Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dear Reader, Love, Liza Trevino

Dear Reader…

Whether you’re a sometime reader or a voracious book lover, I’m honored that you decided to pick up my book, All That Glitters.  As you make your way through the pages and chapters, I’m sure you’ll have questions or make some judgments.

To those ideas you’ll/you’re tossing around in your mind, the bulk of them I’m sure revolve around the main character, Alexandria Moreno.  Whether you like her, love her or hate her, she’s not a girl who’s gonna give a damn either way.  She’s got her plans, her vision about who she is and what she’s been put on this Earth to do; and that’s just what she’s going to do.  Period.  You’ll see, her bold, unique visions bring her to some pretty steep decisions that come with steep costs. But are the costs worth it?

At the heart of this book, and one of the reasons I wrote it, is that I wanted to read a Jackie Collins glamour saga that featured a Latina as the main character. I wanted this Latina to be desirable but also a complicated figure with a dark side. Someone who knows the effect she has on men, who likes sex, but is unencumbered by the romance gene.  Which, of course, is fitting, because her complications stem from her staunch denials of love.  I couldn’t find a girl like Alex in any book. That’s why I decided to write her into existence. Of course, Alex Moreno took on a life of her own and will live on after you read about her rags-to-riches story. You’ll decide if she made the right choices or not.

I also wanted to write about the relationship among women, in this case Alex and Elly.   This is an important connection for both women, as they are childhood friends who both go to Hollywood for different reasons. This story explores what happens when two friends face similar situations, at different junctures in their lives, and make different decisions.  How does it change their lives and experiences? Or, does it not matter at all?

Before I get too philosophical or heavy, I should let you know, I had a blast writing this story. It took a long time to write because, when I first started it, I had no idea where it was going. I had no idea what I was doing. There were some false starts, for sure.  The general idea remains at the core of it, but much has changed since I first began this undertaking. And, it’s only been for the better.

Thanks again for reading, I hope you get a kick out of Alex and her escapades.

Happy reading!
Liza Treviño 


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