Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dear Reader, Love A.A. Freda

Dear Reader…

Thank you for taking the time to read my book, A Police Action. When you finally put the book down, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I loved writing the story. There are a few facts about the book that I’d like you to know. Although the book is a fictional account of happenings that occurred between April 1968 to March 1969, it was inspired by actual events.

The late 1960’s was a tumultuous time for the country. The Vietnam war and race relations were tearing the country apart. Riots and looting in the inner cities were common events. People stood on one side or the other of these two polarizing issues. The country was split in two. However, there were many young folks that were caught in the middle. Didn’t know which side they wanted to be on. Confused young adults that wanted no part of either side but didn’t know how to forge a path for themselves.

A Police Action details the lives of two of these lost young souls. Samantha Powers, a nineteen-year-old from Lorenzo, Texas had just gotten her freedom from her puritanical father. She has moved to Colorado Springs. What does she do with this newly found freedom? She gets pregnant the first week she is way from home. James Coppi is a college flunky who has lost his military deferment and is on orders to ship out to a war in Southeast Asia. Before shipping out, he has a chance encounter with the pregnant Samantha.

What are the odds that these two mixed up lost souls can find a way to help each other? Well, now you read the account. I’m sure for the longest time in the book you must have assumed that the coin could flip either way.

This is the same turmoil I went through when writing this book:  what would be a proper outcome for these two young lovers.  A decision that I wrestled with daily. It resulted in a major rewrite one month before the book was due to go to print. This didn’t endear me to the publisher, I can tell you. I hope you’re satisfied with the outcome.


AA Freda

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