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Dear Reader, Love Danica-Lea Larcombe #childrenbooks @danicalea

Dear Reader…

Thank you for buying Snickety Dickety Doo.  I am sure that you will enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it.  I spent many hours thinking about the three children and their characters, the characters of the planet bubbles and the adventures that would happen in each country.  I was excited to write each adventure, and to dream up ways that the children could escape from tricky situations.

Do you enjoy hiding secret things and then discovering them again?  You will love to   discover the secret box and the planet bubbles that spring to life when you say Snickety Dickety Doo.  Just imagine yourself being transported in a bubble to all sorts of amazing places around the world, learning about each country and getting to explore parts of it. 

I hope that you can relate to one of the three children, and that you enjoy a snippet of my childhood and how I grew up with my brothers.  You will also get an idea of what my parents were like. Even if you don’t have any brothers or sisters, you can pretend you are one of the three children and that you do!

When the children get into trouble, I hope you feel butterflies in your stomach as you wonder how they are going to get home again.  Their parents never know when they go off on their adventures, it is all quite secretive.  What would your parents say if they knew you were suddenly transported to the other side of the world?  Would they be worried if you were in danger?

Whether you know it or not you are also learning about different cultures as you read, like different types of money, food, landscapes and people.  I have travelled to over 20 countries, and each one is amazing to explore, and also very different.  I sincerely hope you get the opportunity to travel in your lifetime.

Love, Danica-Lea Larcombe

PS: You will also learn that each planet in the sky has a different character too!

About the Author

Danica-Lea Larcombe has a B.Sc (Environmental Health), a Grad.Dip in Education and has taken courses in Journalism, Travel Writing, and Photography. She is currently undertaking a thesis in Biodiversity and Human Health, and lives with her Japanese Spitz Bella.



About the Book:

Author: Danica-Lea Larcombe
Publisher: Blurb
Pages: 90
Genre: Children’s Fiction

George, Fiona and Marni find a tin of bubbles, not just any ordinary bubbles but planets. The planets shrink the children and take them to faraway lands. The children have many exciting adventures and try not to let their secret be discovered.  They learn about different cultures, currencies and languages, and are inspired at school.

In Series Two, George, Marni and Fiona continue their adventures around the world in the planet bubbles. They narrowly escape being killed by some monks in Turkey, find a little companion in Paris and visit royalty in Monaco.


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