Monday, July 3, 2017

Dear Reader, Love Joseph Bendoski

Dear reader …
I think you should know that I’m an idea writer, fiction is my medium, and if you love ideas, science both in the lab and seeing it play in history then my writing is for you. I suppose at the heart of everything a writer writes what they want to read most. When I read Jurassic Park, I loved the story that gripped me and kept my attention, but when the journey was over my child mind had a deeper understanding of genetics and my imagination went wild.
The Martian did the same thing for me. The story of Mark Watney’s survival was incredible, but when the story was over it was the science that kept my mind wandering back, and playing the scenes over and over. That’s the story I try to deliver, with characters that are complex and interesting, a plot I hope to keep you turning pages, but when it’s over, I want your mind to keep rolling over the ideas that make a Sky Fall Event possible, to ponder at every bit of news thrown at you.
I think history allows us to see ideas in a different light, so I’ve chosen not only to write a thriller but a historical one. The concept I talk about most is that if you talk about peer pressure than most people and book consider it an adolescent problem unless you look at the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany. In that specific history, people see peer pressure in a different light, a power of influence that can ripple through anyone. As I write my stories, I always look for that point in history that brings the ideas to the forefront, that allows the reader to take them with greater sobriety.
I suppose in the end I’m grateful you were curious enough to read this, to try my book. I believe time is the single most valuable thing, and grateful you spent some of yours on my words.
My we all ever understand our world better, Joseph Bendoski
About the Author

Joe Bendoski studied psychology in college and was fascinated by all the insights it provided into human behavior, only to realize most the information never reach people, and when it did, rarely was it in a form that allowed for practical application. He started writing non-fiction, but soon came to understand how few people read that genre and began the difficult transition into fiction writing. His non-fiction works include; the Chemistry of Attraction and the Language of Emotion. 
He worked as the head writer for the television show ‘Saved by Grace.’ After being frustrated with comments like "make this scene cheaper," "What's my motivation?", and "Do we need this scene?" he decided to go in to literature.
His latest book is the thriller/espionage/conspiracy/historical novel, When the Sky Falls.



About the Book:

Author: Joseph Bendoski
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 408
Genre: Thriller/Espionage/Conspiracy/Historical

“What makes you believe a lie? I’m not asking how you know someone is lying. What makes you believe? Because if you don’t understand how that works, then you won’t know when you’re being manipulated.”

In 1938 the War of the Worlds hoax panicked millions of Americans, then in 1988 another fictional media broadcast convinced nearly half of Portugal that sea monsters had risen from the ocean to destroy their cities. A team of CIA agents was sent to study the aftermath of this 6th Skyfall Event in the hope that they could turn it into a weapon of war. When the team consultant turns up dead, everyone scrambles to be the last man standing: the one who will decide if or when the sky falls.



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