Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dear Reader, Love Bever-leigh Banfield

Dear Reader…

You are the reason my book You Can Change The World: Be A Change Wizard and Get It Like You Like It came to be. You are the object of its affection, its purpose and passion, and mine. So, thinking about what I hope you will take away from its message at holiday time, I want to assure you that change is good. That change leads to transformation. That you and I and everyone and everything is meant to change, because only through change can anything grow. We are each destined to be our best, and growing makes that happen. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth can only develop through change, so change is a friend to embrace, not fear or shun or dig in and resist in some way. By releasing any and all resistance to change, I wrote this book.

The changes we see around us all contribute to the greater good eventually, whether they seem to or not. The universe pulses with peace and love, and we are forever headed in that direction regardless how things may appear. We are all made of molecular structures that vibrate to higher and higher levels. Love is the highest vibration of all. It thus follows that we are designed to be love. So, the more we love everyone all the time, the more we are able to change the world. You are changing my world and yours by reading this, and I
am grateful. I send tremendous love to you. Please open your heart and feel it.

Every thought, word and deed you emit is changing the world around you constantly. You have the power in your hands to be the change, not wait for change or leave it to someone or something else. You have a mandate to work for change and make change work for you. You have a magical mojo within you capable of transforming yourself, your life and everything that exists.

Believe that the ills you perceive can change, and know that you can change them. Understand society is meant to change. That you and I are born to change. Not just any old change but change for the better. Change big enough to change the world. Sometimes this happens in fits and starts, sometimes as a wave that continues until it crests, giving way to torrential tsunamis of change with such powerful undertow that all of earth is swept up in a changing tide. I think this is happening now. I call it The Age of Change.

When we all change from the inside out – uplifting to our highest selves – the peace and Oneness and joy we seek will transform from a dream to a real life experience stretching around the globe. The miracles we experience every day – from breathing to having food to eat to enjoying a roof above our heads, to all the goodies and treats, including people, that flow through your lives in a steady stream – all come to us through change. All creativity comes from change. An item that wasn’t there before, that only existed in someone’s mind, becomes a house, a car, a dress, a painting, a song, a brand new book.

All that is evolved from change, and everything’s changing all the time. Even the leaves of deciduous trees changed color and shed this Fall. The entire universe constantly changes – expanding by forming more stars in more of the billions of galaxies out in space. Your spirit and soul took on a physical manifestation of flesh and bone derived from the biggest change your mother’s body ever underwent, the pregnancy that formed your life. There has never been another you and there never will be. You’re completely unique. You’re magnificent and you are wanted and needed, friend. Your time is now.

That’s why it’s so important that you willingly morph yourself, your mind, your life and how you live it – so you can be your very best. The healthiest, happiest, most effective, prosperous self you’re meant to be. Change isn’t something that happens to you, it’s a magical marvel happening for you, through you, changing the world. There’s someone you are meant to be and something you are meant to do.

This time of year is the perfect moment to:
1.      Decide that you want and are able to change and your time to change is now.
2.      Determine what specifically needs to change inside you and around you.
3.      Commit to making change by pursuing your passion and using your talents and gifts.
4.      Make a plan outlining how you’ll change and contribute to the greater good.
5.      Jot down the tasks you will need to perform to implement your plan.
6.      Take bold and determined action to complete the tasks along your path.
7.      Persevere until your dream comes true!

I’m holding your hand as you journey forth. I know that you can change the world!

About the Author

Bever-leigh Banfield, M.F.A. is a writer, actress, voice over artist, host and speaker. She has penned numerous celebrity interviews, one of which, published in Essence magazine, won the American Diabetes Association National Media Award for journalism. As an actress, Bever-leigh has performed in television shows, movies, Broadway and off-Broadway theater and national commercials. Her voice has been heard in TV and radio ads, as an ABC network announcer, in animated films and cartoons, and as narrator of planetarium space shows at landmark Griffith Observatory in Hollywood. Ms. Banfield holds an M.F.A. from the Yale University School of Drama and a B.A. from Stanford University. She has lived in Europe and the Caribbean, and traveled in Africa, South America, and across the United States. She has been gifted with psychic perception since childhood, and as an intuitive, has experienced a vision of world peace. Creating is her joy. Her debut non-fiction book You Can Change The World is about helping you be who you are meant to be, and do what you are meant to do - live your dreams, and change the world for the better!



About the Book:

You have an ultimate magic within you, capable of transforming yourself, your life and everything that exists. You needn’t fear change, leave it to others, or get stuck with whatever happens next. You can pull heaven right out of your hat with the alchemy of your heart and mind. You just have to know how to use your abracadabra presto change-o. You can make things disappear or pop up because you are the change you crave. Your dream is a reality somewhere, ready for you to experience it by making change your BFF. Tap into who you're meant to be, and the special thing you're meant to do – with this book about your mission in life, and how you can have it materialize to be happier, healthier, wealthier, wiser, and make the world a better place. 

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