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Dear Reader, Love the spirit of love known as glen

Dear Reader…

Please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude for creating a little slice of cyber space to be here with you now, at Dear Reader Love Author, I am most honoured that you have allowed this space to be filled with this guest letter.

There are two elements to the creation of this book that one feels is the best way to paint the clearest picture of how these writings came into being and then the process that took place to bring them into publication.

The writings themselves

Here is a little background into the writings, Volume 1 was written around ten years ago, Volume 2 around eight years ago and Volume 3 around two years ago.  At no point when the volumes we’re being written was there any intention to have them published into a book. So I wasn’t trying or attempting to get any messages across to anyone else, except within oneself.

They are a collection of private writings, that were being written as a way of exploring and releasing what was being experienced within oneself, through that particular time of one’s inner questioning and awakening journey.  The “you” that gets spoken of throughout the writings a lot is not directed towards anyone else, it was being directed inwardly, even though there may be some that look or read this way to the reader’s perception.

When the writings are read from this perspective, they take on a new light in terms of the how and why they came into being, as originally they were never meant for anyone else’s eyes.

So you want to know yourself you say
Who am I so to speak?
Well who is there to know?
Who is the one doing the wanting?
A clue perhaps
If your eyes are open and looking in the direction of the distant horizon
Then a distant horizon I will forever remain
However, shall you choose a journey of the inward terrain?
I can promise you sharp rocks of annihilation lay bare before your naked feet
A test of will and character, the earth mirror reflects back
Feet bloodied and torn as the onion sheds its layers
As I await in perfection for our moment to meet.

When Volume 1 was written, a great portion of the writing came out as one big chunk of words.  I just kept letting the hand move forward, I didn’t stop the hand from moving until it decided to stop for itself.

Volume 2 was very similar in nature to Volume 1, I just let the hand move however it wanted to in the moment it was writing and whatever words wanted to come and appear, came and appeared.

It wasn’t until much later (maybe years) on that I actually went back into those first two volumes of writings and started to read through them in detail. It was when doing this that the writings started to separate themselves into their own forms.

I’d be reading them and one line would just jump out all on its own, so I would take that one line and leave it as its own writing.  Just reading them until it felt right to stop the writing at that point and let it be its own writing. This is how most of the first two volumes came to be what they are today.

Volume 3, was written in a slightly different manner than the first two volumes, around seven years of life experience had passed between finishing the writings of Volume 2 and beginning writing Volume 3. During these seven years one had come into a more peaceful acceptance of one’s true nature, and the writings within Volume 3 came in a more patient and relaxed manner than the first two volumes.   Around eighteen months or so passed when writing Volume 3; whereas Volumes 1 and 2 were written within a couple of months.
How did a collection of one man’s private writings become a published book?

It was not long after finishing the third volume of writings that I was sitting up one night at home and what I refer to as the voice of the heart spoke through as a spontaneous impulse feeling, asking that I was to make an effort to have the writings published.

That was it, just to make an effort, so with the beautiful help and support of Edwina I honoured and followed what the voice of the heart asked for.

We transferred the writings onto Edwina’s computer in their most basic of forms, and then I searched the internet for any publishing companies that might be open to such writings. I came across two companies (Aurora House Publishing and Barker Deane Publishing) and posted off a printed copy of the writings to each publisher.

It was around a couple of months later when we received an email from Linda, of Aurora House Publishing, saying that she was interested in publishing the writings and that was it.  The process from when I received the feeling impulse to make an effort, to having the book published and released has all happened within a year.   

It is but a dream
A dream of endless beauty
Of which I have no answer for

The colour images in the book are from a collection of our private photos that we felt would enhance the reader’s experience by putting a pause between the writings, while sensing a connection with the beauty and perfection of nature.

The book The Spirit of Love will find its way to whomever it is destined to, if it has found its way to you, I am most grateful that I honoured the heart’s wishes to make the effort to have these writings published.

Cease seeking that which does not exist
Happiness cometh from a materialist-free cave
Its darkness is the light of truth for the awakened One
Searching no more
Surrendering to love
A doorway opens into the unknowable
Like a shimmering lake
That one must walk across without the view of any stepping-stones along the way
For each step into its mysteries, a stone appears before the awakened one’s feet
Guiding one to infinity’s doorstep.

With love

the spirit of love, known as glen

About the Author

At the peak of his destructive cycle glen was so consumed by addictions, that on any given day saw the abusive consumption of cocaine, MDMA powder, special K, ecstasy, crystal meth, marijuana, prescription drugs (anti-depressants, sleeping pills) and alcohol.

A time that saw him attempting and failing to out race police cars through the streets of a Melbourne suburb one night, to experiencing a near death experience while bleeding out from a glass injury when holidaying overseas, a time of daily self-harming with the prospect of suicide never being far out of reach.

However, through the unconditional love of his parents, glen found himself backpacking though South America where a collection of events and direct experiences with the local people and Mother Earth herself, triggered the beginning stages of what would later become known to him as the shattering and dissolving of the false identity of the illusionary mind-made-self and its “poor me” story.

An inner-journey that awakens the spirit of love, known as glen, to not being a personal identity as such but rather a way of being, a way of simplicity, a way of the heart, a way that embraces and dances with the perfection of the present moment like no other.

You can visit the author’s website at or his Facebook page at

About the Book:

The Spirit of Love is a collection of short writings, poems and phrases written by a man who took himself into some of the darkest and most destructive depths that one can go with drug and alcohol addictions back in his early twenties.

The collection of writings contained within The Spirit of Love are the result of one man’s healing journey within himself and the deep questioning that has arisen from within it.

With the love, support and guidance of his dear friend Edwina, in helping to bring these writings from the handwritten scribbles on paper to how they are presented today, The Spirit of Love is a reminder that no matter how dark, desperate, alone, helpless or trapped one believes they may be, the sheer beauty of the perfection of life in its totality is silently and patiently living within us all, and its love is so powerful that it can heal anything that has come to pass.


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