Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dear Reader, Love Tamara Dorris @tamaradorris

Dear Reader…

Do you know how very powerful you are?

Yes, you.

There’s this great power that we all possess, yet it’s as if we’ve misplaced it. Our brains are so busy; so worried as we walk around in survival mode every day, hoping and praying for change. How will the bills get paid? Who will love me? Why can’t I get ahead? Or heal my body? There’s this inner gnawing telling us: This isn’t working! We’re focused on all the things that aren’t going our way, and since our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world, we keep recreating the same things. It’s like a merry go round we can’t stop.

And sometimes we get this nudge from the universe, this inner knowing that tells us, hey maybe there IS a better way, maybe I can be, have, do the all the things I’ve always wanted. But how? YOU HAVE THE POWER. This isn’t magic or hocus pocus, this is real, measurable energy, and it’s been in you and around you for all time in all things.

We live in a vibrational universe that responds to our thoughts and emotions.  Your brain is more powerful than all the computers on the planet put together, but what are you using it for? Are you seeing the life you want to live? Or are you spending more of your creative power and energy re-inventing the past?
Your ability to envision your dreams and desires is through your imagination. It’s is your GOD GIVEN GIFT! Human beings are the only species that can see a picture in their mind and change their very biology by thought alone. When we learn to harness this great power, to really understand how and why it works, and then WORK WITH it instead of against it, we can change everything! Can you IMAGINE a better future? Can you imagine a better version of yourself living in that future? Can you FEEL it with such certainty your whole body tingles?

I hope you’ll trust this power and use it to live your best life ever!

With love,


About the Author

Tamara Lee Dorris, MA, is the author of 19 books, a long-time coach, consultant, and adjunct college professor. She’s spent the past few decades studying and sharing ways that people can live more fulfilling, fun, and effective lives. She’s also an avid yogi, podcaster, and wine-lover, committed to inspiring as many people as she can. Tamara holds degrees in psychology and communications, is a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, too. 

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About the Book:

From rock-solid science to centuries-old scripture, we’ve been told our thoughts and emotions matter, and may even be indicators of our future. In this book, Tamara Dorris shows you that the real key to navigating your way to a new reality rests in your almost-dormant imagination. She points out that we’re all using our imaginations anyway, but most of us are using them to conjure up the worst instead of designing the best.

With wit, humor, and sass Tamara shares how anyone can learn to use their imagination in a more productive, profitable, and effective way.

The second half of the book is a 33-Day Challenge, including daily lessons and journaling exercises to help solidify and apply the age-old, as well as scientifically new ideas presented in the first section of the book. Be prepared to have your mind a little bit blown, your “mean monkey” a little bit riled up, and start intentionally creating your life with excitement and intention!



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