Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dear Reader, With Love from Anne K. Edwards

Dear Reader…

I am happy to have written these two children’s books, One, Dominick and the Dragon, is about a little boy of seven who meets a perpetually hungry dragon and outsmarts him.  The story shows that children can think their way through some situations without an adult constantly telling them what to do.  I hope you will find it also funny and entertaining as I doubt the dragon can be considered scary.

The second book, Changing Places, is based on two real characters that met by accident one summer day. The story shows that instead of running away from each other as happened in reality, the two should have been able to talk their meeting over and try to find a solution for both problems they faced. A child reading this book would learn that, while things don’t always work out, the two could still be friends. I hope you will enjoy both books as they are written to make you smile.

A dragon can live forever in our imaginations and be a symbol for any problem we might encounter in life, teaching us no matter how large a problem seems, we can overcome it if we take the time to think it through as Dominick must do, no matter how scared we might be.

We might also be lucky to encounter a stranger and wind up with a new forever friend as in Changing Places.  Two more diverse characters would be hard to imagine as friends but to a child anything is possible in their hearts and minds.  A cat and a snake do seem an unlikely pairing for a small life lesson, but I am happy to say I think it works nicely.  I hope you will also think the tale has merit and enjoy reading it.

With love,  
Anne K. Edwards

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