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Dear Reader, Love Tom Fugate

Dear Reader…
Why did I write this book Port in a Desert Storm?  I will not try and tell you that I was trying to write a great work of literature or that I was moved to write the great American novel.  I just wanted to tell a good story.  I wanted to pull people into a world that does and does not exist.  The real start of this book was a quote that popped into my head.  “The question is not can you hit the target.  That is a teachable skill.  The question is can you make the shot.  If you can’t answer that then you are not a sniper.”  After saying that Lee thinks to himself, “and then can you live with the faces of the dead?”  That is the first thing that came to me about this novel.  From there I was driven to find a vehicle to get to that situation of being on a roof with a young Marine in a war zone.
My writing is very often like that.  Something trips a thought and then I have to figure out a way to get to there.  In college, I came up with a line that almost forced me to write a book.  I remember thinking how funny it could be if James Bond’s illegitimate son was filling out an application for the CIA as James Bond.  Yes, I knew they would sue me and never did anything with it, but it lead me to an ending line.  Lee (he did not have a name then) was in bed with the girl.  He was thinking about everything that had happened and she was half asleep.  She snuggled close and said, “that was nice I hope I’m not pregnant.” Then Lee thought to himself, “Damn, no one ever said that to James Bond.”  So, you see I was forced to write a story so that I could use that line and Lee has been doing things like that to me ever since.

Tom Fugate
About the Author

Tom Fugate is a 1978 graduate of Virginia Tech.  Born in the baby boom (1956) he still lives in his hometown of Hiltons, Virginia.   He has worked in radio, television news, the printing industry and in computer support.  Port in a Desert Storm is the fourth book in the memoirs of Lee Thomas.  Mr. Fugate has never worked for any government agency, but he did grow up reading a lot of spy novels.



About the Book:

Author: Tom Fugate
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 304
Genre: Espionage/Thriller

July of 1990. The world is once again a dangerous place. The powder keg that is the middle east is once again ready to explode. The small oil rich country of Kuwait has been invaded by the forces of the Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq. The world is on the brink of war as a coalition is formed and preparations are made. Lee Thomas is once again right in the middle of the situation even before it starts. Sometimes your dreams can turn out to be nightmares, or even worse they can turn out to be reality. From Washington, DC to MI6 Headquarters in London England and then to the hotbed of the Middle East Lee is once again a witness and participant to history.


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