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Dear Reader, Love Kelley Pryor Amrien & Becki Stevens

Dear Reader…

We are so pleased to meet you and we invite you to read and use our book so you may experience the empowering benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping. We created this book with college students in mind, because we know how stressful college is and we wanted to find a way to help. After searching for any easy, do-it-yourself resources to calm college stress, and discovering there weren’t any out there, we decided to write Tapped Out For College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT (Tapped Out).

You are probably wondering about EFT and what it is. EFT is an amazing healing tool that alleviates stress, reduces physical pain and increases your potential for success. It is a non-invasive energy therapy using gentle finger tapping on specific meridian points beneath the surface of the skin. We explain the process fully in the book. We also have videos on our website to guide you as you tap. The most important thing to remember, besides how effective this process is, is how easy it is to do on your own, especially once you’ve learned our BESD system.

BESD stands for Because, Emotions, Sensations, and Distress. Remembering this simple acronym will allow you to quickly determine why you’re stressed, the specific emotions you are feeling, what, if any, physical sensations you’re experiencing, and rate your level of distress. Once you’ve determined your BESD, you can start tapping out your negative emotions and the accompanying stress. If you’re not ready to create your own tapping experience, the book is full of tapping scripts relating to the most common stress-inducing issues students face. You can use the scripts in the book as they are, or you can easily personalize them.  Don’t worry, we show you how. 

You might wonder why we chose to write a book to show college students how to use EFT and alleviate stress. We wrote Tapped Out because we’re both EFT practitioners and moms. Our kids span the age gamut, from middle school to high school to college. We understand the pressure young adults are under, how many demands are made on your time, and how involved and committed you are to your studies, your friends, your community, and your future. We know you’re overcommitted and that leads to more stress. We also know that the last thing you need is a text-book style self-help guide. You’ve got enough reading to do as it is. That’s why we wrote Tapped Out to be a workbook, with a detailed Table of Contents to help you find your stressor, turn to the script, and tap it out fast. You need something that works quickly, so you can get on with your day. Tapped Out is that something, and it is powerfully effective.

Before we say good-bye, we’d like to wish you well in your studies and your future. We hope you’ll give Tapped Out and the BESD process a try. This unique book, intended to be used as and when needed, empowers you to let go of stress and respond to every situation calmly and successfully. College is stressful. Tapped Out for College Students can help.

Kelley and Becki

About the Authors

Kelley Pryor Amrein is a writer and EFT practitioner. Kelley first discovered Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in 2007. She used EFT personally and with her family before becoming certified as an AAMET Level Two practitioner in 2014. As a coach, Kelley has witnessed the power of EFT to release negative emotions, relieve stress, and lessen physical pain. As the parent of college students, Kelley believes that Tapped Out is a much-needed resource on college campuses, where stress levels are on the rise. The book provides students with a life-long tool, allowing them to easily alleviate stress and enjoy a healthy and successful life.
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Becki Stevens is an AAMET certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. For the past two years she has owned a successful EFT practice in southern New Hampshire. She works with people of all ages, including college students, to ease their physical and emotional distress. Becki focuses on how a person’s emotions can sabotage their success. Becki believes that Tapped Out For College Students is an empowering introduction to EFT for college students, giving them a tool they can use throughout their lives to relieve stress and foster healthy relationships, creativity, and overall health.



About the Book:

You’re in college and college is stressful. Your stress impacts every facet of life, from classes to grades to work commitments. Even your physical health can be affected. Studies show that college students like you now face more stress than ever, leaving you with less time for relaxation and self-care. When you’re already overburdened, the idea of finding a way to relieve stress sounds like one more way to add extra stress to your life. But, what if you can relieve the stress of college in minutes? What if homework didn’t have to be so hard, and you did have time for school and fun? Tapped Out For College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, is a guidebook that empowers college students like you, allowing you to reduce your level of stress and opening the door to success in college and in life.

In Tapped Out, college students are introduced to our unique BESD (Because, Emotions, Sensations, and Distress) system, which easily guides them through the tapping process. Once you’ve defined your personal BESD related to a specific issue, you can easily translate this into a tapping session. The book is full of tapping scripts relating to the most common stress-inducing issues you face in college. Students can tap through the scripts as they are written, or they can personalize them, using the responses they develop using the BESD system. 

The Table of Contents is the perfect starting place, allowing students to pinpoint their issue and flip to the appropriate section of the book. Some of the topics covered in the book include time management, homework, exams, relationships, money, health, and preparing for the real world following college.
Students no longer have to be stressed throughout their college career. With Tapped Out as a companion, college students can face the college landscape calmly. This unique book, intended to be used as and when needed, empowers students to control their reactions and respond to each situation successfully. College is stressful. Tapped Out for College Students can help.



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