Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dear Reader, Love P Nelson

Dear Reader…

Master Dillon is a pet character of mine. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He definitely has his own personality and very naughty intentions, but I wrote him with a specific purpose in mind. When I read stories about bad boy Doms or playboys, the author points out all the luck they have had with the ladies in the past. Usually something like, he’s been with loads of girls or he knows all the subs intimately. This track record is specifically in the past while the current story being written is about the Dom finding the one - HEA. I always think the back story sounds kind of hot. I want to hear about the sordid history. So here it is, the backstory for Master Dillon and even though there is closure for him at the end of this novel, there is a happily ever after waiting for him next year, but you’ll have to read on to find out who had piqued the interest of my insatiable porn star Dom.

The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon follows the lead character Master Dillon’s journey. His former sub and fellow adult performer accuses him of abuse and the scandal rocks the porn industry and Dillon’s world. The resident shrink Calla Jones at The Cage aids his personal journey. She sets him four tasks to complete in order to get back into his confident Dom space. I’ve written this book almost as juxtaposition to all the other books on the market, including my own, to show the Dominants perspective and what it takes to set up a scene and read your partner properly. If you’re a lover of BDSM erotica, you’ll know all the ways in which a submissive partner must trust their dominant partner in order to let go and that they ultimately hold all the power in the relationship. The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon gives the reader an opportunity to look down on a scene from the dominant vantage point while hopefully giving a greater understanding of the power exchange.

About the Author

P Nelson has just started her journey in Erotic Romance this year with her debut novel Take My hand. The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon is a prequel novel to Take My Hand focusing on the character of Master Dillon. Nelson calls Vancouver her hometown and is married with one young daughter. At 6.00 pm most days she can be found with a G&T in one hand and either her daughter or a good book in the other.

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About the Book:

The Rehabilitation of Master Dillon is another prequel novella to my debut novel Take My Hand. It would probably be beneficial to read Take My Hand first, but honestly, I think you can enjoy it as a stand alone.

Master Dillon is the resident porn star of the cage and at one time was the most famous Dom in the industry. Unfortunately, accusations of abuse by his former full time submissive and fellow adult performer threaten to ruin his career. More than this, Dillon is deeply affected by the idea he might have been abusing his former sub during their Dom/sub relationship and goes through a crisis of conscious.

Luckily for Master Dillon, his friends at The Cage, the most exclusive BDSM club in Vancouver, are more than willing to get Dillon back into his leather pants and spanking subs asses. The newly hired shrink of The Cage, Calla Jones guides Master Dillon through the steps he needs to get his confidence as a dominant partner back.

He is well on his way to recovery when his former submissive and accuser comes back into his life and threatens to take everything from Dillon once and for all.

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