Monday, June 12, 2017

Dear Reader, Love U.L. Harper

Dear Reader…

Sometimes, you just need to let go.

There are moments in The Secret Deaths of Arthur Lowe that are magical. You’ll wish some of the moments were real and not only possible in the book, or that someone like Arthur actually lives with us.

Deep down, my wish is that someone with Arthur’s abilities is secretly among us. So who is he outside of his abilities?

Well, the best part about Arthur is that he loves completely. There are no hang-ups in his approach to, Sandra, the love of his life. She’s the first person he has a crush on, and the last person he loves, and there’s no one in-between. She represents all of his mind, heart, and all of his intentions. It seems like that should be such a beautiful thing, considering
that they’re married.

So why does she curse him out while committing suicide?

Someone out there is thinking, I just gave a spoiler. Why would the author do that? Seriously, she kills herself halfway through the first page, so I don’t consider it a spoiler. There is so much more going on here than explaining their relationship, which is part of it obviously.

It’s more than that, however.

While reading about Arthur Lowe, you’ll meet him as a boy turning into something dark on the inside. Here, many may consider the story horror, but it’s not a horror novel. Sure, it will be creepy, but it’s merely a repetitive element. While turning the pages, His intentions are always good, but the results transpire unpredictably.

You’ll thumb through pages thinking of magic and fantasy and possibly coincidence. Arthur always seems on the cusp of something amazing. You’ll wonder why he doesn’t use his power to help the insidious events surrounding him.

We keep digging into Arthur’s past, continue to find out more about those around him, and we learn that sometimes it’s not about what we do but much more about what we don’t have control over.

Somewhere along the line, I want Arthur to let go. I’m not sure if he can.

I want him to do things intentionally and for the best reasons for more than just him. But I don’t know.

He needs to let go.

About the Author

U.L. Harper is a speculative fiction/horror author, influenced by magical realism. A former journalist from Long Beach, California, he now resides in the evergreen state of Washington with his wife. He is a soon-to-be father, and an avid Dodgers fan.
His latest book is the speculative fiction/horror/magical realism novel, THE SECRET DEATHS OF ARTHUR LOWE.



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