people who live there? What brought them there? What keeps them there?

Told from the perspective of a seasoned blackjack dealer, The Investment Club tells the stories of a self-destructive, dwarf entrepreneur, a drug-addicted musical performer-turned-stripper, a retired, widowed New Jersey policeman, a bereaved, divorced female sportscaster, and a card-counting, former Catholic priest before and after their fateful meeting at the El Cortez Casino in downtown Vegas.

As the five learn the greatest return comes from investing in one another, their lives stabilize and take on new, positive directions. But their love and support for each other can take them only so far before they must determine the meaning and value of their own lives.


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Dear Reader, Love the spirit of love known as glen

Dear Reader…

Please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude for creating a little slice of cyber space to be here with you now, at Dear Reader Love Author, I am most honoured that you have allowed this space to be filled with this guest letter.

There are two elements to the creation of this book that one feels is the best way to paint the clearest picture of how these writings came into being and then the process that took place to bring them into publication.

The writings themselves

Here is a little background into the writings, Volume 1 was written around ten years ago, Volume 2 around eight years ago and Volume 3 around two years ago.  At no point when the volumes we’re being written was there any intention to have them published into a book. So I wasn’t trying or attempting to get any messages across to anyone else, except within oneself.

They are a collection of private writings, that were being written as a way of exploring and releasing what was being experienced within oneself, through that particular time of one’s inner questioning and awakening journey.  The “you” that gets spoken of throughout the writings a lot is not directed towards anyone else, it was being directed inwardly, even though there may be some that look or read this way to the reader’s perception.

When the writings are read from this perspective, they take on a new light in terms of the how and why they came into being, as originally they were never meant for anyone else’s eyes.

So you want to know yourself you say
Who am I so to speak?
Well who is there to know?
Who is the one doing the wanting?
A clue perhaps
If your eyes are open and looking in the direction of the distant horizon
Then a distant horizon I will forever remain
However, shall you choose a journey of the inward terrain?
I can promise you sharp rocks of annihilation lay bare before your naked feet
A test of will and character, the earth mirror reflects back
Feet bloodied and torn as the onion sheds its layers
As I await in perfection for our moment to meet.

When Volume 1 was written, a great portion of the writing came out as one big chunk of words.  I just kept letting the hand move forward, I didn’t stop the hand from moving until it decided to stop for itself.

Volume 2 was very similar in nature to Volume 1, I just let the hand move however it wanted to in the moment it was writing and whatever words wanted to come and appear, came and appeared.

It wasn’t until much later (maybe years) on that I actually went back into those first two volumes of writings and started to read through them in detail. It was when doing this that the writings started to separate themselves into their own forms.

I’d be reading them and one line would just jump out all on its own, so I would take that one line and leave it as its own writing.  Just reading them until it felt right to stop the writing at that point and let it be its own writing. This is how most of the first two volumes came to be what they are today.

Volume 3, was written in a slightly different manner than the first two volumes, around seven years of life experience had passed between finishing the writings of Volume 2 and beginning writing Volume 3. During these seven years one had come into a more peaceful acceptance of one’s true nature, and the writings within Volume 3 came in a more patient and relaxed manner than the first two volumes.   Around eighteen months or so passed when writing Volume 3; whereas Volumes 1 and 2 were written within a couple of months.
How did a collection of one man’s private writings become a published book?

It was not long after finishing the third volume of writings that I was sitting up one night at home and what I refer to as the voice of the heart spoke through as a spontaneous impulse feeling, asking that I was to make an effort to have the writings published.

That was it, just to make an effort, so with the beautiful help and support of Edwina I honoured and followed what the voice of the heart asked for.

We transferred the writings onto Edwina’s computer in their most basic of forms, and then I searched the internet for any publishing companies that might be open to such writings. I came across two companies (Aurora House Publishing and Barker Deane Publishing) and posted off a printed copy of the writings to each publisher.

It was around a couple of months later when we received an email from Linda, of Aurora House Publishing, saying that she was interested in publishing the writings and that was it.  The process from when I received the feeling impulse to make an effort, to having the book published and released has all happened within a year.   

It is but a dream
A dream of endless beauty
Of which I have no answer for

The colour images in the book are from a collection of our private photos that we felt would enhance the reader’s experience by putting a pause between the writings, while sensing a connection with the beauty and perfection of nature.

The book The Spirit of Love will find its way to whomever it is destined to, if it has found its way to you, I am most grateful that I honoured the heart’s wishes to make the effort to have these writings published.

Cease seeking that which does not exist
Happiness cometh from a materialist-free cave
Its darkness is the light of truth for the awakened One
Searching no more
Surrendering to love
A doorway opens into the unknowable
Like a shimmering lake
That one must walk across without the view of any stepping-stones along the way
For each step into its mysteries, a stone appears before the awakened one’s feet
Guiding one to infinity’s doorstep.

With love

the spirit of love, known as glen

About the Author

At the peak of his destructive cycle glen was so consumed by addictions, that on any given day saw the abusive consumption of cocaine, MDMA powder, special K, ecstasy, crystal meth, marijuana, prescription drugs (anti-depressants, sleeping pills) and alcohol.

A time that saw him attempting and failing to out race police cars through the streets of a Melbourne suburb one night, to experiencing a near death experience while bleeding out from a glass injury when holidaying overseas, a time of daily self-harming with the prospect of suicide never being far out of reach.

However, through the unconditional love of his parents, glen found himself backpacking though South America where a collection of events and direct experiences with the local people and Mother Earth herself, triggered the beginning stages of what would later become known to him as the shattering and dissolving of the false identity of the illusionary mind-made-self and its “poor me” story.

An inner-journey that awakens the spirit of love, known as glen, to not being a personal identity as such but rather a way of being, a way of simplicity, a way of the heart, a way that embraces and dances with the perfection of the present moment like no other.

You can visit the author’s website at or his Facebook page at

About the Book:

The Spirit of Love is a collection of short writings, poems and phrases written by a man who took himself into some of the darkest and most destructive depths that one can go with drug and alcohol addictions back in his early twenties.

The collection of writings contained within The Spirit of Love are the result of one man’s healing journey within himself and the deep questioning that has arisen from within it.

With the love, support and guidance of his dear friend Edwina, in helping to bring these writings from the handwritten scribbles on paper to how they are presented today, The Spirit of Love is a reminder that no matter how dark, desperate, alone, helpless or trapped one believes they may be, the sheer beauty of the perfection of life in its totality is silently and patiently living within us all, and its love is so powerful that it can heal anything that has come to pass.


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Dear Reader, Love Vincent Zandri

Dear Reader…

After you read The Remains you were constantly telling me how I should continue the story of Rebecca and her unconventional family. You were still trembling from the thrills in The Remains. But also from the love story. You couldn’t get the image out of your head: Rebecca running from the madman who lived in the house in the woods, and who wanted to finish the job he started way back in the 1970s when he abducted she and her twin sister, Molly.

Now Rebecca faces a new threat in The Ashes. A man who lives in the cornfield behind her farmhouse and who talks to the children, trying to lure them into his trap. If you like thrills and some horror in your novels, Dear Reader, this book will be for you. It will take you deep into the underground tunnels beneath Rebecca’s farmhouse. It will take you down into a basement that is as dark as it is horrifying. But at the same time, you’ll experience the love Rebecca has not only for her new boyfriend, Sam, but also for her best friend and co-owner of The School of Art, Robyn Painter (that’s no joke). And have I mentioned how much Rebecca’s little boy, Mike Jr., has grown?

Rebecca also loves her ghosts, especially her late ex-husband, Michael and her late twin sister, Molly, both of whom she still talks to. Still trusts. But despite the love, Rebecca faces an enemy who is as horrifying, as he is real. A man called, The Skinner, who skins the faces of his victims so that he can use them as masks.

Will Rebecca be able to save herself? More importantly, will she be able to save the life of her son?

Here’s to good reading, and don’t forget to leave the lights on…

Cheers Dear Reader and thank you,


About the Author

Winner of the 2015 PWA Shamus Award and the 2015 ITW Thriller Award for Best Original Paperback Novel, Vincent Zandri is the NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and AMAZON KINDLE No.1 bestselling author of more than 25 novels including THE REMAINS, MOONLIGHT WEEPS, EVERYTHING BURNS, and ORCHARD GROVE. He is also the author of numerous Amazon bestselling digital shorts, PATHOLOGICAL, TRUE STORIES and MOONLIGHT MAFIA among them. Harlan Coben has described THE INNOCENT (formerly As Catch Can) as "...gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting," while the New York Post called it "Sensational...Masterful...Brilliant!" Zandri's list of domestic publishers include Delacorte, Dell, Down & Out Books, Thomas & Mercer and Polis Books, while his foreign publisher is Meme Publishers of Milan and Paris. An MFA in Writing graduate of Vermont College, Zandri's work is translated in the Dutch, Russian, French, Italian, and Japanese. Recently, Zandri was the subject of a major feature by the New York Times. He has also made appearances on Bloomberg TV and FOX news. In December 2014, Suspense Magazine named Zandri's, THE SHROUD KEY, as one of the "Best Books of 2014." Recently, Suspense Magazine selected WHEN SHADOWS COME as one of the "Best Books of 2016". A freelance photo-journalist and the author of the popular "lit blog," The Vincent Zandri Vox, Zandri has written for Living Ready Magazine, RT, New York Newsday, Hudson Valley Magazine, The Times Union (Albany), Game & Fish Magazine, and many more. He lives in New York and Florence, Italy.



Inside the Book:

Author: Vincent Zandri
Publisher: Bear Media
Pages: 277
Genre: Thriller/Horror/Romantic Suspense
It’s been eight years since artist and single mom, Rebecca Underhill, was abducted and left to die in an old broken down house located in the middle of the dark woods. But even if her abductor, Joseph William Whalen, has since been killed, another, more insidious evil is once more out to get her in the form of the Skinner. The son of an abusive butcher, Skinner intends on finishing the job Whalen started but failed at.

How is he going to get to Rebecca?

He’s going to do it through her children, by luring them into the cornfield behind the old farmhouse they live in.

Now, armed with the knowledge that the Skinner has escaped incarceration at a downstate facility for the criminally insane, Rebecca must face the most horrifying challenge of her adult life: Rescuing the children not from a house in the woods, but from the abandoned tunnels that run underneath her property.

But the Skinner is watching Rebecca’s every move.

Horrifying question is, will she live long enough to save the children?



Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dear Reader, Love Daniel A. Blum

Dear Reader…

I hope you enjoy, “The Feet Say Run”. 

I had never intended it to be quite so relevant to today’s world as it turned out.  I had thought I was writing about history – surely, with a universal message, but still a piece about a particular period – yet now I read certain passages and feel slightly dizzy. 

I quite consciously wanted to write a novel that was both poetic and hard to put down – full of tension and plot.  I feel there are not nearly enough novels like this.  I find so many literary novels to be slow and disappointing, and I wanted, “The Feet Say Run,” to be different - to be lyrical yet full of story and suspense. 

I often get asked what the novel, “means”.  Many readers, survivors of Literature 101 and its ilk, wonder, ‘what does this mean’ or ‘what does that mean’ when reading a novel.  Yet few novelists go around planting hidden meanings, symbols, like so many Easter Eggs, waiting to be discovered.  (Perhaps some modern poets make a habit of this, but if you ask me, it’s a pretty annoying habit.)  In my own experience, what a good novelist wants to say, in almost every case, is pretty much right there in the story itself:  What it feels like to be alive, to have this odd thing we call consciouness, to have this or that extraordinary experience, to be alive in this time in history and in this particular place.  

In The Feet Say Run the plot is intricate and involved, but what it says is not: That humans are capable of extraordinary cruelty and kindness, stupidity and brilliance; that life is chaotic and infinitely complex;  that this sturdy-seeming thing we call civilization is in truth desperately fragile, and is held together by silken strands of compassion so frayed they could tear at any moment.   

And on that note…enjoy.


About the Author

Daniel A. Blum grew up in New York, attended Brandeis University and currently lives outside of Boston with his family. His first novel Lisa33 was published by Viking in 2003. He has been featured in Poets and Writers magazine, Publisher’s Weekly and most recently, interviewed in Psychology Today.

Daniel writes a humor blog, The Rotting Post, that has developed a loyal following.

His latest release is the literary novel, The Feet Say Run.



About the Book:

Author: Daniel A. Blum
Publisher: Gabriel’s Horn Press
Pages: 349
Genre: Literary Fiction
At the age of eighty-five, Hans Jaeger finds himself a castaway among a group of survivors on a deserted island.  What is my particular crime?  he asks.   Why have I been chosen  for this fate?  And so he begins his extraordinary chronicle. 

It would be an understatement to say he has lived a full life.  He has grown up in Nazi Germany and falls in love with Jewish girl.  He fights for the Germans on two continents, watches the Reich collapse spectacularly into occupation and starvation, and marries his former governess.  After the war he goes on wildflower expeditions in the Alps, finds solace among prostitutes while his wife lay in a coma, and marries a Brazilian chambermaid in order to receive a kidney from her. 

By turns sardonic and tragic and surreal, Hans’s story is the story of all of the insanity, irony and horror of the modern world itself.  


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Dear Reader, Love Shelley Schanfield

Dear Reader…

When you were a kid, would you get so lost in a book you didn’t hear your mother call you for dinner until she came and pulled it out of your hands? Me too!
I love books so much that I became a librarian so I could hang out around them all the time. I’ve also always loved writing—not only the joy of putting words together to form ideas and stories, but also the physical act of making beautiful, inky dark, cursive letters on a pure white, lined sheet of paper.  But I didn’t discover my true calling as a novelist until after I’d married, raised two kids, and had a successful career.
It’s a bit of a tale as to how that happened and I love good long stories—give me an well-written epic hundreds of pages long and I’m ecstatic—but I’ll try to keep my own story short. Growing up, I spent long hours in front of the fire escaping cold Minnesota winters via books. In particular I loved exploring other cultures, and the world’s mythologies and religions fascinated me. India’s rich, warm religious tradition led me to a Buddhist legend about a young woman whose grief over her son’s death had driven her mad, and the Buddha heals her with his teachings on compassion. The story resonated deeply, because when I was young my oldest sister suffered a devastating illness and I could see that young Buddhist woman’s anguish in my parents’ eyes. Over the years, I learned more about the Buddha’s teachings, and they gave me strength in dark times.
As an avid reader, I looked for a good historical novel about Siddhartha, the handsome Indian prince who gave up wife and son and wealth and power to seek an end to humanity’s suffering and became the Buddha. You would think his story was made for one of those epic reads I love that transport me to a faraway time and place for hours on end. I searched for years but never found a novel that really brought the man and his era to life.
Finally, I decided to write my own.
Good thing I didn’t realize what a crazy idea that was. I had to learn the writer’s craft at the same time as researching ancient India, caring for young children and aging parents, working, and pursuing a black belt in Tae Kwon Do with my son as well as my own yoga and meditation practices. It took sixteen years to write two books! History, myth, and legend are all blended together during Siddhartha’s time and place, 2500 years ago in northeastern India.  As such, I decided not to write true historical fiction, but a historical fantasy. I was drawn to the strong women in the legends and especially his wife, who stayed behind with their newborn son when he left on his quest for enlightenment.  The Mountain Goddess, Book II in a trilogy about the women of the Buddha’s time, is my reworking of the stories surrounding her, with more than a dash of magic and romance.
The Tigress and the Yogi, the first book in the trilogy, received great reviews, and I’m excited to know how readers like its sequel, The Mountain Goddess. I have already started writing Book III, and I promise it won’t take sixteen years to write! I’m aiming  for its release in 2018.
I’d love to hear about the stories you love and what you think of my books. Connect with me on
My website:
Twitter: @seschanfield
 About the Author

Shelley Schanfield’s passion for Buddhism and yoga arose sixteen years ago, when she and her son earned black belts in Tae Kwon Do. The links between the martial arts and Buddhist techniques to calm and focus the mind fascinated her. By profession a librarian, Shelley plunged into research about the time, place, and spiritual traditions that 2500 years ago produced Prince Siddhartha, who became the Buddha. Yoga, in some form, has a role in all of these traditions. Its transformational teachings soon prompted Shelley to hang up her black belt and begin a yoga practice that she follows to this day.

Because she loves historical fiction, Shelley looked for a good novel about the Buddha. When she didn’t find one that satisfied her, she decided to write her own novels based on the spiritual struggles of women in the Buddha’s time. She published the first book in the Sadhana Trilogy, The Tigress and the Yogi, in 2016 and will publish the second, The Mountain Goddess in early 2017.



About the Book:

Author: Shelley Schanfield
Publisher: Lake House Books
Pages: 471
Genre: Historical Fantasy

A beautiful warrior princess. A tormented prince. A terrible choice between love, duty, and spiritual freedom.

In ancient India, rebellious Dhara runs away to a sacred mountain to study with the powerful yogi Mala, a mysterious woman with a violent past. Flung by war onto an adventure-filled journey, Dhara meets and captures the heart of Siddhartha, whose skill in the martial arts and extraordinary mental powers equal her own.

Worldly power and pleasure seduce Dhara, creating a chasm between her and her husband, who longs to follow a sage’s solitary path. She takes on the warrior’s role Siddhartha does not want, and when she returns wounded from battle court intrigue drives them further apart. As Siddhartha’s discontent with royal life intensifies, Dhara’s guru Mala, who has returned to her life as a ruthless outlaw, seeks her former pupil for her own evil purposes.

Dhara’s and Siddhartha’s love keeps evil at bay, but their son’s birth brings on a spiritual crisis for the prince.  If he leaves his kingdom to seek enlightenment, he turns his back on love and duty and risks destroying his people. Only Dhara can convince him to stay. 


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Monday, April 3, 2017

Dear Reader, Love Jane Godman

Dear Reader…

I don’t just read romances, I devour them. Historical, contemporary, suspense, paranormal…I love them all. And I know how it goes. It’s not a formula, it’s an expectation. The characters have to go through hell to get to their happy ending.

As a writer of romances, I’m the person who has to torture my own characters. I write paranormal romance and romantic suspense, so I get to torture both shifters and real people. I also write erotic romance under another name, so torture takes on a whole other meaning in those stories! 

Covert Kisses is a romantic suspense story, the first in a series set in the small town of Stillwater, Wyoming. The heroine, an undercover cop, is being hunted by a serial killer and the only person she can turn to is the man she came to Stillwater to investigate.

The trust between the hero and the heroine is a key part of the story, but, as I was planning it, I had that torture element at the back of my mind. How could I make it almost impossible for him to trust her? What could she do that was so bad he would want nothing to do with her?

Even though investigating him for drug and human trafficking when he’s innocent is bad enough, she’s only doing her job. But Laurie Carter knows when she arrives in town that she’ll get Cameron Delaney’s attention. She knows he’ll take notice of her.

How? Because she’s the mirror image of her cousin, Carla Bryan, Cameron’s girlfriend. The woman for whom he’s still grieving after she died on her boat out on Stillwater Lake twelve months ago.

And, although using his grief against him doesn’t feel good to Laurie, that is how she gets to know Cameron Delaney and begins her undercover operation into his business. Unfortunately for her, it’s also how she attracts the attention of the man who killed Carla.

As for Cameron, how can he trust a woman who decided to exploit his emotions that way? He has to put aside his animosity when Laurie is in danger, but can he ever forgive the cruel way she used her likeness to Carla to get to him?

Torture, dear Reader. Delicious.


Jane Godman  

About the Author

Jane Godman writes paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne and SMP Swerve, thrillers for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, and steamy historical romance for Samhain Publishing. 
Jane also writes erotic romance as Amanda Stewart.



About the Book:

Author: Jane Godman
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 288
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Coincidence? The beauty who washes up on Mayor Cameron Delaney's private beach eerily resembles his dead girlfriend, Carla. But Laurie Carter, Carla's lookalike cousin, is actually an undercover detective. She's on the job, investigating Cameron's connection to a human-trafficking ring. Laurie knows she must keep her cover—but she's struggling to deceive the man she finds irresistible… 

When Cameron discovers why Laurie is in town, he's furious to realize he's being framed—and stunned at his sudden feelings for the lovely agent. But as they uncover the traffickers, a savage serial killer targets Laurie. Can Cameron save the life of the woman he's come to care for…and unmask the threat haunting his family and Stillwater? 


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